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  1. GummiiBear

    Shaped [Co-]Poly Crosses

    [Sorry I tend to ramble... for the tl;dr, just go to the underlined, haha.] My G360+ Speed Pro with Babolat VS 16ga in the mains and Solinco Confidential 17ga in the crosses is due for a restringing soon, soonish? It’s nearing or at the 30-hour mark, was strung mid-December @ 55 lbs.; tension...
  2. GummiiBear

    Babolat Pure Control Team (& misc.)

    (There’s a tl;dr for this thread at the end of this post in case this is just way too verbose. I am admittedly... not 100% sober right now. ) I tried using the Racquet Finder tool to try to find my old racquet but the specs for none of the Pure Control results really match up with the specs of...