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  1. FiddlerDog

    Would 3.5 players call Thiem a moonballer and refuse to hit with him again ?

    Look at the height of his backhands ! I know a lot of guys who would call him a hacker playing fake tennis and block his cell !
  2. FiddlerDog

    Was that 3rd set the most dramatic set ever played?

    Hold. Hold. Hold (saved break point). Hold. Break (went to deuce) Break (went to deuce) Break. Hold Hold. Break. Deuce hold. Deuce hold. TB
  3. FiddlerDog

    Restring only crosses in alternate weave on opposite side of gut notching ?

    Gut mains & MLT crosses. Tension is loss and MLT is fraying. Notching just starting on gut mains. Gut seems to have life. Can I save it and only restring the cross MLT? In my first cross weave, I went above the main. Flipping racket over will not work as racket is symmetrical. Can I cut...
  4. FiddlerDog

    Rec vs. ATP injury mgmt

    Fed pulls out before he’s even injured Rec player plays while injured. Buys silly braces, shoes, creams, therapy devices, etc
  5. FiddlerDog

    Carreno Busta-what? Carreno Bustamente? Bustakovich? BustaMove?

    His name trips me up since it feels like its missing a syllable. What other names mess with your head?
  6. FiddlerDog

    Always bring your own hopper of balls when taking non-club lessons

    Full time coach uses same hopper of dead balls all day long, 7 days a week. Stock your own hopper for the cost of one lesson. It's very annoying to practice with dead balls when paying good money for lessons.
  7. FiddlerDog

    What is Fed's comeback level? Top 50?

    I say top 50 player.
  8. FiddlerDog

    Which players get angry at basic misses and errors ?

    Most players make an error and move right to the next point. No reaction. Big fan, but I see that Kenin gets mad at practically every error. This comes off as very amateurish, like a rec player.
  9. FiddlerDog

    Should I subscribe to Tennis Channel Plus (25% discount)

    I usually just watch highlights on YouTube. Should I subscribe to Tennis Channel Plus? $109 regular $82 with discount code FO and Wimb would be $40/ea USO would be a bonus, or $30/ea
  10. FiddlerDog

    Doubles strategy. What does "high first serve %" mean exactly ?

    I always hear this. #1 rule of doubles is to get the first serve in. What? This seems about as useful as "#1 rule of doubles is to win the point". If you knew how to get the first serve in all the time, YOU WOULD. What are they trying to say? Bunt the serve in ? Don't try to...
  11. FiddlerDog

    Coach plays points with student ....and craps all over his shot selection

    This was very enjoyable to watch
  12. FiddlerDog

    Do you play Multi until it breaks?

    Head Velocity MLT. Has worn and changed colors frayed. I feel tension loss and strings are moving. Do you restring before it breaks ?
  13. FiddlerDog

    Anyone else think Nole & Nadal will never win another slam?

    I would love to see Fed's record broken, but winning a GS is a big deal. It is rare. Most never get one. Last gen has distorted expectations. Winning a slam is a 1/128 odds. The greater odds are that neither win another one. Injuries are a dog's breath away.
  14. FiddlerDog

    What is your "Everyone looks great in the warm-up" story ?

    Watched 2 matches this week. First match, one guy has good topspin, great defense ball, and could attack a short ball. Looked solid. He got crushed 1-0. Next match was a higher level match. One guy was flat crushing FHs like Kyrgios. Strong BH slice. He lost 3-4. In both matches, both...
  15. FiddlerDog

    I hit with a wooden racket, and may keep using it

    Racket is about 50-60 years old. Strings were very tight and totally locked up. Just as much spin as a modern racket. Racket felt heavy. Like a sledgehammer. Probably not arm friendly. Smaller sweet spot means more off center hits. It was totally playable. Nice pop on the ball...
  16. FiddlerDog

    Hit with a Tad Davis Jet wooden racket today

    Just as much spin as a modern racket. Strings were very tight and totally locked up. Racket felt heavy. Like a sledgehammer. Probably not arm friendly. What can you tell me about this racket? What are those extra black strings at the bottom?
  17. FiddlerDog

    Why do clubs even host USTA leagues?

    Visitor players play for free. Leagues taking up courts from paying club members or local tax payers. Most of the time, even the home team is loaded with people from outside the facility. Basically, USTA Teams just hijack the courts from actual clientele who are footing the bills to maintain...
  18. FiddlerDog

    Why does her serve leg kick forward?

    I see many do this. What is the cause?
  19. FiddlerDog

    Example of early racket prep

    The red guy has taken this to heart
  20. FiddlerDog

    In doubles, why is up the middle the correct place to hit ?

    Doubles. Hit up the middle. Why is this the rule? Because it takes away return angles? Because it causes a brief moment of hesitation thinking the partner will hit it?
  21. FiddlerDog

    Tennis elbow underneath not side ?

    Palm facing up. Arm extended forward. Normal TE has soreness on the side or outside of the forearm. Instead, there is soreness on the bottom of the arm, near the actual pointy elbow. Can this also be TE ?
  22. FiddlerDog

    Case for stiff racket good for arm, and flex racket bad for arm.

    Low powered racket like Phantom. Flexible. Good for arm. But, the low power forces folks to increase racket head speed. Bad for arm? Pure Drive is stiff. Stiff is bad for arm. But, powerful stiff allows for slowest swing speed. Good for arm? Seems like a tradeoff. What matters more for...
  23. FiddlerDog

    Menendez brothers were serious tennis players

    Erik had a ranking of 44th in the United States for 18-and-under players.
  24. FiddlerDog

    Trying out arm friendly Gut/Poly at low tensions

    I have been playing full poly strung at 35 pounds and encourage others to try that. Once it drops to about 25 pounds, I replace the string. Now, I am going to experiment with gut and intentionally burn a few dollars in the process. My first hybrid experiment is gut main 39 and poly cross at...
  25. FiddlerDog

    This is how I want my BH prep

    Racket is vertical.