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  1. goldenhawktennis

    Adopted a Pro Kennex Copper Ace 90 yesterday!

    Sometimes the tennis gods reward you for going on your silly little daily walk and offer up a free side of the road racquet for your enjoyment! Came across this Pro Kennex Copper Ace 90 on the corner with a sign that said "FREE" and couldn't help but be intrigued! I hadn't heard of the racquet...
  2. goldenhawktennis

    Make my 93p more...K90-like?

    Hey friends! Impulse bought a 93p (18x20) after a nice little demo sesh last month and still trying to get things fully dialed in with it. It's a great racquet as-is, don't get me wrong, but I'm really trying to make it sing. For context, I'm coming from a K90 and I absolutely love the weight...
  3. goldenhawktennis

    ELI5: "Launch Angle"

    I have tried and tried to wrap my head around the concept of launch angle and it is just not clicking. I get how my swing and how open/closed my racquet face is can effect 'launch angle,' but struggle to get how a racquet itself can have a defined launch angle characteristic. Explain to me like...
  4. goldenhawktennis

    Going from full bed multi to full bed poly?!

    Okay, it's been a minute since I've hit full bed poly (or any poly for that matter), so forgive me if this is a common adjustment period thing/too many variables at play, but I tried going from full bed X1B multi (56 lbs) in my K90 yesterday to full bed Hyper G 17 poly (47 lbs) in my new 93p...
  5. goldenhawktennis

    Posting HQ images in thread comments?

    @TW Staff I tried a search on this, but what is the best way to upload the highest possible quality image the forums will allow (without being too large and blowing up the size of a comment, of course)? I'm using Imgur embedding and the quality seems to get crushed when posted in-line. Does TT...
  6. goldenhawktennis

    Current racquet purchase shipping times? With stringing?

    Hi TW team! Wondering if you can tell me what the current shipping time looks like for new racquet purchases where I'd also want to have it strung. I'm currently in Austin, TX until 4/2, would I be cutting things too close to order a racquet/have it strung and get it shipped here in time...
  7. goldenhawktennis

    K90 to...what? Help me find my new stick a decade later!

    Howdy ya'll! I'm finally posting to these forums for the first time in over a decade (the tennis bug always bites back!) to hopefully garner some insight into what I've missed in racquet technologies since the K-Factor/BLX days (lol) and gather your recommendations as I set out to demo a handful...
  8. goldenhawktennis

    gulbis' overgrip at FO?

    was watching his match the other day and thought his overgrip looked wrapped differently. on further examination it looks like he wrapped his tourna not all the way up the handle like many 1hbh players. any idea why he would wrap his overgrip like this all of a sudden, especially with a 2hbh?
  9. goldenhawktennis

    Microgel Prestige MP headsize?

    I've seen and read alot of threads on here saying how Head measures the headsize of their racquets from the outside of the frame rather than the inside like wilson. If so what is the actual headsize of the microgel prestige mp if it were measured normally like the other racquet companies?
  10. goldenhawktennis

    robredo playing with watch?

    was watching the robredo vs safin match and noticed robredo wearing a watch on his left hand. did he accidentally leave it on or does he usually play with a watch on? i realize he is a righty and uses a 1hbh but still seems a bit odd
  11. goldenhawktennis

    Pro Tennis Players when they were younger...

    Does anybody have any pics of any professional tennis players when they were younger say elementary school, middle school, or highschool? It would be fun to see how much they've changed.
  12. goldenhawktennis

    **official Dunlop M-fil 200 Club/thread**

    This thread is dedicated to all those who play with or own an M-Fil 200 (18x20 or 16x19) and love the way it plays. Fill free to post pictures of your M-Fil 200 and/or discuss your current set up.
  13. goldenhawktennis

    fake dunlop m fil 200?

    just went to my local sports shop to get an m fil 200 and saw that one out of the 5 there looked different. all of the white detailing was gray in color. it also had a different grip (the blue candy-cane style). j/w if this is a fake or did it come from a different batch?