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  1. RajS

    Relaxed/loose grip - taken to the extreme??

    Set the speed to 0.25 and see what happens to the racket in Federer's hand around 25 seconds or so... it's unbelievable! I suppose this is a mishit, but still... does the man douse his hand in vaseline or what!!?? I discovered this while trying to see how far in front the pros contact the...
  2. RajS

    Analysis of Serena's serve by Ian Westerman

    Very instructive! I learned a lot. Ian's videos are great!
  3. RajS

    What's it like to face a 150 MPH serve?

    The answer... it also has some interesting observations.
  4. RajS

    Why some cultures may not have back pain

    I came across this interesting article on why some cultures don't seem to experience back pain. Good article - but I wonder what will happen if they start playing tennis, lol!
  5. RajS

    Need ideas on how to practice S&V against the wall

    I don't want to tax the patience of my friends too much, so I would like to somehow use the wall to practice some S&V. I thought of a couple of ways, but would like some ideas. In one way, I can hit a "serve" that contacts the wall high enough to fall within a few feet of me, so I would have...
  6. RajS

    "Throwing like a girl"... now I know what it means

    Two guys training a cadet... Definitely not enough ISR, lol!
  7. RajS

    The toss

    I have found an instructional video for the service toss that just about covers it: I have been trying this at home, and the toss feels more like a science and not a black art, for the first time ever. I need to practice it a lot more, and use it...
  8. RajS

    Nice puzzle: why does it work?

    Someone forwarded this to me, so I thought I would give everyone a nice puzzle to chew on. What makes this solution possible? ---------------------------------------------- A farmer died leaving his 17 horses to his 3 sons. When his sons opened up the will it read: My eldest son...
  9. RajS

    I need some serving tips

    My forehand is coming along well, and so I thought I would get to work on my serve. I posted a video here: This was the first time I'd seen myself serve, and I didn't like it, lol! The first thing I noticed was that my...
  10. RajS

    Hitting against the wall - please critique kindly!

    Here are two videos of myself hitting against the wall, mainly forehands. I had to hit a bit high since it was cool this morning, and the ball wasn't bouncing too well. I normally hit on a little lower trajectory. I was also not hitting very hard. For your reference, I am rated USTA 3.5 but I...