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  1. IowaGuy

    Opelka - Schwartzman Miami 2019

    One of the best servers against one of the best returners, should be an interesting match! Diego won their only previous encounter in 2017. Arguably Opelka has improved his serve quite a bit since then. Discuss.
  2. IowaGuy

    Tiafoe - best touch of the NextGen?

    Admittedly I haven't been following Tiafoe very closely, as I've been more enamored with other NextGen players such as Tsit, Shapo, Medvedev, etc. But, in watching some of Tiafoe's play in this year's AO, I'm impressed by his touch at net (sharp angle volleys, half volleys, and drop volleys)...
  3. IowaGuy

    How often do you replace your tennis shoes?

    Trying to maximize cushioning in my tennis shoes to be gentle on my knees, currently use Asics Gel Court FF. I know with hiking shoes, the cushioning often breaks down before the shoe is actually worn out. Many hikers replace their shoes at 300-500 miles. How many hours of tennis do you put...
  4. IowaGuy

    Do all shorter ATP males use extended rackets?

    Apparently the pros of extended rackets outweigh the cons for shorter ATP pros. Shorter guys (< 5'10") who use/used extended rackets: Chang Rochus Grosjean Schwartzman Ferrer Santoro Ríos Are there any shorter ATP guys who use regular-length rackets?
  5. IowaGuy

    FS Wilson ProStaff 97S 2015

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Wilson ProStaff 97S 2015 Grip Size: 4 1/4 Quantity: 2 Head Size: 97 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5 *Specific Time Used: 1 hour *General Description: No blemishes to speak of. After hitting with the 4 1/4 for an hour or so, I decided 4 3/8 was a better grip...
  6. IowaGuy

    "new" wood racket - how many stringjobs will it last?

    Looking to purchase a few wood rackets to experiment with off the auction site. How long does a "new" (old stock) wood racket generally last? Is the number of stringjobs the largest factor in the lifetime of a wooden racket? I'm specifically looking at the Jack Kramer Pro Staff. Thanks!
  7. IowaGuy

    Wanted: Hansen Tacker #2

    Looking for a Hansen Tacker, #2 model, for stapling buttcaps. Thanks!
  8. IowaGuy

    Baltimore, November 7

    Traveling to Baltimore for a conference and have Wednesday afternoon/evening available, November 7, if anyone wants to get together for a hit!
  9. IowaGuy

    Winter - Outdoor Serve Practice?

    I'm hoping to improve my serve over the fall/winter. Indoor court time is expensive, so hoping to save indoors for point play and use outdoor courts for serve practice. How cold do y'all practice outdoor serves? Do I need to string up one of my rackets at lower tension just for this purpose...
  10. IowaGuy

    How many stringjobs until new grommets?

    My favored ProStaff racket is now discontinued, I bought a few extra while I could still find them new (9). Looking to stock up on bumper guards/grommets while I can still find some, trying to figure out how many sets to order so I can hopefully play with this (arm-friendly) racket for the next...
  11. IowaGuy

    How much does RA decrease over time?

    Does anyone have any data as to how much the RA (stiffness/flex) of a racket decreases with time? Let's say a Prostaff starts out at 65 RA. How much (if any) would this decrease over 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 stringjobs? (assuming stringing puts the most stress on a frame, and contributes to the...
  12. IowaGuy

    PlaySight court locations?

    Is there a web link that shows all the locations of PlaySight tennis courts? What is a typical charge to use these courts? Thanks!
  13. IowaGuy

    Tonic coating thickness 15L vs. 16 gauge

    @Babolat Official For Tonic +, is the difference between 15g and 16g just the thickness of the coating? i.e. with BT7, wouldn't the thickness of the 7 actual gut strands be pretty similar, and any difference in thickness therefore would be due to the coating? I'm trying to use a gut with a...
  14. IowaGuy

    Pacific Tough Gut - supply issues?

    Does anyone have the scoop on why natural gut from Pacific is currently on hiatus? (TW says until 2019!!!) Trying to figure out my strategy in the meantime, whether to just switch to a different brand even though I love the Pacific Tough Gut... Thanks!
  15. IowaGuy

    Pacific Tough Gut 16L - discontinued?

    The 16L was listed as being on backorder (Sept 25), but now doesn't show up at all on TW website. Only the 17g is listed for sale. Is the 16L being discontinued?
  16. IowaGuy

    stringing woodie Pro Staff with gut

    I got a "new" woodie racket, Jack Kramer Pro Staff, and am going to put nat gut on it. Do I need to use power pads? It looks like the wooden holes could potentially cut the gut, since there aren't any grommets??? I'm thinking 50 lbs tension, 1.25 gut. Does that sound reasonable? Any...
  17. IowaGuy

    Drop weight - how much tension difference between different people stringing?

    I recently moved and started using a new tennis shop to string my rackets. They have a drop weight stringer. I use Racket Tune to measure tension and I notice that there will be several pounds difference between string jobs, using the same strings and desired tension (hybrid gut/poly, 60/55)...
  18. IowaGuy

    slice BH analysis - Djok vs Fed

    Saw this vid on the Tennis Channel's coverage of 2018 USO, showing speed and height of Djok slice versus Fed slice. Has anyone come across any other data like this, showing average BH slice speed and height after the bounce? Fed's BH slice is 5 mph faster and stays 2" lower on the bounce...
  19. IowaGuy

    Thick but light leather grip?

    Trying to keep the diameter of my RF97A leather grip, but cut a few grams of weight. Is there a leather grip known to be a bit lighter than the Wilson leather, but which retains the thickness? Thanks!
  20. IowaGuy

    What is your recovery plan after a match?

    You're middle-aged (whatever that means). What do you do after a tennis match to recover? Ice? Heat? Massage? Acupuncture? Glucosamine? Turmeric? Looking to become more focused in my recovery efforts. Currently playing tennis 8-10 hours/week, with some weights and yoga thrown in on...
  21. IowaGuy

    Gamma String Tension Tester

    Anyone use this to monitor the tension drop over time in their rackets?
  22. IowaGuy

    Asics gel court FF - being discontinued?

    I see all the Asics gel court FF shoes are on clearance, with many sizes missing. Are these shoes being discontinued by Asics? If so, what replacement also has the sock-like design with gel cushioning? Thanks!
  23. IowaGuy

    Babolat string savers - do you use them on your gut/poly?

    Hello, if you use a gut/poly setup, do you also use Babolat ElastoCross string savers? If so, how many and what pattern do you use? I have never used them before, but my poly crosses are sawing through my gut mains and I'm hoping to get more longevity (and maybe a little more spin) by trying...
  24. IowaGuy

    best nat gut - resistance to sawing by poly crosses?

    Which natural gut has the best resistance to being sawed off by poly crosses? I have tried Klip, Pacific Classic, and Pacific ToughGut as mains. I like the playability of Tough Gut 16L, but against heavy-hitting opponents the coating is breaking down in a couple of hours and the 1.25 poly...
  25. IowaGuy

    USTA promo codes?

    Any current USTA membership promo codes? Thanks!
  26. IowaGuy

    Prince Neos 1500 - tension reproducibility?

    Moving to new city and the nearest stringer uses a Neos 1500. How reproducible are the stringing tensions from one racket to another with the Neos? I use a hybrid gut/poly setup, and my last stringer used a constant pull electronic machine. Thanks for any advice!
  27. IowaGuy

    best tennis bag - backpack style?

    I'm in the market for a new backpack tennis bag, that I can wear while bicycling or walking a mile or so. What is your favorite backpack tennis bag? Thanks!
  28. IowaGuy

    best female flat serve?

    Which female player do you consider to have the best flat-ish serve of all time? Thanks!
  29. IowaGuy

    best way to estimate ball speed from video

    I'm playing around with some improvements to my 1st serve, and trying to quantify any increases in 1st serve speed. What is the best way to estimate ball speed using video? The video I have access to is 60 frames per seond. (Nikon CoolPix camera.) It's 60 feet from baseline to opposite...
  30. IowaGuy

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Moving to Pittsburgh next month, and looking for 4.5-5.0 hitting/drilling partners. Anyone on this forum live in Pitt or Western PA? Thanks!