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    Raonic problem is in his head not in his game

    Excellent article in the Toronto Globe and Mail July 7 2016 Do you agree?
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    The bad boys and girls of Wimbledon...

    See what they said and have a laugh...a couple of them are surprising
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    Monte Carlo men in black...

    Who are the men in black during the matches? Each in white shirts, black suits, about 6 feet tall, 40 years old, wearing sunglases. in the corners, looking at the fans during change overs.. Dozens of them during each match. Are they looking for suspicious people...
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    Federer has knee surgery and

    will be out of action for up to a month after undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery in Switzerland to repair a torn meniscus, his agent Tony Godsick said on Wednesday. The 17-times grand slam champion suffered the injury the day after his Australian Open run ended in the semi-finals last week...
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    Worst Hand Shakes

    Anyone who thinks Bouchard's lake of hand shake was bad, look at these.
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    Stan says his shorts won the title!

    and they will be in the Roland Garros hall of fame.
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    Federer's funniest moments..

    In case you missed this or want to laugh again, here it is...
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    Up and coming young stars....? Does anyone notice that there are people not represented in this group of the supposed tennis players of the future?
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    Mwn's doubles Indian Wells

    Pospisel / Sock defeat Bryans 6/4 6/4 A repeat of Wimbledon. Go Pop/Sokss
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    Hair apparent...who has the best/worst hair in ATP?

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    Life on the road for Kvitiva

    It tires me out just reading about it. I wonder which player puts in the most mileage,
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    Delpo withdeaws from Aus Open.... Smart move on his part I see this topic has been posted in Pro Mach Discussion
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    Exciting Andy Murray Christmas 2014

    According to Eurosport... Another amazing bit of reporting. reporting from Eurosport again. GOOD GRIEF!
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    USO TV coverage in Canada 5 streams to watch USO? Where are we supposed to find these streams? Will they cost more money? be on-line? Is anyone else as confused as I am?
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    Raonic's popularity keeps on growing

    With sponsors, now including Rolex.
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    Who says Raonic is dull and boring?

    Here's to a Raonic we don't see on the court.
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    Fognini again this time ethnic slur

    I wonder how many endorsement he will ever get. On the other hand, does he even care?
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    Copi--uppa challenge

    Try this with your friends...see how you stack up against these pros
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    Djokovic congratulated by William and Kate

    They chatteded for a minute or two and then Djokovic said to them "It was nice to see you" and them turned to chat with a lady to his right. No being dismissed by royalty any more. Well done, Novak...
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    On court marriage peoposal...Ahh..
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    Funny moments from the Australian Open
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    Wawrinka interview

    There is no interview by Nadal. He may have been too upset. Q. How do you plan to celebrate tonight? STANISLAS WAWRINKA: I don't know. With my team, with my family. Depends what time we finish here, if we don't take too much time of me. For sure I'm going to enjoy well. I...
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    Genie Bouchard v. Li Na semi

    Oops...I see there already is a thread on this topic below
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    Canadians at Australian open

    Eugenie Bouchard v. #400 China 2/0 No camera on court 15, but here is the full story from Pospisil v. Sam Groth Aus #127 3-0 A match of the big servers with some accurate groundies both x court and at the...
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    Hopman Cup

    A good way for players to get into the swing of things in preparation for AO. Canada (Raonic and Bouchard) both won won their singles matches v. Australia (Stosur and Tomic) to progress, They lost the doubles but seemed to be having a good time.
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    Guess who...

    A holiday picture of a sports star....location unknown
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    Raonic Canadian Athlete of the year

    Amazing that the Canadian Athlete of the year would be a Tennis Player!!! Hurray for tennis in Canada & a great honour for Raonic Raonic © Getty Images Milos Raonic was named Canadian Athlete of the Year by Sportsnet. It has been a week of national accolades...
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    NadalDjokovic in penalty shootout

    Guess who won?
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    Rafael Nadal's grandfather

    I like the Andy Murray thread about his here's a thread about Nadal's grandfather who is not an athlete. He's a musician as well as a business man. Does Rafa look like his grandfather the way Andy looks like his grandfather? These pictures...