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    Prince Phantom 93 P Grommets

    Hello, I have received 2 Prince Phantom Pro 93 P from TW Europe, since TW US couldn't ship Prince products to Hong Kong, my country of residence. I now want to order a couple of spare grommets, which are available on the US site, but not on the European site. TW Europe Customer Service advised...
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    For Chris / Mark (or anyone who played a lot in the 80's)

    Hi guys, I came to this board 18 months ago and ask for a racquet recommendation, having come back to the game after 25 years of interruption. I used to play a Kneissl White Star Masters 10, which is fun but too demanding with its 75 / 13 oz strung frame for a guy in his late forties...
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    To Chris: Volkl Cyclone vs. Cyclone Tour for my DR98

    Hi Chris, Thanks again for pointing me to the Yonex EZ DR98, it's a great racquet and I enjoy playing it very much. I currently play it with a Lexicon 4G 125 (17), strung at 23kg (51lbs), and it is relatively easy on the arm in addition to providing good control. But I am still experimenting...
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    Wanted: Kneissl White Star Masters 30 or Aero 20

    Looking for a Kneissl White Star Masters 30 / Mid and / or Aero 20. Should be in very good condition (8+), grip 3 or grip 4, and preferably in SL (Super Light) configuration. Thanks!
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    Adidas GTX Pro vs. GTX Pro-T

    I've been on a bit of a rampage recently acquiring a number of old Kneissl White Star racquets and its variations (Masters, Red Star, Pro etc.), and to be complete this collection needed to include the Adidas frames derived from the same mold. I used to play successively the GTX Pro, Boron and...
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    For Chris: modern racquet with classic feel

    Hi Chris, I love classic tennis racquets, especially the old Kneissl's and have actually bought a few (White Star Pro, Masters 10, Ivan Lendl) that I am currently playing with. I just enjoy the feeling, and those are the racquets I was playing with as a teenager in the 80's. But they are quite...
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    Wanted: Kneissl White Star Masters 10 (1987 version)

    Hello, I am looking for a Kneissl White Star Masters 10, the 1987 version with the red stripes at 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock on the racquet head. Looking for a L4, but will also consider L3 and L5. Racquet needs to be in good to very good condition, usable with no crack whatsoever. Please...
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    Wilson Asian BLX Six One 95 - Report

    Hi guys, I posted a month ago about my issues with my K Factor 90 (thet thread is here: Since I got helpful feedback, I thought I'd give back to the community by reporting on the racket that eventually solved my problems: the BLX Six...
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    Humble pie - some help needed (Wilson content)

    Hi guys, I just registered on this site as I've looked everywhere and it looks like it is the best to get informed opinions about tennis gear. A little bit about myself: - I'm now 40 years old - I've played tennis a lot between age 8 and age 20 (at least twice a week) - Best I've...