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  1. Ivanišević

    Incredible Doubles

    I just had to post this :)
  2. Ivanišević

    marin cilic

    can he still qualify for london, and how can he qualify
  3. Ivanišević

    AG200 or AG300

    which one do you prefer the most for me it's 200
  4. Ivanišević

    Caption this|1&axs=0|84440703%2c84310132%2c84240453%2c84240446%2c84226970%2c84208404%2c84208334%2c84059499%2c83936392%2c83893320%2c83893312%2c83893296%2c83885370%2c83843760%2c83750628%2c83611988%2c83239807%2c83042539%2c83042518%2c82974842...
  5. Ivanišević

    Who's Got The Best Touch On Tour?

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Marcos Baghdatis he has some serious touch and feel
  6. Ivanišević

    Monfils to final

    will monfils make it to the australian open final
  7. Ivanišević

    David Ferrer

    I dont know if anyone else has noticed but David Ferrer is wearing a short sleeved shirt.
  8. Ivanišević

    AO 09 Shock Finalist

    Marin Cilic also has some confidence going in he won chennai Kei Nishikori I think is a good contender
  9. Ivanišević

    AO 09 Shock Finalist

    Well who do you think it's gonna be this year I'm rooting for Monfils :)
  10. Ivanišević

    AO 2009 main draw men's singles

    Ancic vs Karlovic and Tipsarevic vs Cilic look like thrillers
  11. Ivanišević

    AO 2009 Men's Singles - No link + Pictures!

    Tipsy vs Cilic and Karlovic vs Ancic look to be exciting matches
  12. Ivanišević

    I think i Found my Holy Grail. do you have one?

    Dunlop Aerogel 200 Prince Syn. Gut w/Duraflex 58 lbs. :)
  13. Ivanišević

    Verdasco + Adidas Racket

    Will Fernando Verdasco sport the new adidas rackets at the AO.
  14. Ivanišević

    I admit I was wrong about the battle of the surfaces (possible spoiler)

    i wasn't able to watch it.. does anybody have a link? I'm searching for some highlights
  15. Ivanišević

    best looking player

    marat safin&mario ancic
  16. Ivanišević

    Karlovic one of the greatest servers of all time?

    He still doesn't have a coach
  17. Ivanišević

    What surface do you play on and/or is common in your country?

    I usually play on hard court, rarely on clay. But 90% of courts in Croatia are clay courts. Which is funny because we never had a real clay court player:confused:
  18. Ivanišević

    Karlović playing his second ATP final

    Well, I'm no expert, but I think it's more difficult for Karlović to play extremely short player, than average one
  19. Ivanišević

    Word Association!!

    kill bill....
  20. Ivanišević

    Word Association!!

    raw... movie
  21. Ivanišević

    Karlović playing his second ATP final

    Oh, finally! He beat Benjamin Becker in the semifinal (fired 27 aces) and will face Andy Murray in the final.(He beat James Blake in 1/8 final, saving 5 match point) "He has blasted 87 aces in his four matches this week. That already gives him the record for this event, besting the 79 aces...
  22. Ivanišević

    Identify 48 states

    i confused paraguay with Uruguay.. and i was right about the rest. middle east was easy but Africa is killing me..
  23. Ivanišević

    Age and gender?

    24, female
  24. Ivanišević

    your picture...

    ok, english please
  25. Ivanišević

    your picture...

    Apparently people here are speaking Croatian... I'll have to be more careful next time:)
  26. Ivanišević

    Identify 48 states

    I did it! I passed third grade!!! 48/48
  27. Ivanišević

    your picture...

    You're hot..
  28. Ivanišević

    Identify 48 states

    Europe 117/117, and USO only 65:( I can't help it, there are too much states and all look almost the same