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  1. pshulam

    Head Radical Tour OS made in China vs Austria

    Sure. It's plausible that QC in China could be comparable to that of any place on earth, e.g., Apple Computer.
  2. pshulam


    I have trimmed my collection to only a few raquets, Prince Graphite Pro 90, Prince Spectrum 90, Head PT280, and Head Prestige Pro, which I rotate them on a regular basis.
  3. pshulam

    Head Prestige Pro 600 1st GENERATION

    The page is no longer valid. Has the racquet been sold? Did you get a good price for it?
  4. pshulam

    Some good classic finds at my local goodwill

    $2 for a pristine cover is still a bargain.
  5. pshulam

    Sad racquetholicism for Prince Classic Graphites

    Sad? Would that be great for Prince clssic racquet lovers?
  6. pshulam

    Sad racquetholicism for Prince Classic Graphites

    The cost of such machine will be extremely expensive.
  7. pshulam

    LOL @ all the 1HBH vs 2HBH

    it's totally dependent on the player in terms strengths and preferred styles.
  8. pshulam

    Congratulations Stan the man!

    it was a great backhand finish!
  9. pshulam

    Life expectancy of a frame?

    The racquet industry loves you.
  10. pshulam

    RG 15 Ladies Final S.Williams V L.Safarova

    +1 ... tired of seeing her at the top
  11. pshulam

    Well, it happened yet again!

    I have a collection of classics (Prince Spec. Comp, Pro 90, PC600, Prestige Pro, i-prestige). Instead of letting them idle, I use them for practice on a rotational basis and switch to my primary racquet (Head PT280) for the matches.
  12. pshulam

    Well, it happened yet again!

    Thanks for the correction. Finding replacement grommets is not real easy. They are still available at flea bay fir about $16. TW does not carry them anymore. I played with the Spectrum Comp this afternoon and found that it was kind of stiff for me compared to my PC600 or PT280.
  13. pshulam

    Well, it happened yet again!

    The 90 series of Original Graphite is called Prince Graphite Midplus, I think. I play with both Spectrum Comp 90 and the Graphite Pro 90. Both racquets provide precision control and spin potential. The Spectrum Comp is more crisp and the Graphite Pro is softer. I vacillate on the feel --...
  14. pshulam

    Best Stock Head Racquet Ever Made

    Good for you. He does not like the i-prestige MP but okay with the 2 Pure Drive Lites (in 6/10) for 4 i-prestige MP in 8/10 condition. He could have sold them via the "For Sale" section of TW or flea bay.
  15. pshulam

    Hessam is a great seller

    I had a similar experience with Hessam - excellent communication, racquets (Prestige Pro all brown), and quick delivery. :)
  16. pshulam

    Jacklondon00 is a great seller

    Great transaction with Jacklondon00 - excellent communication, fast response, quick delivery and the beautiful racquets. Highly recommended.
  17. pshulam

    Lets Settle This: Best Racket Of All Time

    One more for PT280 - my primary racquet
  18. pshulam

    Lets Settle This: Best Racket Of All Time
  19. pshulam

    Is there any reason to pick 90 square inch over 95?

    seems that way.
  20. pshulam


    Thanks for those who post pictures of their amazing collection. I used to have a decent size collection of classic racquets - mostly Head classic 600 series. It's so nice to see them online.
  21. pshulam

    Old School Head's

    I am starting to have some regrets for trimming down my Head classics. Awesome collection, nevertheless.
  22. pshulam

    Favourite 90'

    Head i.prestige 600 (89.5 sq. in) Prince Spectrum Comp 90 (93 sq. in) Prince Graphite Pro 90 (93 sq. in)
  23. pshulam

    Have you found 'The One'?

    Forget the control. Let's go wild with spins.
  24. pshulam

    Have you found 'The One'?

    What's the racquet to which you are referring? Nearly all racquets are made in China now.
  25. pshulam

    Have you found 'The One'?

    How about the black and silver ones (I-Prestige mid)?
  26. pshulam

    Have you found 'The One'?

    Please elaborate.