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  1. vkartikv

    'Orthopedic' tennis shoe recommendation

    I'm looking for the shoes that are known for extra support, if such a thing exists, for plantar fascitis. Been suffering from it off and on for a year and my prince t22 are no longer adequate. I do wear an orthopedic dress shoe so any recommendation on a similar tennis shoe would be great. Thanks!
  2. vkartikv

    dcdelcau - reliable seller

    Purchased three frames from dcdelcau - he was prompt to communicate and to ship once $$ were received. Items were as described.
  3. vkartikv

    Wanted: Older model frames (Dunlop/Wilson)

    Looking for 4 3/8 size racquets of the following makes: Dunlop Hotmelt 200g or Muscle Weave 200g. Wilson 6.0 85 (any make other than the overpriced St.Vincent ones) or 6.1 95 classic or ncode 6.1 95 Will take racquets in any condition as long as they're not cracked. Ideally the racquet would be...
  4. vkartikv

    Yonex RDX 500 mp HD thoughts?

    I used it a long time ago - it twisted in your hands on even slightly off-centre shots. The throat was rather flexy, something I've never liked on racquets, but others might. The entire RDX series was like that. The preceding MP tour and following RDS models were stiffer at the throat and seemed...
  5. vkartikv

    Official Sureshs tribute thread

    A round yellow thing.... called laddoo..
  6. vkartikv

    Pro Wrestling - Stars, Feuds, Accidents, Bloopers, Hall of Fame

    Stopped watching (on a regular basis) after the Monday night wars of the 90s. The return of Sting has caught my attention but it appears he's too old to participate regularly.
  7. vkartikv

    The Obama frame!

    What is it?!!! Is it an 80 midsize? Are those tecnifibre strings?!!
  8. vkartikv

    Older Generation Yonex/Dunlop/Volkl Frames

    UPDATE: I'm looking for local (US) deals only.
  9. vkartikv

    Older Generation Yonex/Dunlop/Volkl Frames

    I'm looking for a 4 3/8 grip size of any of the following frames, preferably strung: Yonex Ti-80 Yonex RDS 002 tour 98 Dunlop MW 200 95g Volkl Tour 10 Gen I (no Gen II please!) If you don't mind trading, I have a PS 6.0 95 in a 4 1/4, and a couple of BLX 6.1 95s in 4 3/8. Please...
  10. vkartikv

    Best Serve & Volley Frame?

    What's your take on the 6.1 classic?
  11. vkartikv

    GOAT Saxophonist???

    Has anyone here heard the song siempre hay esperanza by sade? It's an instrumental piece with a long sax solo - one of the best pieces I've ever heard.
  12. vkartikv

    Julia Goerges string tension

    I like how she's smiling at me.
  13. vkartikv

    pure drive taking over :-) brown duckworth janowicz

    And did verdasco really make the switch or is it merely a pj?
  14. vkartikv

    Best Serve & Volley Frame?

    Anything in the Wilson Prostaff 6.1 series. What I have found is that the distribution of the stiffness of the frame makes a huge difference (throat vs. head). I could never volley with any accuracy with 'soft' frames like the redondo or fischer vt pros.
  15. vkartikv

    Things people do that annoy you

    People who take up >1 parking spot.
  16. vkartikv

    GOAT Saxophonist???

    The one and only Stan Getz
  17. vkartikv

    Julia Goerges string tension

    Watching her increases the tension of my... strings.
  18. vkartikv

    How to ask girls out?

    I can tell you from personal experience that hitting the gym does nothing to improve your prospects. Of course, that's not the reason why I train but it has no effect on the ladies. And don't even try to pick someone up there, it's a landmine.
  19. vkartikv

    Video of 1HBH

    Yes, the quality isn't great - it was shot with an old camera (that's why it has no audio). I do have some trouble with high balls on the BH; it's not a big deal when I have time to set the feet right.
  20. vkartikv

    Video of 1HBH

    I was inspired by suresh to post this: View My Video Feedback welcomed
  21. vkartikv

    What's your favorite city?

    Nothing like home (Madras, India) but of the US cities I've visited, the list, in descending order would be San Francisco (and northwards, all the way up 101) Portland OR New Orleans Ruidoso
  22. vkartikv

    Ramesh Krishnan

    I met him in the early 90s when I was a teen and India had just returned from DC against France in France. Nice, pleasant guy to talk to - seemed to want to retreat from the limelight and keep things quiet.
  23. vkartikv

    Favourite Songs Ever

    You guys are taking this too seriously. We need songs like: justify my love - madonna yes boss - hess is more
  24. vkartikv

    Congratulations, Sureshs!

    Only someone as vetti as you would think of that
  25. vkartikv

    Congratulations, Sureshs!

    Nice video suresh! And it's good to be back here.
  26. vkartikv

    Congratulations, Sureshs!

    suresh = vetti (no-good, lazy bugger)
  27. vkartikv

    48÷2(9+3) = ??

    I thought I'd check in after a long absence to see what was new but this post makes me feel like it was just yesterday that I logged in..
  28. vkartikv

    Post your Celebrity Crush

    mary elizabeth winstead
  29. vkartikv

    Paradorn to golf

    Paradorn Srichapan aims to become the first Asian athlete to switch from tennis to golf (and be good at it). Here is the article:
  30. vkartikv

    Davis Cup Quarterfinals 2013

    We have just endured 4 hours of gimelstob's nonsense. I hope the bryans put an end to this misery!