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    Rafa fans: Try to rank Rafa’s 10 French Open titles

    As a Federer fan I’m impressed by Rafa’s “La Decima”. I want to congratulate him and his fans for this incredible achievement. And I like to know how his fans experienced each of his triumphs compared to the others. I know it’s difficult, because there could be a year you liked his tennis most...
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    Sampras vs Henman exhibition match on Saturday?

    I just read this and wonder if it's still on schedule. And if so, in which time zone is it (the match is 1:30 PM local time) and where to watch it?
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    A few thoughts on the Federer loss today

    As a big fan for over 10 years I have to admit that the occasions in which I've seen Roger Federer play such poorly are rare, maybe it's a handful, even after 2013. My respect goes to Andreas Seppi, who played a good solid match, and certainly a great match by his standards! But that...
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    Match Statistics on the ATP website

    What do you think about it? It's a great archive, but they are obviously wrong sometimes (especially at Grand Slam Tornaments). For example sometimes the difference in converted break points disagrees with the difference in games won by the two players divided by 2. But that's impossible if...
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    Was there ever a match with zero break points on top level?

    Yesterday I asked me this question after the first set of the Federer-Raonic match, because nobody was anywhere near a break point. I thought it would go on this way, but then Federer broke right at the beginning of the second set. I think the most famous match with no realised breaks was the...
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    Organisation history of the Open Era before 1990

    Hi guys! This is my first post on this forum! As I’m very interested in sports history (and tennis especially) I tried to disentangle the chaos in the organisation of world’s tennis from the beginning of the Open Era to the start of the ATP Tour in 1990. I think this excellent board is the...