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    Will Novak/Rafa Match Fed's 20-30-40-50 Mark?

    20 wins, 30 finals, 40 semis, 50 quarters. (slams only) Fed is currently the sole member of the unnamed club. Current totals 20-30-43-53 - Fed 15-24-34-43 - Novak 17-25-30-37 - Nadal Same-Age 17-24-33-39 - Fed after 2013 AO 15-24-34-43 - Novak 17-24-34-41 - Fed after 2014 AO 17-25-30-37 -...
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    Fed to break yet another Sampras record

    Entering Wimbledon 2018, Fed and Pete are tied for the most #1 seeds at a Grand Slam with 23. All Roger needs to do to break this is remain healthy. (technically, you could say he already has this record, since he was the "top seed" in 09 after Nadal's "injury" withdrawal) Apologies to Mr. Clay.
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    What If: The 1 seed chose their semifinal opponent?

    A way to fix the rigged/cakewalk draws that we complain about endlessly would be to let the 1 seed pick the 3 or 4 seed to be in their half before the draw. This would give an added benefit of being #1, not to mention the mental aspect/respect card. If the 1 was confident they could pass their...
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    100 Match Wins at a Slam.

    No man has ever won 100 matches at one slam. Will Fed and/or Rafa set yet another unbelievable mark? (through 2019 Australian Open) Men - 0 (Closest) Jimmy Connors - US Open- 98 Roger Federer - Aus. Open - 97 (98 with walkovers) Roger Federer - Wimbledon - 95 (96 with walkovers) Rafa Nadal -...
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    The "Dead Leg" Celebration After Winning a Slam

    Apparently, Borg started the trend of falling over after winning a slam. His 1980 Wimbledon celebration is the GOAT in my book. Just for fun, here are the stats for the current top 10 slam winners. Slams where they did NOT fall are listed. Federer - 12/20 '05 US '06 Aus '06 W '09 W '10 Aus...
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    Fed still king of the hardware store

    Only guy with winner + runner-up trophies for every slam.;) related, Why are the runner-up trophies crappy plates?
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    Who will be the next member of the "Diamond Club"?

    In the music business an album that is 10x platinum is considered to be "diamond". In honor of Fed reaching his 10th Wimbledon final, I decided to see who else is in the "diamond club". Men 11 - Roger Federer, Wimbledon - 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017 10 -...
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    A Sampras Record Survived the Big 3!

    We always hear about Nadal's amazing 10 year slam streak. But if we throw out the calendar, old Pete tops the list. And now that Nadal's streak is over; it will survive for another decade. All streaks must start with a slam win. Longest slam streak before losing... 1 slam 5- Laver AO '69 -...
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    AO 08 - Mono Fed vs. Joker

    I had forgotten this, but Fed served for 1st set in this. What happens if he goes up 1-0? Joker was still a bit of a head case back then, plus he had USO 07 fresh in his memory. I think Joker still wins, Fed was simply not in shape.
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    If Borg had won the USO?

    As we all know Borg entered the USO three different times looking to go 3/3 in slams on the year. If he had found a way to win, surely he would have gone down to Australia to complete the Slam, right? Or in classic Borg fashion, would he have spent Christmas in a ski lodge somewhere, not...
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    A Way to end the court speed debate

    Tournament X is sooo slow... The ATP would never do this, but why not have those robots that test golf clubs test court speed? Have them recreate shots, and simply post the results. I think the BBC did something like this years ago at Wimbledon.
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    Novak on pace to break some of Fed's records

    I would be stunned if Fed still holds all of his career GS records in 10 years. Through 2014 US Open. ----------Titles-Finals-Semi-Quarter- GS Match Wins- Weeks at #1 Fed----------15----21----24----26------------188--------------262...
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    The Solution to Ending Nadal's Stall Tactics

    Nadal's time between serves is well documented, so here is a plan to force the umpire to penalize him. When his opponent is serving with a large lead (30 or 40-0) early in the match, the player should deliberately wait 30-40 seconds between serves and sacrifice a point. This would draw a line...
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    Why did the Eastern Bloc perform so poorly at the World Cup?

    Using questionable means, the Eastern Bloc dominated the Olympics for several decades during the Cold War. But they never came close to matching that success at the World Cup. The Soviets made one semifinal (1966) East Germany only qualified once (1974) Yugoslavia made one semifinal (1962)...
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    The UK's inconsistency regarding nationality

    At Wimbledon next week Murray will compete under the Union Jack of the UK. If he was a golfer competing at the Open Championship next month, he would compete under the Scottish flag. Why does the UK not have a standardized way of doing this? Either use home nations for all non-olympic events, or...
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    Fed-Nadal H2H hybrid

    I thought of a hybrid metric for the much debated H2H of Fed-Nadal. Looking back at every tournament that they both participated in, if only one got to the round where they were supposed to meet that player would get the h2h hybrid win. So in RG 2013 Nadal gets the win since Fed did not make...
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    Won a Grand Slam without losing serve?

    Winning a grand slam without losing a set has happened multiple times. Has a player (male) ever won without ever losing their serve in the tournament? And if it has never happened, who lost serve the fewest times?
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    The Empire Slam

    Everyone knows about the Grand Slam and the Channel Slam, but I think there should be a name given to all slam combinations. First up the Empire Slam. This means winning all of the slams in British Empire territories of the 18th century. The Australian, Wimbledon, and US in the same year...