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  1. kdwithketchup

    Looking for a non-velcro hat for larger head

    Just checked, the hat almost touches the ears, but not quite.
  2. kdwithketchup

    Looking for a non-velcro hat for larger head

    The rafa hats fit similarly to the featherlights. Strap is long enough and crown is deep enough to touch the ears. I have about 1.5 inches of extra strap in the back. For reference, I wear 7 1/2 for fitted baseball hats.
  3. kdwithketchup

    Who is your fave TT POSTER?

    TTPS was my favourite
  4. kdwithketchup

    Looking for a non-velcro hat for larger head

    I'm looking for the same thing. Currently using the rafa hats. Dri-fit material (it's a thicker twill, not the same as the featherlights), with a strap closure in the back. Another option may be the Under Armour baseline hat. Haven't tried it, but it's a quick drying polyester material and...
  5. kdwithketchup

    Awww man . Lost my rackets

    you sharpied over the 'jr' haha
  6. kdwithketchup

    Shoes problems from sliding on hard court

    I burn through the laces as well so I buy extras and replace as needed. Only happens to the left shoe. Mine last closer to a month though.
  7. kdwithketchup

    Best hat?

    What hats do you guys like to wear? I like the nike featherlights, but the velcro wears out pretty fast. Are there any dri-fit hats with an adjustable strap like the H86? The thing I don't like about the H86 hats is that the underbrim isn't always dark, so I can only buy in black or navy...
  8. kdwithketchup

    What's your favorite leather grip?

    Are Fairways and Oehms consistently heavier than the other brands? I'm looking for something heavy to make the racquet more HL
  9. kdwithketchup

    Looking for a racket that has:

  10. kdwithketchup

    Nike 2021 general thread

    I wish the aw84 hats had the dark underbrim/bill. Could only get the black.
  11. kdwithketchup

    Nike Tennis Hats

    The velcro on my featherlight hats always seem to die out within a year. Any way to prolong velcro life or do I need to buy more hats?
  12. kdwithketchup

    Paper cuts caused by overgrip?

    Post a pic, sounds weird af
  13. kdwithketchup

    How much does a 1ounce Head leather grip, Yonex Super Grap, and Yonex vibration dampener, add in terms of weight and head light points

    Leather grip ~10g Overgrip ~5g Yonex Dampener ~4g If I had to guess, +2pts HL
  14. kdwithketchup

    New Solinco Racquets

    It's confidential
  15. kdwithketchup

    Cap grommets for head microgel radical mp?

    Do you know of any way to fix this? Are there other cap grommets with longer tubes? I tried on a IG Rad MP and this is the result
  16. kdwithketchup

    Has anyone tried to CAP the Utek IG Radical MP?

    So I put TK238 caps on my IG Rad MP. Had the grommet clearance issue. Does anyone know if the IG Prestige MP or Graphene Prestige MP grommets will fit better?
  17. kdwithketchup

    Time to get a new racquet?

    I managed to shake out a piece of loose graphite by taking only the throat grommets out.
  18. kdwithketchup

    What scale do you use to weigh racquets, strings, etc...

    Most kitchen scales should be okay to use, unless tenths of a gram are important to you. I use an amazon basics brand scale.
  19. kdwithketchup

    Tennis bag recommendation

    Do you guys like how Yonex flipped their bags upside down? (Racquet face is on the top, with handles pointing down)
  20. kdwithketchup

    Introducing the Tecnifibre Triax

    Is Triax comparable to Babolat Origin?
  21. kdwithketchup

    Yonex 97HD specs close to Head PT 280?!

    Paper specs are only half the equation.
  22. kdwithketchup

    Racket stiffness

    TIL there are people out there cooking their racquets. I love reading these forums lol
  23. kdwithketchup

    Weight of your preferred racket?

    Depends on the swingweight more than anything, but 330-340g is what I usually prefer.
  24. kdwithketchup

    Nike Turbo GP Information

    Will it fit someone with wider feet? For reference, regular width Gel Resolutions are too narrow and I need the wide version. NB Lavs D width fit fine though.
  25. kdwithketchup

    The Official Angell Users Club

    Yea, strung specs would've been nice.
  26. kdwithketchup

    The Official Angell Users Club Maybe he'll make the switch and you guys won't hate him as much lol
  27. kdwithketchup

    Better racquet line: Pure Control or Radical?

    I use the IG ones. Two of them are 330g strung with overgrip and dampener which works pretty well for me. The third one is 325g which I don't like as much.