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    2019 ATP Miami 4R - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [22] Roberto Bautista Agut

    No, the winner of Federer/Medvedev will play Anderson.
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    2019 ATP Miami 4R - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [22] Roberto Bautista Agut

    He had those slumps even at the Australian Open, for example against Medvedev. But in Best of 5 it just doesn’t look that threatening. However, he has to become better again if he wants to win RG. It is also possible though that he already is in Paris (or at least in the clay season) with his...
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    Alex has zero heart

    Would indeed be better. Because with Alexandra he can still keep his nickname "Sascha". :-D
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    Nadal's 7th RG title v Djokovic's 7th AO title - Both won against each other, but who had the higher level?

    Generally I agree with you, but still I would like to know who would have won if the match wouldn’t have been postponed until Monday. Surely the conditions were bad, but it wasn’t absolutely necessary to stop I think. Or at least is wasn’t worse than before when Djokovic turned the 3rd set...
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    Win A Title, Then Lose Your Next Match

    The others were (since 1987 when Indian Wells was introduced): 1991 Jim Courier 1992 Michael Chang 1994 Pete Sampras 1998 Marcelo Rios 2001 Andre Agassi
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    The Most Balanced Slam Record???

    It’s maybe an odd comment, but right from the start I always have a problem to take a list of someone seriously who awards a 3rd place after two tied 2nd places. Or a 5th place with seven players in front of it.
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    Novak to play Monte Carlo

    Even more strange is that maybe his best chance to win a Slam was at Roland Garros. In the year with the legendary Gaudio-Coria final (2004) he almost overcame the somewhat “king of clay” of those days (Coria) in the round before with serve & volley. And he also had a H2H lead over Gaudio. On...
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    Was Fedberg a mistake?

    I agree with you in the sense that Ljubicic was the man who brought Federer back to be himself. Since 2017 he constructed his points better again and stopped the stupid net-attacks. He is still very aggressive, but not necessary at the net. Edberg seems to be stuck in the 90s with his thinking...
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    What is the second most prestiogious Grand Slam?

    No, he doesn’t have to be at his best level in 2017, but I’m quite sure he was better than Sampras ever was in that year. Also I don’t think Roddick could have ever troubled peak Federer on any surface, not even the fastest possible. I think Federer in 2017 did some things better than ever (also...
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    Participation rate of tournaments

    I bet then he would try to convince anyone of how many other great guys are around in the town who had no chance against him. Meanwhile when his friends came up with their girlfriends, they succeeded in a weak era with no competition.
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    Lightning in a bottle

    I remember that very well. He made the RG final playing serve & volley. And of course everybody thought: "How good must this guy be on grass! He’ll win Wimbledon." That’s maybe stuff for another topic: Players who made their biggest success in conditions which should usually suit them least...
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    What is the second most prestiogious Grand Slam?

    When Federer was at his best as Wimbledon is of course debatable because he was that great in the mid-2000s, although winning without dropping a set is also a strong argument. But Sampras? In which year was he better than Federer in 2017? Only in 1994 he was never in danger of losing, but apart...
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    What is the second most prestiogious Grand Slam?

    The Australian Open is easily the best Grand Slam tournament in terms of organisation these days. While Wimbledon stays on top as the classic and sentimental favourite, Australian Open comes right behind now IMO. It is also the start of the season and everyone is well rested and highly motivated...
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    Who will be the next no. 1?

    The problem with Zverev is that there are no shock losses because he can lose to anyone anyday. Also when he doesn’t repeat Miami and the clay season of last year, he is likely to lose his #3 or #4 seeding soon, which gives him more troubles in the draws. And then his confidence will go down...
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    Who will be the next no. 1?

    I have a feeling this year will be a big regress for Zverev. He won’t make much progress at the Slams but at the same time will not repeat his success at WTF and Masters. The next few weeks will already show if I’m correct. He has to defend: Miami (600); Monte Carlo (360); Munich (250); Madrid...
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    Federer's top 10 tournaments since he turned 30.

    The question is if we consider level of play or total level of excitement. For excitement nothing beats AO 2017, but in 2018 he was more dominant until the final. Wimbledon 2012 was quite exciting as well, but for level of play 2017 clearly stands on top (total dominance from start to finish...
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    Miami Champion 2019?

    Impossible to predict if you ask me. Nobody knows who will be the best at the new venue. Key Biscayne was great for Nole and not that good for Fedal, but that trend will not necessary continue.
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    What's with this new trend that Djokovic doesn't care about Masters anymore?

    Zverev is over 2000 points behind him and has even more to defend than Rafa. Zverev points from 2018: Miami 600 Monte Carlo 360 Munich 250 Madrid 1000 Rome 600 That’s 2810 points before RG. So no danger here. And Thiem and Federer are way too far behind
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    What's with this new trend that Djokovic doesn't care about Masters anymore?

    I don’t know if draws are rigged and won’t say so without proof. But if we assume they do it for business reasons or whatever, I would say Federer is the most important factor in it. I don’t think a Nadal-Djokovic final is bigger than anything involving Federer. And they will be seeded #1 and...
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    Meetings you want to see between players that are short on time?

    Roger Federer vs Dustin Brown, preferable on grass!
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    What's with this new trend that Djokovic doesn't care about Masters anymore?

    Okay, I admit that I’ll give Djokovic a chance if they meet in the final. Nadal would be my favourite, but not as big as against Wawrinka or Thiem obviously. But I have a feeling Djokovic won’t make the final and Nadal has another easy path to the title. If they meet, Nadal doesn’t need to do...
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    Federer's Streak of 20 Final Wins After Taking First Set

    It is always likely to win a match after taking the 1st set. I think many people underestimate the importance of the 1st set, even in Best of 5. Way more impressive are his 24 consecutive outright final wins between 2003-2005. Apart from that of course even more important is the rule: Better...
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    What's with this new trend that Djokovic doesn't care about Masters anymore?

    What makes you so sure? Nadal seemed to be more crippled this time last year than now, and still he dominated the clay season at will. RG indeed will be different with Federer just being present there after 4 long years, but that’s it. We shouldn’t fool ourselves to think that Nadal isn’t the...
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    How the heck did Mari Osaka get a WC into Miami Open?

    That counts for anyone though, at least since there are platforms like ****, Viagogo etc. If you are willing to pay enough, you’ll get tickets for any event worldwide. But then on the other hand, even without Internet, if someone walks around the entrance and offers anyone 1000 $ or more to...
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    Federer Fans - What is your realistic expectation of his Clay Court Season?

    I think he will only play Madrid and RG, so he would have only that one chance for reaching a Masters final. At RG anything is possible but nothing is sure. As always, the only unreachable goal is beating an in-form Nadal. Thiem is beatable as he should have beaten him yesterday. I don’t think...
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    2019 Indian Wells F - [4] Federer vs [7] Thiem

    Thiem wins the occasional match against Nadal because Rafa cannot play all clay tournaments with the same intensity anymore. I don’t want to say he tanked the matches, but he took Rome not fully seriously in 2017 and Madrid isn’t his best clay masters anyway. The other losses were in 2015 when...
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    2019 Indian Wells F - [4] Federer vs [7] Thiem

    Still I think he would have won if in decent form. In 2016 he lost to Thiem on clay and grass in the same fashion, so it’s difficult to tell how much a factor the surface was. I also think if they meet this year on clay Federer will win.
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    Indian Wells scores - Google

    For me it was the same as always. I could easily follow point-by-point livescores for ATP and WTA in Google.
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    Federer vs Nadal semi-final Indian Wells 2019!

    Thank you, you are totally correct. They were: 1) 2005 RG - 2006 Dubai - 2006 Monte Carlo - 2006 Rome - 2006 RG 2) 2008 Monte Carlo - 2008 Hamburg - 2008 RG - 2008 Wimbledon - 2009 Australian Open 3) 2013 Indian Wells - 2013 Rome - 2013 Cincinnati - 2013 WTF London - 2014 Australian Open
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    Federer vs Nadal semi-final Indian Wells 2019!

    Also today he has the chance to set the longest streak between these 2. Nadal had 2 streaks of 5 wins in a row before, Federer is at 5 now as well. (Sorry if this was already said, I didn’t read the whole thread.)