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  1. Aykhan Mammadov

    Federer makes me nervous.

    Frankly speaking everybody sees Federer is playing different tennis, what he does is tennis, what others do - is returning the ball in his side. But I really don't understand. He may easily beat Djokovih who beat Nadal in last 3 finals, but then again when he faces Nadal he starts making...
  2. Aykhan Mammadov

    Why Murray never won GS title if he is talented ?

    There is so much advertisement about Murray, so much noise. Yes he plays extraordinary and clever tennis, at least not a usual tennis. But as I wrote once he looks as a computer man rather than a sportsman. His strokes are not nice and are not done in the right way, simply unexpected. Even...
  3. Aykhan Mammadov

    Nadal is a Super-man.

    I'm fan of Federer when it concerns purely tennis technics. I regarded some players like Djokovich or DelPotro or say Soderling as a little bit naturally healthier and stronger than Federer. See their forehands and their strength and just listen Djokovich's interview after the match against...
  4. Aykhan Mammadov

    Will the world ever see a player better than Federer ?

    Do u think it is possible to beat his 16 slams record somewhen ? And do u think we all have chances to watch a player with the same or more talent to tennis ? ( I'm not talking here about better physical condition).
  5. Aykhan Mammadov

    The pic must be refreshed. Still compare Nadal with Fed ?

    This pic must be refreshed: 15 should be changed with 16. So many years passed, still there are crazies comparing Nadal with Fed ? No Nadal in the pic, even not close.
  6. Aykhan Mammadov

    The biggest supercombi tennis bag.

    Hi, Admin. I'm going to purchase one supercombi tennis bag from u. But I need the largest between them and specially the largest in width. It is specified in your site that Head Djokovic Series Monstercombi Bag is 17" in width while Head Djokovic Special Ed. Monstercombi Bag is just 15.5"...
  7. Aykhan Mammadov

    Murray decided to give up tennis.

    According some unofficial sources.
  8. Aykhan Mammadov

    Nice picture of Federer tribute.
  9. Aykhan Mammadov

    Holes in socks.

    I heard some PRO players make holes in their socks intentionally - to improve evaporation. Is it true ? I know some of them wear 2 socks to improve softness. How about holes in this case ? I mean what they do if holes in the underlaying pair don't coinside with the top-layer pairs holes. They...
  10. Aykhan Mammadov

    All comparisons, doubts and etc.. regarding Federer mus be over.

    IT IS OVER !!! It is time to stop comparing Federer with others, including Nadals, Murrays, Samprass, Borgs... It is annoying already. Federer did 15 slams, including all 4, he is the greatest ever in the history of the humankind. Basta. It is time to close PRO Player discussions forum...
  11. Aykhan Mammadov

    Why Nadal doesn't change a coach ?

    And how long this kid will be ruled by UNCLE ? Didn't he grow up already? And it is interesting how much does he pay to his lovely Uncle ? I'll not surprise if hear that lovely Uncle and parents leave to the kid just changes.
  12. Aykhan Mammadov

    Federer-Nadal relations are distorted.

    1 day ago Federer became the GOAT, only player in the history having won 14 slams and all 4. Haters of Federer or envious persons instead of accepting the fact started somehow to argue the fact. But 5x5=25 can't be accepted or rejected by people, it is either right or not not depending on...
  13. Aykhan Mammadov

    Most beautiful SUV ?

    I mean only exterior, make your choice.
  14. Aykhan Mammadov

    Federer is transforming into Safin.

    I see here many new members, but I'm not sure they watched Federer starting from 2001 ( as I did). Federer in 2005-2006 was another sportsman. There is Safin. About him I like to tell that he can lose to almost everybody. To whom he didn't lose ? Now Fed's brain and he himself is...
  15. Aykhan Mammadov

    Federer needs psychologist.

    It was in the presense of thousands spectators and millions TV watchers: Federer gave his chance in the 5-th set of AO final, and he presented AO champion title to Nadal. There is nothing to discuss about. Nadal did nothing extra ( what he can do of course) to defeat Federer. It is why Federer...
  16. Aykhan Mammadov

    Why didn't Fed play in the 5-th set ?

    I didn't understand before and don't now. I called it before as "trembling" when Fed is simply afraid Nadal. But since then many matches were played, I thought he stopped trembling. He was going in the match so good. What happened in the 5-th when he presented the title to Nadal, it was...
  17. Aykhan Mammadov

    Will Fed be able to win at least 1 slam from now on ?

    I mean in the presence of Tsonga, Djokovich, Nadal now ? What do u think ?
  18. Aykhan Mammadov

    If Fed wins Davidenko then he will win FO.

    Davidenko now is more dangerous for him than Nadal. IMHO. If he pass then he must win FO.
  19. Aykhan Mammadov

    Whom must Fed hire ?

    Chose one of possible clay monsters: Borg (6 times FO winner), Lendl (3), Wilander (3), Kuerten (3), Bruguera (2) or neither of them.
  20. Aykhan Mammadov

    What we could advise to Federer to win RG.

    Recently there was a thread OA of which watched all matches that Fed lost to Nadal and he made some advices to Fed. Here I want to give him my advice, and u may contribute also. On clay the ball bounces lower than on hard/grass, hence it moves to shorter distance from the point of bounce. If...
  21. Aykhan Mammadov

    Peharps Bjorn Borg is the GOAT.

    We watch really interesting times of tennis. Time of great Federer who is No 1 and who is absolute No 2 on the clay. The situation returns me to old disputes here at the forum - is Sampras is the greatest ever with his 14 slams, or say Rod Laver with 2 full Grand Slams 2 consequitive years...
  22. Aykhan Mammadov

    Don't miss Djokovich.

    Between our hundredth of words about 1-st and 2-nd Fed and Nadal don't forget Djokovich. He is strenthening, he is tall, he is playing good tennis, and he has got great character, he is not afaraid anybody. Keep him in mind. Probably he will not let Nadal to become 1-st racquet after 1-2 years.
  23. Aykhan Mammadov

    Fed fans, Fed is becoming boring...

    with his inability to stop tremble, inability to fight against Nadal. As if he is afraid Nadal before coming to the court. Because at some moments of the match he flares up and shows phenomenal strokes as if suddenly he is becoming Federer, he concentrates, he forgets that he is playing against...
  24. Aykhan Mammadov

    Safin never played against Nadal...

    Now if Safin defeats his 2-nd category opponent ( what is not necessary as the practice shows) he will meet Nadal. Finally he meets somebody who is naturally as strong as Safin himself. So we altogether will see is he worth anything on the clay or not.
  25. Aykhan Mammadov

    I broke my leg and will not participate this year...

    Such a misfortune. Today during 5 hour training broke my right leg after jumping to catch the ball. I bumped on the court very strongly. I'm missing qualifications for French Open again...
  26. Aykhan Mammadov

    New generation of posters - enjoy!

    This was the funniest thread ever.
  27. Aykhan Mammadov

    Which off-roader ?

    Choose one based on quality/design issue. Don't take into account prices. Only quality and design - which u'd prefer ?
  28. Aykhan Mammadov

    Europian Union - what do Americans think ?

    It is not country, but union of many countries and nations with their contradictions. So was it formed opposite USA, I mean in order not to allow USA to be dominant in the world? Or conversely, it is being formed by support of USA in order to catch all territories from former Soviets and somehow...
  29. Aykhan Mammadov

    Why are all "Europeoids" called as "Caucasians"?

    I met a few times in different sites the question regarding your race - such as Are u Asian, Mongolian, and etc.. - and inside the list an option "Caucasian". I'm from Caucasus, from Azerbaijan. There is also Georgia, Armenia, Dagestan, Chechen Republic and etc.. Does it mean that all...
  30. Aykhan Mammadov

    Canas doping ban to be reviewed.