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  1. jersey34tennis

    Is The ITF Service Rule Changing Youth Tennis?

    i lost a college tiebreaker to a serve let and a let cord passing shot consecutively. devastating because it was the best match I've ever played against a superior player. my closest brad gilbert level ever. guy was standup dude, clearly apologetic the match ended that way. I look back proudly...
  2. jersey34tennis

    TW needs to push a reissue of the Prince Classic Graphite 100 Longbody

    I have 2 of them in 4 1/4 if you're still looking in great condition
  3. jersey34tennis

    Tennis Instructors North New Jersey

    If you can locate bill wing, he was up around Clifton nj and worked with Montclair and Glenn ridge, solid guy.
  4. jersey34tennis

    Looking to replace my beloved Prince Tour Diablo Midplus

    What's your grip size for the diablo mp?
  5. jersey34tennis

    Tennis camp Central NJ

    the new club in ocean. there's a guy named pat who's a solid pro. will work you hard and can hit to boot. no investment on my part to share who I think will help a fellow tennis junkie
  6. jersey34tennis

    Is Agassi seen as behind McEnroe, Connors, Lendl?

    i put Agassi above them. won a grand slam when the 4 surfaces played significantly different than one another. lightning fast grass to super slow clay. last time a person won when conditions were not purely made for baseliners. technology with string still wasn't a killer for serve and volley...
  7. jersey34tennis

    What is the most gut-like string that's NOT gut?

    I love isospeed control at super low tensions
  8. jersey34tennis

    FS/FT Spring Cleaning, Wilson Kfactor, Babolat Aero Storm Tour, Babolat Pure Strike Tour, 4 1/2, 4 3/8, 8/10

    are you looking for the newest pure drive tour? I have some if you're interested. Email pics of k factors to
  9. jersey34tennis

    Confession Time

    I'm a bit of a cinematography addict too, I'd suggest pan's Labrynth (so?) and apocalypto (Mel gibson's ). Let me know what you think if you've seen or see them
  10. jersey34tennis

    Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 OS Stretch

    it's not a pog os for all you looking. much faster through the air. less spin potential. better on serves for flat and slice. much more maneuverable . still very solid. plays lighter than specs indicate. can be a monster for on-the-rise tennis. love it but two different animals
  11. jersey34tennis

    New Trick: hit Opponent with Lob

    I think it happened to both Jose canseco and deon sanders
  12. jersey34tennis

    Racquet that plays like Pure Drive but lower RA?

    Pure drive light plus lead
  13. jersey34tennis

    Counter a chip and charger

    Should've read travlerjam before I posted. Credit to the man above
  14. jersey34tennis

    Counter a chip and charger

    I've went with harder slice serves, even the amateur "throw it way to your right" type slices and they're harder to chip and come in off of because they're lower than the level of the net
  15. jersey34tennis

    Best record with fewest weapons

    in all honesty I didn't read the thread but i'll just throw out mecir and santoro because . than vinci
  16. jersey34tennis

    Switching sponsors to head

    Fxp or fxp tour
  17. jersey34tennis

    Babolat Pure Aero Plus or Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus

    i have a pure aero plus with silicon in the handle in 4 1/4 grip if you/re interested. email me at
  18. jersey34tennis

    Biggest Slugfest at a Major

    Nadal verdasco aussie open was some huge hitting, and then a double fault...
  19. jersey34tennis

    Which Prestige MP from the lineup?

    liquidmetal, than microgel (I like the firmer reponse but not stiff)
  20. jersey34tennis

    Anyone Play Without An Overgrip & What Grip Do You Use?

    sorry, forgot Dunlop gecko tac, that'd be my no.2
  21. jersey34tennis

    Anyone Play Without An Overgrip & What Grip Do You Use?

    head ultimate replacement grip is hands down my no.1 base grip with no overgrips prince resipro is a good no.2 but please try the head ultimate first. you will not be disappointed
  22. jersey34tennis

    Jolly's Kick Serve Challenge

    he just drips with excellence... (the dos equis guy was bragging about shroud)
  23. jersey34tennis

    Have you ever seen a ball..

    I had a kid do it 2 times so far. Once on an overhead with a s.w. Blade and it dribbled over the net, and another time with the blade team 99 on a fast reflex volley hit on his backhand side . Yes that one dribbled over too, then he dabbed and I made him run a suicide.
  24. jersey34tennis

    Who's the best tennis player who plays another sport professionally?

    paul o'neil from the Yankees is supposedly an awesome tennis player. one teaching pro who's played professionally said he could easily be a 5.0 when he hit with him
  25. jersey34tennis

    The most comfortable racket you've played with?

    prince nxg graphite oversize with any string
  26. jersey34tennis

    What racquet do you regret selling?

    i had 2 Dunlop gimelstob prototype 90's at 12.6 ounces all blacked out. wish I would've given them more of a chance. and my kneissl tom's machine in 27.5 and 28. the all green ones. such sweet racquets
  27. jersey34tennis

    How would a peak Safin have fared against the best today?

    inconsistently .... as always. a safin doesn't change his stripes