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  1. cucio

    He Who Lurks Beneath The Draws

    And it was then that Earnests came out of Latvia. Who he was, none could tell, but he was of the old native blood and looked like a Tzar. The T'wers knelt when they saw him, yet could not say why. He said he had risen up out of the blackness of twenty-seven centuries, and that he had heard...
  2. cucio

    Vertical Tennis: Madrid Open promo video

    Yet another take on the "stunt tennis in weird places" shtick. It is getting a bit old, to be honest. But that's marketing for you:
  3. cucio

    West Side Story

    Regardless of taste, for which there is no account, West Side Story is a masterpiece by one of the most prominent musicians of the 20th century, easily top 5 orchestral and opera conductor in a golden era of symphonic orchestras, and virtuoso pianist, one Mr. Leonard Bernstein, who in his life...
  4. cucio

    Breast-feeding doll

    LOLWUT! I saw this in the Spanish news today and I thought it was a joke, but I thought the same about Obama's Nobel, so you never know. Puritans have some serious problems with Nature and reality. So what's next, forbidding families having more than...
  5. cucio

    Nadal part of his own coaching team

    "Hace casi un año que no juego en tierra. Como acostumbro, veo mis vídeos para recordar lo que ***** que hacer." "I haven't played on clay for almost a year. As usual, I watch my videos to remember what I should do." On one hand... how arrogant! :) On the other hand, it is hard to argue with...
  6. cucio

    Humbug: platform flash game for certified trolls

    I completed the game without any hint or walk-through. I don't know whether to feel proud of it or not :-?
  7. cucio

    Verdasco training for assault at #1

    Image gallery of Fernando Verdasco putting in practice some training methods suggested by Gil Reyes and Agassi.
  8. cucio

    New trend on flash casual games: relaxation games.

    Heavy in graphics and soothing music, takes a while to load (about 30 MB): Try to breathe in sync with your character.
  9. cucio

    Nadal #1 seed at Wimbledon?

    He will be ranked #1 but, as we all know, Wimby seeding formula (not the grass one, the draw one) takes into account recent results on grass and Rafa has a big fat zero on last year's Queens and Wimby. Truth be told, there is no real difference in being seeded #1 over #2, the net result is that...
  10. cucio

    Nadal practices with Morrissey before the final

    News article in Spanish. Some tidbits: Nadal's plan is hit deep and move Robin around (d'oh). From what he says it doesn't seem like he will be devastated if he loses (but he might be lying). Robin doesn't watch many...
  11. cucio

    Movies and emotional education

    I have this impression, for things I read in the internet or hear from people around me, that young people in first world societies are getting a good chunk of their emotional education by taking literally the situations and behaviours depicted in obviously (for the educated mind) fictional...
  12. cucio

    Of lapdogs and RnR vs The Nations: the cold numbers

    Sometimes labels become memes and people apply them without thinking. I thought I'd go to the ATP site and compile a few stats. I performed the additions manually, so there could be a mistake somewhere, feel free to check. If someone wants to add other powerhouse nations like Argentina, Czech...
  13. cucio

    Casual flash games

    I am a regular follower of Aaron William's webcomics and blog. At his blog he usually throws in a recommendation for a flash game or two, they are usually well worth checking out. In his latest entry (29th December 2009) he mentions this combination of Super...
  14. cucio

    Tron Tennis

    Sorry if this has been posted before, made a quick forum search and nothing came up.
  15. cucio

    Penetta's interview: Haas the most handsome, but Safin for an affair Didn't find an English translation, but I am sure you can figure it out. Capisci?
  16. cucio

    Grudge match? : Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez(ESP) vs. Serena Williams(USA)[2]

    We all remember what happened last time they played: Besides this, it could be an entertaining match. MJMS has a competent S&V game and we all know how well Serena can whack that yellow fuzzy ball and how much pressure she can put on a server...
  17. cucio

    Tree species identification

    During a stroll I came across this strange tree. I had seen others like it before but this time I felt curious about its taxonomy. Once at home I searched the pictures of the area stored in Google and bingo, there was my tree. You have to love (or hate) the internet, everything is in it, now if...
  18. cucio

    Spoiling Hall Of Fame

    Not long after the end of Nadal-Soderling I jumped to the General Pro Discussion forum to time how long would it take for someone to post a spoiler there. Yup, I am bored like that. Not surprisingly, I was already sorely late. I trust the mods hadn't made an appearance yet, so I quickly scouted...
  19. cucio

    How to Smash your Tennis Racket

    I made a search and nothing popped up, so I hope this video was not posted before. I am subscribed to the amazing Fuzzy Yellow Balls newsletter and this is what I got in my mailbox for this weekend. Those who are familiar with these...
  20. cucio


    Smurfovic ready to take on bad, evil, nasty Matthieurgamel: Fans at home offering their staunch support: Smurfovicette ready to reward Smurfovic's brave deeds. Kinky! Credit roll: - veroniquem for first spotting the resemblance - Love Game for Smurfovic's vidcap. - for...
  21. cucio

    Miami 2005, R&R episode II: Fed throws his racquet.

    I apologize if this video has been posted here already: I made a quick search to check and only found this old thread from that time: It's been 4...
  22. cucio

    Bjorn Borg's Boxers

    Beige, Bulging, Boastful... Bjorn Borg's Boxers. You want them: Gallery of 5 pictures in Spanish, click the numbers.
  23. cucio

    AO 2009 SF - Nadal [1] vs Verdasco [14]

    I haven't had the pleasure of watching any of Verdasco's matches so far, but if you had told me that his BP stats vs Tsonga would be 4/4 vs 2/13 I would have thought you were pulling my leg. Somehow the guy has toughened up, hopefully for good. Since I haven't seen him play I haven't a clue...
  24. cucio

    Roddick beats amateur with a frying pan (7-4, lol)
  25. cucio

    Players that beat the top 3 this season.

    Not a mean feat. If I am not mistaken they are Murray, Roddick and Simon. Honorable mention to Karlovic, his match against Nadal in Queens went to the customary three tie-breaks.
  26. cucio

    ATP top 100 ranking per country

    Not much happening, I was bored and mildly curious, so I indulged in some idle charting. Data from 6-Oct-08.
  27. cucio

    Mutua Madrileña Masters Madrid 2008 As you all know, this is the last year this tournament will be played in this format. Next year it will be on clay and will take place before RG, in place of Hamburg. Will Murray and JMDP assert their newfound dominance? Will Djokovic make a...
  28. cucio

    Aussies hire Mantilla to boost tennis clay court skills "TA director of tennis Craig Tiley said the Spanish approach to tennis had yielded 21 of the current top 100 players in the world, including eight in the men's top 50, while the Spanish women finished runner-up in this year's...
  29. cucio

    US Open 2008. Caption the picture.

    Although they don't rightly belong in this subforum, it is already a standing TTW tradition that these threads appear at "Pro Match Results." Anywho, it was about time to get our USO CTP fix and I found this picture at the tournament site pretty captionable. Do your worst! :) Rafa: "I don't...
  30. cucio

    Obama/Osama + Biden/Bin Laden. Come on. LOL

    Just read about Biden possible designation in the news and recalled the Obama/Osama thread, LOL. "Yeah, that's right... it was us all along. And we would've gotten away with it if it hadn't been for those TTW pesky kids and that darn dog of theirs." Disclaimer: terrorism is no laughing...