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    Federer: "We need a clown for this circus"

    Tennis pocket playbook

    Got this at a local club. Looks like a great idea. Anyone carrying a similar notebook?

    Portugal Open/Estoril Open passed away

    Sadly the organization announced this afternoon that after the loss of the ATP250 status the tournament will not take place in the future. As a tribute to the tournament's legacy i leave you with the list of champions and runner-ups of the 25 editions.

    [PROJECT] Matte Black Fischer Pro #1 Pro Stock paintjob

    Well, some of you will remember this project i've made 18 months ago: This time i had three pro-stock Fischer Pro #1 with different paintjobs, but all with the same specs. I couldn't get through that, so i decided to do some work...

    ******ini strikes again...

    How many time longer will the ATP wait tolerate this kind of behavior by him? I know he's always being fined, but it looks like he doesn't give a crap about it... ---> This is now offline

    DAVIS CUP 2014 FINAL (21-23 Nov): France vs Switzerland

    There's no way Federer & Wawrinka will both lose against Fognini and Bolelli so here's the thread about the final. It will be played in France. I guess the French are forced to choose an indoor venue (i don't know the DC regulations). Where will they held it? Paris-Bercy? Lyon? Marseille...

    The sad story of Jiro Satoh... Was this already discussed here?

    Philipp Kohlschreiber (GER) [22] vs. John Isner (USA) [13]

    This one should be interesting... I would put my money in Kohl in 4, maybe 5...

    Caption this!

    Federer said: "(...) and then they paint them like ours and sell them for 200$".

    Janowicz - The cheater...

    Unbelievable. Sousa was serving at 30-40 (facing a breakpoint), leading the third set by 5-4, when Janowicz's racquet slightly touched the ball before it was out (kinda like Gonzalez/Blake incident at the Beijing 08 Olympics). The umpire missed it and Janowicz refused to give away the point...

    Worst overrule ever (Errani vs. Wickmayer)

    If you think i'm exaggerating take a look...

    How do they string racquets after production?

    This may sound like a stupid question, but it always bugged me... When a racquet comes strung from the factory are they stringed by a stringer like any regular stringjob or by a super expensive high-tech stringing machine that operates itself?

    FS/FT 4x Wilson Pro Staff Classic 6.1 18x20 L3

    Hi guys, i have these 4 for sale or trade. They are 7/10 condition. They are heavily used but they were never abused and have no structural damage. They are scratched only in the normal spots. These beauties still have plenty life left on them. The replacement grips are new and two of them...

    Why does my arm feels so bad?

    Why does my arm feel so bad? Why does my elbow feel so bad? Why does my wrist heart feel so bad? Why does my shoulder feel so bad? Why does my arm feel so bad? Why does my elbow feel so bad? Why does my wrist heart feel so bad? Why does my shoulder feel so bad? These poly strings...

    Pro's Pro swivel clamp base v1 or v2?

    Hi guys, after 5 years and countless stringjobs my dropweight machine clamp bases are sliding around and calibration just doesn't hold them in place. So i will be buying new clamp bases, and i'm wondering if the Pro's Pro Swivel Clamp base V2 is better than the V1 the one i currently own. Is...

    Topspin Cyber Blue vs Dunlop Black Widow

    Which one is the most comfortable and why? Answer only if you tried both. Do the RSI ratings tell the whole story?

    Portugal Open 2014 (combined ATP250/WTA)

    It's on! Wawrinka announced he won't be defending his title. Berdych was announced as replacement. Last year's final highlights: Official page:

    Breaking News: ITF banned poly for 2015

    Imagine this scenario... How would the pro players react? How would you react? What strings would they/you try to mitigate the issue?

    90s tennis highlights movies

    Well, tennis in the 90s was truer... Everyone won where they should and lost we they shouldn't win. S&V ruled Wimbledon and the USO and the baseliners dominated the FO. The outfits were awesome too... Let's post some highlights of 90s tennis. Here's two Muster tributes...

    What can i eat before a early morning practice/match?

    I find myself a lot of times without energy and tired when playing morning matches/practices. I'm lactose-intolerant so i skip milk. I get some carbs from whole grain bread, some coffee, one or two bananas for potassium but i can't eat more than that, because my appetite is not that voracious in...

    Nadal's ovegrips for Australian Open 2014

    So, everyone saw that picture of Nadal's hand covered with blisters that made newspaper covers in Spain. I've got an anonymous source in Melbourne that was able to take a photo to Nadal's overgrip package and i was astonished. Looks like he's testing babolat's new overgrip prototype during this...

    Grommets for Prince Michael Chang Graphite OS Longbody

    Hey guys, i'm looking for 5 or 6 grommets sets for my Prince Chang Longbodies and i don't seem to find them anywhere. Anyone knows where they're still available?

    "We're totally building a grass court!"

    Ok. As you know i'm a total tennis nut, and i've got this friend who started playing with me and is almost as nut as i am... He's got a lot of ground unused and almost leveled. The only issue is that that, at the moment, it's covered with pines. Today we decided we're building a grass court. We...

    Brand new old Prince Michael Chang Graphite OS Longbody

    Got these four badboys from a shop clearance. They were insanely cheap, but i had to buy the four of them as a pack. Anyone used these in the past? If so, which string. Also, the one that's strung is at 320g with overgrip and dampener. Where would you recommend lead an how much? Also, feel...

    Nalbadian retired


    Syngut cross as strategy to lower the power of a multi stringbed

    Guys i'm using full multis in my FXP Rads and i really love the comfort and touch. I'm also getting more spin that i was expecting considering the string type. The only issue i'm having is sometimes i try to put some more depth or go for flat winners on a given ball and it just flies out... I...

    USO13 Round3 - Feliciano Lopez (ESP) [23] vs. Milos Raonic (CAN) [10]

    Just bet a yummy hot dog against a friend of mine that Feli's gonna win... He says Raonic's serve is gonna bail him out, and i've said Lopez return is good enough and he also has a pretty good serve. Also, when Lopez starts to slice to Milos' backhand the canadian is gonna regret his existence...

    Frederico Gil's racquet picture and string setup

    String setup: Luxilon Alu Power Rough/NXT Tour 24/23kg or 23/22kg depending on match conditions (balls, wind, surface, etc...)

    Youtek Radical MP white teflon grommets on a Flexpoint Radical MP.

    So guys, the grommets on mt FXP Rad MP are a mess. I can get today here at a local store white teflon grommets from the Youtek Radical MP. -They're the same mold -They have the same pattern and same tieoffs (checked klipperusa) -Unlike the CAP grommets they won't have problems sitting in the...

    Thera band exercises for warming up the upper body for tennis?

    Could some one tell me some Thera Band exercises for warming up the upper body for tennis (Wrist, elbow & shoulder)?