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  1. ShcMad

    Tips for my friend (Video inside)

    .................. Mods, if you read this, delete this thread.
  2. ShcMad

    Rate Me

    Just by looking at the groundstrokes, what would you rate this guy? P.S. Don't pay attention to the peanut gallery comment in the video. :)
  3. ShcMad

    Prestige Classic 600 (PC600)

    Does anybody out there have one PC600 for sale at a reasonable price? Or does anybody know where to purchase one since TW stopped carrying them? I've tried bidding on two PC600s on the famous auction site, but the prices are just ridiculous for used ones. Thanks.
  4. ShcMad

    Safin going nuts - Australian Open 2007

    I stumbled upon this a couple days ago. This is certainly one of my favorite videos on YouTube:
  5. ShcMad

    Help Needed - Replacement Grips

  6. ShcMad

    Anything Similar to SuperSmash?

    Hey guys/gals, After hearing all the good reviews on Topspin Cyberflash from this board, I bought a set of the 17g version and hybridized it with Laserfibre Synthetic Gut at 55/53lbs on my Liquidmetal Prestige MP. To tell you the truth, so far, I don't like this combo. I know different...
  7. ShcMad

    Cyberflash 1.25mm/Laserfibre Synthetic Gut 1.30mm

    Hey guys, Recently, I purchased a set of Topspin Cyberflash 1.25mm and a set of Laserfibre Synthetic Gut 1.30mm. The Cyberflash received so much praise from this board that I decided to buy a set, and verify by myself if it deserves all the good reviews. I'm going to put it on the mains with...
  8. ShcMad

    Bad quality short video

    My groundstrokes - Short Video Hey guys, Me and my friend were playing today at the park, and I happened to have my digital camera with me, but I had never used it to film anything. So I decided I wanted to see myself on video hitting some groundstrokes since I've never done it before. We...
  9. ShcMad

    Need advice from you guys

    Hey guys, for months I have done countless searches, but I just couldn't find the answer, so I need some advice regarding racquets and my playing style. I'm around NTRP 3.5, and I play most of the time from the baseline. I love going to the net when I get a short replay or after I hit...
  10. ShcMad

    Anyone from Fairfax or Northern VA?

    I live in Fairfax County, and I have a hard time finding people to hit with since almost all my friends are off to college right now. I'm actually going back to Virginia Tech for this Fall '06 semester, but was wondering if anybody wanted to have a practice partner until then at least. :)
  11. ShcMad

    Roddick vs. Agassi

    Have you guys seen this? I just wanted to share it cuz I got a good laugh out of it.
  12. ShcMad

    Rare picture?

    I just found this on the web... I'm not sure if any of you saw it, but I thought it was interesting to see Safin hit a one-hander. Sorry if it's something that was discussed