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  1. Aykhan Mammadov

    Let's face it, if that drop shot on set point at 5-2 in the 1st set wasn't 1mm out...

    But if he doesn't have right and improved tools how could he defeat Djok who in his order defeated Nad in last 3 finals? I think that he doesn't have Confidence just against Nad. That is all. With arrogance I agree, it also prevents him in matches against Nad.
  2. Aykhan Mammadov

    Let's face it, if that drop shot on set point at 5-2 in the 1st set wasn't 1mm out...

    I agree. But for me the main reason why Fed always loses to Nadal is an absence of CONFIDENCE. The matter is not in millimeters. Why for example having lost 1st set or even first 2 Nad often can recover and win next 3 ? Confidence, confidence, again confidence... Feds game is tennis, Nads...
  3. Aykhan Mammadov

    Federer makes me nervous.

    I can't tell Nad won, and definitely it was not best match of Nad exactly Fed lost himself, he was ahead in the 1st, that 1 break was sufficient to win 1st, but he couldn't realize that. Why ? Because of the absence of CONFIDENCE. Then if yr theory is right then Fed should lose to Djokovich...
  4. Aykhan Mammadov

    Federer makes me nervous.

    Yes, u are right. But anyhow Djokovich hit 9 balls when Nadal hit 8 balls. Right ? And that happened in last 3 finals. Fed defeated Djokovich and without big difficulties. Right ? He can defeat anybody when he wants. Right ? So the conclusion - that thing what prevented him to play against Nad...
  5. Aykhan Mammadov

    Federer makes me nervous.

    By the way just noticed that when Fed was 25 years old he had won 9 titles by that time, so that Nadal has chances to beat his record of 16.
  6. Aykhan Mammadov

    Federer makes me nervous.

    Frankly speaking everybody sees Federer is playing different tennis, what he does is tennis, what others do - is returning the ball in his side. But I really don't understand. He may easily beat Djokovih who beat Nadal in last 3 finals, but then again when he faces Nadal he starts making...
  7. Aykhan Mammadov

    Why Murray never won GS title if he is talented ?

    There is so much advertisement about Murray, so much noise. Yes he plays extraordinary and clever tennis, at least not a usual tennis. But as I wrote once he looks as a computer man rather than a sportsman. His strokes are not nice and are not done in the right way, simply unexpected. Even...
  8. Aykhan Mammadov

    Nadal is a Super-man.

    Yes, I did. Against Safin at the final of AO.
  9. Aykhan Mammadov

    Nadal is a Super-man.

    I mean physical condition, health.
  10. Aykhan Mammadov

    Nadal is a Super-man.

    I'm fan of Federer when it concerns purely tennis technics. I regarded some players like Djokovich or DelPotro or say Soderling as a little bit naturally healthier and stronger than Federer. See their forehands and their strength and just listen Djokovich's interview after the match against...
  11. Aykhan Mammadov

    Wimbledon is a shame and joke!

    I think not the suraface has become slower but players became so fast and physically so accomplished that drop-shots and sometimes volleys don't help against such a fast players like Nadal. Lendl by the way was so slow in his movements like many old players of 70-s-80-s similar to Wilander with...
  12. Aykhan Mammadov

    The reason why Federer doesn't want to retire yet...

    It is not intelligent to blame Federer in anything. Players like Agassi, Sampras retired in 33, 32 and etc.. Why should Federer retire being 1-st or second racquet of the world and at the 28 only ? After all players when they become older win less and less GS titles, see for example Sampras...
  13. Aykhan Mammadov

    Who's more accomplished? Nadal or Agassi?

    The answer is actually in your question. Agassi during his long career could get what he could - just 8 slams, while Nadals career has just began. As I wrote in another thread Federer will finish IMO with 17-18 slams his career, Nadal has already 8, I think he can beat record of 17-18 slams...
  14. Aykhan Mammadov

    Can Nadal complete 16 slams or more?

    I think Federer will finish his career with 17 or 18 slams. By the way, if I'm not wrong Agassi whom u mentined here got just 8 slams for his long career. Nadal already has 8 slams, so that I think he will beat that possible record.
  15. Aykhan Mammadov

    Why has Nadal not been able to win the US Open

    I think - nothing prevents. He definetly will win USO also.
  16. Aykhan Mammadov

    Isn't this extremely offensive from Federer?

    He didn't tell them bad things. He just told them to be quiet. Who knows - may be they really did a lot of noise behind Federer and maybe some was intentional?
  17. Aykhan Mammadov

    Federer:this defeat means absolutely nothing

    I agree with Federer. I watched this match yesterday and didn't notice any advantage in Nadals game. Conversely, Feds game was more diversified and simply better, including his excellent drop-shots. He lost just because of 3-4 his own unforced mistakes. The match showed me that Federer has...
  18. Aykhan Mammadov

    Will the world ever see a player better than Federer ?

    Already 41 years passed after Rod Lavers Grand slam record, and nobody still can't beat that. Of course, my question doesn't have exact answer. But 16>14 , and bigger the number - more difficult becomes to beat that record. If Federer himself doesn't break his own record and catch 17th...
  19. Aykhan Mammadov

    Will the world ever see a player better than Federer ?

    Do u think it is possible to beat his 16 slams record somewhen ? And do u think we all have chances to watch a player with the same or more talent to tennis ? ( I'm not talking here about better physical condition).
  20. Aykhan Mammadov

    The hot italian line judge!

    Finally, I found the right link, this is exactly she:
  21. Aykhan Mammadov

    The hot italian line judge!

    A-hh. I know whom u mean: http://www.inter****
  22. Aykhan Mammadov

    The pic must be refreshed. Still compare Nadal with Fed ?

  23. Aykhan Mammadov

    The pic must be refreshed. Still compare Nadal with Fed ?

    This pic must be refreshed: 15 should be changed with 16. So many years passed, still there are crazies comparing Nadal with Fed ? No Nadal in the pic, even not close.
  24. Aykhan Mammadov

    hello from Rotterdam !

    Hi, fans of racquest and balls, courts and shorts, socks and polos, overgrips and snickers. HI !
  25. Aykhan Mammadov

    The biggest supercombi tennis bag.

    Hi, Admin. I'm going to purchase one supercombi tennis bag from u. But I need the largest between them and specially the largest in width. It is specified in your site that Head Djokovic Series Monstercombi Bag is 17" in width while Head Djokovic Special Ed. Monstercombi Bag is just 15.5"...
  26. Aykhan Mammadov

    Name one thing more important than tennis

    Rudely speaking - penis.
  27. Aykhan Mammadov

    Anyone got a good microwave oven?

    I use Bosch ( German). Very durable thing but comparatively expensive.
  28. Aykhan Mammadov

    Teaser photos of the 2010 Audi A8 Released

    As I understood from photo 2 it will be sold with car cover designed by Cavalli. It is great advantage for this category of cars.
  29. Aykhan Mammadov

    Most ridiculous sport?

    Mosr ridiculous sports are those where u don't move almost at all - such as chess, draughts, ****. These are games, not sport. Otherwise playstation also must be considered as sport.
  30. Aykhan Mammadov

    25 of Nadal's titles were flukes