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  1. La Grande

    Why did Nadal hit the ball so short if it gets hardly any kick on the AO surface?

    Djokovic was tremendous today, but regardless of the narrative that he took all of Nadal’s time away, his depth/length was just unacceptable. He knew the ball wouldn’t kick up on clay, so why not aim for depth and pull the trigger on the FH side as soon as you get a slightly short ball? His...
  2. La Grande

    Djokovic sets his sights on surpassing Federer’s slam record Djokovic, who has now won three majors in succession on three spate occasions in his career, moved within five of Federer's tally of 20 titles and is intent on giving...
  3. La Grande

    How many more times does Federer have to prove people wrong?

    It seems like people - often his “fans” - have been practically begging for his retirement since 2013. Maybe earlier, I’m sure some people could tell me? How many times has he proven you wrong? The answer is countless times. So I ask, why can’t you just allow him to have off days at this older...
  4. La Grande

    John McEnroe compares Novak Djokovic's slump to Tiger Woods' slump following marital woes Speaking about Djokovic's period of poor form, McEnroe compared the former Wimbledon champion with Woods, who in the past has had a high-profile divorce, been arrested, and suffered...
  5. La Grande

    What is up with the male Aussie players?

    Nick Kyrgios... well I don't need to get into all his misdemeanors. Bernard Tomic has a long history of embarrassing himself. Most recently his lastest Wimby presser. Even Kokkinakis was saying he considered retirement after some injury troubles. He's only 21 years old. Australia has such a...
  6. La Grande

    Fed fans that feared he was done winning slams in 2013... should us Rafa fans be hopeful?

    Rafa just made a slam final, against all odds it seems (like Roger) and he only lost to the greatest player of all time, who finally conquered his demons and played a superb final vs Nadal. What a spectacle we witnessed. I want to say congratulations to Federer fans, I think he truly deserves...
  7. La Grande

    Djokovic and Nadal's annoying habits dissected on Game, Set and Mats by the Commissioner of Tennis John McEnroe, the self appointed commissioner of tennis gives his take on Djokovic and Nadal's annoying habits... and he's...
  8. La Grande

    Petra Kvitova injured by knife-wielding attacker at her home

    Two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova has been injured by a knife-wielding attacker at her home. The player's spokesman, Karel Tejkal, says Kvitova suffered a left hand injury and has been treated by doctors. Tejkal says the incident, which he described as a burglary, occurred Tuesday...
  9. La Grande

    Are you enjoying Tennis right now?

    The tour has been around for ages. Players come and go. I know some of you guys have been watching since forever, a lot longer than me. Obviously everyone's enjoyment in tennis will rise and fall all the time. I'm curious to know how you feel about tennis right now? Forget weak eras and all...
  10. La Grande

    John McEnroe is now coaching Milos Raonic

    ITV4 just announced it. And I've just heard he announced it on Game, Set and Mats. Source:
  11. La Grande

    Andy Murray is open to the possibility of reuniting with former coach Ivan Lendl

    Andy Murray is open to the possibility of reuniting with former coach Ivan Lendl after splitting with Amelie Mauresmo. The British world number three announced on Monday that he would no longer be working with the Frenchwoman. Murray won Wimbledon, the US Open and Olympic gold during two years...
  12. La Grande

    Andy Murray announces split from coach Amelie Mauresmo Andy Murray and coach Amelie Mauresmo have 'mutually agreed' to end their partnership. The duo have worked together for two years and world No 3 Murray says Mauresmo's input has been hugely...
  13. La Grande

    Who is better: Dominic Thiem or David Goffin?

    They both played Djokovic this week. Both made it "interesting" lol. Goffin is 25 and ranked 15. Thiem is 22 and ranked 14. I personally think they're the Ferrer and Berdych (not in style, results) of tomorrow... solid as hell, top 10 regulars, special at times, but not quite good enough to...
  14. La Grande

    Djokovic retires from professional tennis. The Age of Ultron is over.

    LOL I'm a prat, I know. Djesus will be dishing out more beatdowns over the next few years. Stay tuned..
  15. La Grande

    Sharapova's drug Meldonium was announced as banned substance in SEPTEMBER 2015 On 16 September, the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Executive Committee approved the 2016 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods, which is now available on WADA’s website. The List will come into force on 1...
  16. La Grande

    Wow.. is Kyrgios gonna win Dubai?

    Djokovic just retired from his match against Feli Lopez. Kyrgios faces Wawrinka, a kind of grudge match. They did play on the same team at ITPL, maybe they sorted it out? Doubt it And Baghdatis plays Lopez. So, will Kyrgiois rule in Dubai or will Stan cruise to victory and dedicate the win...
  17. La Grande

    Australian Open 2016 - Nick Kyrgios vs Tomas Berdych - Third Round

    Big hitters - who will win this intriguing match up?
  18. La Grande

    Drama in the WTA: Ostapenko hits ball boy with racquet, Broady fights to get her thrown out

    "It wasn’t just the press and fans who were jumping to conclusions this week; Naomi Boady of Great Britain got into the act as well. Despite the fact that she had just won a point to take a lead in a final-set tiebreaker, Broady fought to have her opponent, Jelena Ostapenko, defaulted after...
  19. La Grande

    Following 'break,' Bernardes again umpiring Nadal matches Umpire Carlos Bernardes has been put back on Rafael Nadal's matches for the first time since their standoff in South America almost a year ago. The longtime umpire officiated...
  20. La Grande

    Andy Murray wins BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2015

    Congrats to Murray, fantastic year. Year end number 2, Davis Cup win (single handedly) and an Aussie Open Final. I had 4 guys above him (Farah, Froome, Fury and Hamilton), but he did him self proud yet again this year, so congrats to him and all his fans :)
  21. La Grande

    How would you sum up the "weeks at no.1" stat?

    I find it a weird one, so significant in most peoples eyes. Why I say weird is, Djokovic has zoomed past Nadal in weeks at no1, congrats to the fella. But what does that say about Nadal? Nadal has more titles, more masters 1000's, more slams (and that is what you play for, right?).. but has...
  22. La Grande

    Congrats to Bopanna and Mergea, through to the semis!

    Beat the Bryans in straights on Sunday and beat Murray and Peers in straights today. Straight through to the semi finals. Class
  23. La Grande

    6 of the best for Novak

    With the Paris crown, Novak has broken the Masters 1000 record once again, with 6 of them this season. Congrats to him and all his fans
  24. La Grande

    Garbine Muguruza rises to WORLD NO.3 SINGAPORE - After a season that has seen her reach her first Grand Slam final at Wimbledon, win the biggest title of her career in Beijing and qualify for her first WTA Finals, Garbiñe Muguruza has hit a...
  25. La Grande

    Roger Federer: ´I´m not going to retire. I´m still motivated

    We've heard this before, but this is just the most recent update. http://www.**************.org/Roger-Federer-Im-not-going-to-retire-Im-still-motivated-even-if-articolo27261.html During a press conference hold yesterday in Zurich, the World No. 3 Roger Federer spoke about his future retirement...
  26. La Grande

    Four months after his left wrist injury, Juan Martin Del Potro is practicing

    Great player, miss watching him on the tour. http://www.**************.org/Juan-Martin-Del-Potro-Practice-his-Serve-and-Forehand-%28PICS-INSIDE%29-articolo27209.html The Argentine, who hasn't played since Miami when he lost to Vasek Pospiil in three sets, is believed to be finally stepping out...
  27. La Grande

    Kyrgios at it again... Two days in a row now... Controversial Australian Nick Kyrgios snapped "that's just crap!" at the umpire on Wednesday as he earned his third code violation in a week when he smashed away a loose ball and...
  28. La Grande

    Rod Laver declares Nick Kyrgios could have won the US Open with smarter shot selection Ok Rod... “His charisma is that he likes to show off all the shots he’s got,” Laver said. “I think, because he won at Wimbledon against Nadal, he feels like...
  29. La Grande

    Any listen to Ben Rothenberg's tennis podcast, "No Challenges Remaining" ?

    Just discovered it, I'm probably late. But I just listened to an episode with author Michael Mewshaw, who was also a tennis reporter. Talks about the ugly side of tennis. Great listen. Just for context, doubt there is anyone who doesn't know him, but Ben Rothenberg is a tennis writer for New...
  30. La Grande

    Rafael Nadal's new £15m tennis academy