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    Andy Murray Wimbledon 2015 Under Armour outfit

    "I have had some great wins this year. I've trained hard and as a result, I’m playing some of my best tennis. I’ve worked closely with Under Armour on my kit and new footwear so I’m heading into Wimbledon feeling prepared and with a lot of confidence."
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    Wawrinka or Murray: who wins the next slam?

    Quick and easy question. Who wins the next slam out of Sir Andrew Barron Murray or Stan the Man Wawrinka? One would be quick to presume Murray would (and I would agree), but what stops him destroying Murray like he did Djokovic...
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    Murray: 'No one likes you on the tour. Everyone hates you.'

    Murray towards Rosol in their match in Munich. Things getting very heated, pretty sure Rosol 'bumped' into Murray purposely at the change of ends. Then a bit later I'm sure he says: ' do it every week...No one likes you on the tour. Everyone hates you.' Watch for yourself here...
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    Predict how/when the top 4 will retire

    Djokovic - 2020, planned retirement. Finishes where he has enjoyed most success on a decent high, at the AO. Federer - 2017, trys one more full season and probably would have qualified for the WTF but calls it quits in Basel...lack of motivation more than anything. Nadal - 2018, injuries (and...
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    AO 2015 Final: how much of an impact will the crowd make?

    Particuarly evident in Murray/Djokovic matches, Djokovic is unsettled when the crowd are not on his side, it annoys him and stresses him somewhat which distracts him from playing at his best. Murray has clearly performed and produced his best tennis in this rivalry when the crowd have firmly...
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    Official: Andy Murray signs 4 year clothing/shoes deal with Under Armour

    The rumours were confirmed today, Murray signs with Under Armour after leaving Adidas after 5 years. His base contract of £15m over 4 years matches the 5 year Adidas contract, but it appears is highly linked to performance so that could mean taking a pay cut if performance dips. He is also...
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    First Ivan Lendl, now Dani Vallvedu....for Berdych

    Wow, big story came out today via Simon Briggs of The Telegraph. Firstly, Murray/Vallverdu was not a mutual split or a Murray firing - it was Vallverdu walking away from Mauresmo. After Berdych said Lendl was too busy to work for him although he expressed an interest, he is now interested...
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    Nadal OUT of US Open 2014

    Nadal's FB page -
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    Murray is hurting bad - whats wrong with him?

    We know he can beat the top, win slams and win from losing positions but the guy hasn't won a title or beaten a Top 10 player since last year, his ranking is also sliding - so what is really up with him? Wrong coach? Lack of confidence? Lack of fitness? Lack of passion/motivation? Wrong...
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    Fedal fans, you have just gone too far.

    Seriously, is there any need to do this? I can understand why you would for Djokovic. But why Murray? Pick on someone your own size!
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    Faith in Roland Garros 2014 not being a write off...restored!

    It's well agreed that RG is the worst slam of them all but the last couple weeks have shown that the ultimate climax of the clay season, RG, could be actually a rather exciting two weeks this year. I was suspecting RG was going to be a total write off - (injured Djokovic, Murray and Federer no...
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    The decline of David Ferrer...?

    Retired from a match in Acapulco a set up, withdrew from Indian Wells with leg injury - combined with the back drop of not defending his toyboy 250/500 titles since the end of last year and a poor WTF showing. David Ferrer turns 32 this year and is definitely an over achiever with the game he...
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    Murray Q&A - '#AskAndy' - pretty funny.

    Who says this boy hasn't got a personality or a sense of humour? Here's some of the funniest Q/A's. Highlighted the best ones Q: How close are you and Djokovic? A: right now hes in dubai and im in doha so around 450kms (:lol:) Q: do you feel like a proud pioneer of the recent trend of...
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    10 points to someone who can find Nadal v Soderling RG 2009 highlights

    It seems one of the most historic RG matches has been deleted from Youtube/the entire universe. Anyone find the highlights of the match anywhere? I miss Soderling's endless hit-and-misss bashing of the ball
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    Roger Federer announces Mirka is pregnant!

    Federer on Facebook - "Mirka and I are very happy to share the news that Myla & Charlene will be big sisters in 2014! Happy Holidays." Wow....
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    Abu Dhabi exhibiton: Mubadala World Tennis Championship 2013 - Discussion Thread

    1. Nadal 2. Djokovic (defending champion) 3. Murray 4. Ferrer 5. Tsonga 6. Wawrinka First big matches back for Murray and Tsonga. Draw:
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    Rank the slams in order of personal enjoyment/satisfaction

    Rank the slams in your favorite order. Personally, I've taken into account a whole range of factors like how well of a show then put on generally, quality of matches, interesting draws, good finals (regardless of who I support), availability of past matches on Youtube..etc. Not just how well...
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    Over two years since Murray v Nadal met - who wins in their rivalry in 2014 + where?

    Last time Murray/Nadal met, Nadal won 4 points in the whole set. But that was 2011 in Tokyo. They were suppose to meet in Miami 2012 but Nadal withdrew. Nadal dominates the h2h on most surfaces. But Murray makes some noise on hard court. Will they set up a blockbuster 2014 AO SF? I...
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    US Open 2013 QF - Murray v Wawrinka (soon to be Swiss #1)

    h2h: 8-5 Murray Hard Court: 6-2 Murray US Open matches: 1-1 ('08 Murray in 3, '10 Wawrinka in 4) 2013: 0-1 Wawrinka
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    Nadal's ball on Match point #5 was out

    Shame. Fed could've broken.
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    Federer confirms he's playing Brisbane 2014 before Aus Open

    I think Murray is playing for his 3rd consecutive time too, twice defending champion. Murray v Fed ATP 250 final to start the year off next year, assuming they win 3-4 matches. Fed obviously not going for the Arab money this year. If you don't believe me, let Federer tell you...
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    Queens 2013: Doubles Exho: Murray/Henman vs Lendl/Berdych (Rally against Cancer)

    Also including, Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) Jonathan Ross (UK Chatshow host) Sir Richard Branson (Billionaire) Jimmy Carr / Michael Mcintyre (comedian) And some other film actor bloke. Should be a total laugh! More details/donate here -
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    Nadal gets absolutely owned - caught getting illegal coaching at Indian Wells [Video]

    During the 3rd set of the Gulbis match, Nadal goes and stands near his box and gets some standard illegal coaching in spanish, however, the multi-lingual lines man catches on to what his box were saying and then reports that to the umpire. Nadal thought he could catch the linesman bluff...
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    (2) Roger Federer vs (5) Rafael Nadal - 2013 Roland Garros Final - Who wins?

    Highly unlikely. But who wins? Nadal: not been in a slam final for a year, confidence taken a slight knock, not played someone in the top #350 in a best of five since RG 2012. Federer: Assume he has a good draw and gets through relatively easily in the earlier rounds, maybe pulls out a...
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    New tasty looking Adidas Barricade 7 clay colourways & Murray's RG 2013 outfit

    Fresh on tennis warehouse... Muray normally does wear a lot of blue, but this is a very good outfit - complimented with those great looking B7's. However, I'm starting to notice a pattern with Murray's clothing. Adidas just create one barricade shirt design for him, and the colours are...
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    Davydenko: "Maybe the fans miss Nadal, but the players don't"

    Question: Do you think the men’s Tour is going to miss Nadal? Quote: Source: Half way down. My opinion: I'd say he's midly joking. But talk about poking fun at a guy when he's down :sad:
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    Lets be frank with this Nadal scenario, an opinion...

    Basically, this advanced clay-courter had some trouble with his knees after being embarrassed by someone qualifer ranked #1000 at Wimbledon and then he bunks the rest of the 2012 which has been blighted by toys out the pram mentality from Nadal - he kicked a fuss saying he won't come back to...
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    Lendl: "I have big plans for Andy. He is about 20% there."

    If you want to read the story - go for it: Alternatively here's the direct quotes coming out of the GOAT mouth of Ivan Lendl.. So Ivan Lendl in 1 year has taken Murray to what he assesses as 'Point A' (2011: F,SF,SF,SF, #4 x 4) to 'Point B'...
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    Caption this photo...

    Come on guys, this is a corker. Here's an opportunity to Caption [abuse]* this photo