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  1. Strawbewwy

    WTB: Yonex tour F 93 or 97 L3

    Anyone has decent shape Yonex Tour F 93 or 97 in grip size 3? I'm located in NJ Thanks! please pm here and will provide email to send pictures to
  2. Strawbewwy

    How long do you wait before you get rid of (missing) customers' racquets?

    I'm not sure if this happens more frequently with a private stringer or an actual shop... what's you guys' normal practice for a customer who drops off a racquet for stringing, but don't show up/no contact to pick up his racquet (unpaid)? I normally just string for my handful of friends, and...
  3. Strawbewwy

    dcheung is a fantastic seller!

    Quick replies, awesome price despite being overseas and more expensive shipping cost, racquets came in pristine condition as discussed Highly recommended!
  4. Strawbewwy

    Grommets for Bridgestone X-blade 325

    Please reach out if you have any!! Thanks :)
  5. Strawbewwy

    Bridgestone X-blade 325 grommets?

    Recently acquired some Bridgestone X-blade 325's, anyone knows of any sources of grommets?
  6. Strawbewwy

    Flat feet - cushioned vs support/orthotics?

    I play a fair amount, at least a few days a week, 2-3 hours per session (hitting/doubles), and i'm overweight which doesn't help my feet hurt specifically when my feet have been "rested" for a while, ie) after sleep, etc. I'm not 100% sure what the muscle/tendon is called but it's the general...
  7. Strawbewwy

    noob question - just acquired a 5003 recently got a new gamma (coming from old alpha) guy i got it from didn't quite know what he was doing so i have some suspicion if anything wasn't installed correctly ... (he didn't know about the brake function etc, and had the table installed incorrectly...
  8. Strawbewwy

    is this serve in? played video at 1/4 speed and snapped this
  9. Strawbewwy

    stringing tools organization

    Most stringers come with a big open space/tray, and mine has all kinda crap on it and it takes some time to find the tool i need at times... how do you guys keep your working area neat?
  10. Strawbewwy

    Definition of "3 and 9 O'clock"

    When you guys add lead to 3 and 9 o'clock, do you guys add it exactly just 3/9 o'clock? would counting the "middle" of the cross string pattern (sometimes not exactly at 3/9 o'clock) be better? ie) 19 cross string, use the 10th cross as "mid point", or, 20 cross string, use between 10th and 11th...
  11. Strawbewwy

    acceptable wait time between stringing mains/crosses

    generally I assume everyone strings a racquet from start to finish without waiting, but for those times that there are some emergencies and you gotta leave it, how long can you wait before it would cause undesired effects on the string job? assuming the mains' knots are tied... is this an...
  12. Strawbewwy

    silly question

    borrowed a friend's gamma (I believe the st progression ii) the 2/4, 8/10 o'clock mounting clamps don't align with the 6/12 o'clock pad..? did he install this wrong or something? thanks!
  13. Strawbewwy

    Best practices for a consistent (and accurate) string job

    What are some of the things that you guys do religiously that you feel promote consistency and accuracy? are some of these actually not worth the time or does not make a difference? These are some that I do: secure the frame with a similar tightness on a 6 point stringer, get the support...
  14. Strawbewwy

    "must have" for each type of string

    I string for friends and myself, with higher demands and anticipation of next year, I wanna try to keep in stock some string to offer some option to them and also keep the down time low (buying individual sets every time they break) I'm thinking to buy a reel of the most popular string per...
  15. Strawbewwy

    What's the most muted/deadest dampener out there?

    I love having a dead/muted feel My favorite so far is a Asian/Japanese version of the prince premier silencer (this version is clear color including the lettering), it's .15 ounce instead of the .20 ounce of the regular prince premier silencer I can still find on the web and dampens better than...
  16. Strawbewwy

    best price/performance upgrade option for an older alpha blu-dc

    Hi all, I have an older Alpha Blu-DC machine and have been wanting to upgrade without hurting the wallet too much. I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to upgrade this to a wise head, because it is older and doesn't have some of the more modern perks: I've tried my best to take the machine...
  17. Strawbewwy

    Southern maine beachtenis is a fantastic seller!

    Extremely fast response, shipped our racquets next day and received them 2 days later. 2 head racquets were wrapped in 2 separate bubble wraps, separate head bags, and came in a head box. cannot recommend him enough!
  18. Strawbewwy

    Wanted: ProKennex Ki Q+ Tour Pro (325) 1/4 3/8

    can message me here. Thanks!
  19. Strawbewwy

    Krunchy is a great seller!

    extremely fast shipping, very the entire box was stuffed with fillers. Would be glad to deal with him again!
  20. Strawbewwy

    looking for wide shoes with great support!

    Got back into tennis this year, finally worn down my first pair of tennis shoes, the barricade court wide... I try to get a fair amount of hours in especially the summer, almost 2 hours or so every day if not more. I seem to have caught some plantar fasciitis issue, I also have flat feet which...
  21. Strawbewwy

    Tiger tennis is a great seller

    great experience with Tiger Tennis, would buy again!
  22. Strawbewwy

    Liam Grennon great seller

    Just bought a racquet from Liam Grennon..extremely fast replies with emails and picturess. Racquet arrived well packed and he even threw in an extra pack of strings. It was a pleasure doing business with Liam Grennon!
  23. Strawbewwy

    Help on hybrid setup: poly main/soft cross or soft main/poly cross?

    Hello, little background: 27, big guy, massive power and fair amount of spin, came back to tennis this year and have been playing with full poly to help keep shots in court, tried a various number of strings based on reviews (cyclone, ultra cable, poly tour spin g, hyper g, quadro twist...)...
  24. Strawbewwy

    Yonex Vcore Tour F 93/Duel G 97 310G

    Looking for a Vcore Tour F 93 or Duel G 97 310G in 1/8 or 1/4 grip for a good price. Thanks in advance!
  25. Strawbewwy

    balong007 is a great seller!

    Very patient with the back and forth emails and messages. Fast Shipping. Items are as described.
  26. Strawbewwy

    jlnjca is a great seller!

    Very solid communication, very fast shipping, very accurate with the description of the racket. Wouldn't hesitate to business with again!
  27. Strawbewwy

    Hotasice is a great seller!

    Had a great transaction with hotasice. Racquet was in great condition, arrived quickly. Offered additional strings that I was interested in. Great guy!
  28. Strawbewwy

    mentalgameofmarat is a great seller!

    Quick transactions, everything arrived quickly and well packed. thank you!