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  1. Antonio Puente

    Sampras Looking Good fourth place. Amazing when you think about it. It didn't take long.
  2. Antonio Puente

    Who are Nadal fans cheering for?

    Have to go Fed. He's six back in Masters and five years older. Plus, there's the whole Golden Masters thing, whatever that means. Is there an Olympic Masters? Also, my intuition tells me, if he wins, Djoker is the greater threat to YE#1.
  3. Antonio Puente

    Nadal - Clay or Hard?

    In 2013, has Nadal's level been higher on clay or hard courts? Discuss.
  4. Antonio Puente

    Murray Fans, the Final Game

    Just wondering what was going through your minds when it went from 40-0 to break point Djoker, 3 times. :)
  5. Antonio Puente

    Who Wins the Nadal Lottery?

    Who will get Rafa in his quarter?
  6. Antonio Puente

    Murray wasn't destroyed on this day - yes!

    Murray needs a positive thread to counterbalance the one which only celebrates his misfortunes. Quality win over Malisse on clay.
  7. Antonio Puente

    Sampras - I urinated in one of my trophies and gave it to Andre for a present.

    Pete has an interesting sense of humor. More from Pete's radio interview: Radio guy: Why isn't Roddick #1? Pete: He's not as good as Rafa and Roger(paraphrasing). Radio guy: Could you make Roddick #1? Pete: No, no, no. Outstanding questions from someone who obviously...
  8. Antonio Puente

    ***Golden Slam***

    Congratulations, Rafa, on completing the Career Golden Slam at age 24! Only the 2nd in ATP history. Impressive.
  9. Antonio Puente

    Federer Has Lost 4 of His Last 6 Matches

    Djokovic, Benneteau, Del Potro and Davydenko. And he was on the verge losing every one. A sign of things to come? Discuss.
  10. Antonio Puente

    Tommy Haas - COAT?

    The COAT? Choker of all time? Is Haas the all time choker?
  11. Antonio Puente

    Fed in Another Era - II

    Had Fed been at his peak from 1994-2000, how many slams would he have?
  12. Antonio Puente

    Fed in Another Era - I

    Had Fed been at his peak from 1976-1983, how many slams would he have?
  13. Antonio Puente

    Darren Cahill - Fed Would Not Have Beaten Rafa

    Apparently on ESPN Cahill said Fed would not have beaten Rafa with the way he played today. Discuss.
  14. Antonio Puente

    Roddick vs. Djokovic

    Who is the better player?
  15. Antonio Puente

    Soderling = God

    LOL Discuss. As I suspected, no, you can't win a slam wearing a pink clown costume. Rafa deserved to lose for committing that atrocity alone.
  16. Antonio Puente

    Murray vs. Djokovic

    Who is the better player?
  17. Antonio Puente

    Murray Passing Djokovic

    Can someone who understands the rakings system please tell me what Murray has to do to pass Djokovic in the upcoming months? Is there a reasonable scenario where Murray might pass him by Wimbledon?