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  1. VashTheStampede

    US Open/ESPN should NOT allow...

    ...should not allow Tom Rinaldi to be doing on-court interviews. He is dealing with a cold or flu according to commentators, and he can still shake hands with players after interviews? Is it that difficult to get someone else to do it? For the remaining rounds, I really hope they make the right...
  2. VashTheStampede

    Why do so many tennis articles have so many typos!?

    This just shows how little these people know about tennis. Look at the first sentence with the bullet next to it. Since when did Pete win the French?
  3. VashTheStampede

    What Happened?

    What happened to the "most attractive wta player" thread? It's nowhere in sight for me.
  4. VashTheStampede

    Caption This

  5. VashTheStampede

    Your other hobbies

    So what other activities do you guys/gals do. What other sports have you taken, or which ones do you take? You don't have to post only about sports, you can post any hobbies you guys have besides tennis. It's getting pretty obvious it's the offseason in these boards. It seems like forever...
  6. VashTheStampede

    TW STAFF: Spoiler Tag Feature?

    Dear TW Staff, Is it possible this board to get a spoiler tag feature? It is available on other boards, and I believe it would suit this board perfectly. As we all know, not everyone's perfect and forgets to place spoiler tags on match results from time to time, often...
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    Caption This

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    What do you think it needs...

    As we all know, our sport isn't the most popular sport in the United States and in many other countries. What do you guys think needs to be done in order tennis to be a major sport?
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    TW Staff...

    TW Staff, By any chance, did you happen to remove my signature? VashtheStampede
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    Anyone live in the 5th Congressional District of NY?

    Menacing look in eyes eyes of the tree are never-ending, and shall remain that way till the end of time
  11. VashTheStampede

    Who is she?

    Who's Andy Roddick's new girlfriend, anyone know?
  12. VashTheStampede

    TOP STORY: ROGER FEDERER REFUSES TO WORKOUT LEFT ARM Whoa, rogers left arm loox like a chop stick in this pic.
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    Whos gonna win the wimbledon women's finals

    whos going to win the wimbledon women's final
  14. VashTheStampede

    Great fed n hewitt r playin LIVE n we cant c it

    DARN!!!! IM SO PISSED!!! y doznt espn show this match instead ther ONLY past wimbledon champions. I wuz so excited bout watchn diss match. Instead we c a taped match. dissux :evil:
  15. VashTheStampede

    tips on the kick serve

    any tips on it? i need help coz, well, my second serve sux. lol
  16. VashTheStampede

    ball machines

    hi i am in need for a good ball machine. Can any of you recommend any good ones, and if u can, plz give opinions on the ball machine if uve used it b4. :mrgreen: