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    Corruption at Futures Level

    Interesting article
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    Knee problem- diagnosis?

    Last year I got runner's knee and did something to the outside of my knee too. I did this running too much, 8 mile runs back to back days that kinda thing. I had to rest for 8 months, and now I'm back exercising, playing tennis etc. But I still have a problem in the knee. When jogging...
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    Will Nadal be seeded 5 for Wimbledon?

    I think the All England Club will make an exception and find a way to seed him 4. He's a two-time Wimbledon champion for goodness' sakes. Even though we are expecting him to be 5 I think we may be surprised tomorrow.
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    My band made an album

    Hey all, A while back I posted a demo we made of a song of ours, and just wanted to follow up by telling you all we've now completed a proper album! This has been a dream of mine since I first picked up a guitar, many years ago now. It can be streamed free at the location below, and is...
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    Well done Jamie Baker

    Brilliant work from the Scot to make the main draw at the Aussie Open. He has been drawn against Nadal-slayer Lucas Rosol, so hopefully there will be a bit of interest around a match that is definitely winnable for him! He has fought back from an illness a few years back to get here, and so...
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    My band Death Ape Disco recorded a demo

    Hey all, apart from tennis my great love is music, and my band has now got the point where we're doing to record an album. We are currently doing demos of each of our songs, and this one came out nice so we're sharing it with a free download for anyone who wants it on their iPod...
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    Safin will run for Russian parliament! "I could be the best looking guy in the Duma, but that's only because all the other guys are over 60."
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    How long will Novak's reign as world no.1 last?

    The re-emergence of Del Potro, Rafa to come back fitter and fresher, Federer still weaving magic, Murray the hard court specialist, is Novak's run a streak of form or the announcement of his true self's arrival? How long can he hold on to the ranking and how can it be wrested from him? And by who?
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    Cross RDX500MP with RDS003 and you have...?

    Hey I cannot get enough power with the RDX500MP but love everything else about it. It just feels like all the weight is in the handle, making it hard to put the ball away, and I'm not big on customising racquets. The other racquet I've hit a lot with is the Wilson 95 inch, the latest one red and...
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    Ivanovic takes on a new coach Be great, if it works, to see more of her in the big events.
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    Nalbandian gets wild card for Queens currently suffering from a virus that makes him lose weight.
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    Just got an EXO3 93 graphite cheap

    Pretty happy, haven't really started playing this season yet and this will inspire me to hit the courts, what are you finding with these? recommendations for string/ tension?
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    BBC article Nadal injury Australian Open, Melbourne Venue: Melbourne Park Dates: 17-30 January Coverage: Watch on BBC TV, Red Button, BBC Sport website (UK only) & Eurosport; listen on BBC 5 live sports extra and online; text commentary online; full details...
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    "I think talk about if I am better or worse than Roger is stupid." Rafael Nadal said it!!
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    Where Are The Metallers!?!?

    alright all, i just put down £400 for a second hand Randall V2 and I'm using it for the first time on Saturday, they sound CRUSHING. used on Arch Enemy's Rise of the Tyrant album and in the mix on Decapitated's Organic Hallucinosis. Sick! Any metal fans on the forum? What you guys...
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    Shutter Island or Blood Diamond???

    Hey all, Wanna watch a film tonight, one of these two, which one's better!? Cheeeers
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    Uk Sale And Trade

    Hi guys and gals, thought it might be an idea to have a thread for UKers looking to sell their stuff, since i keep seeing thread titles with racquets i want, only to find the frames are thousands of miles away. i'm interested in Wilson BLX Pro Tour and BLX 6.1 95 racquets in grip 3 if anyone...
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    Wilson Six One 95/ Pro Tour??

    hi, there are so many racquets now i'm going crazy. never had wilson before. got two rdx500MPs i love, looking for a bit more plough-through and just something a bit different to play with occasionally too. thinking pro tour, but what are the key differences in the way these play? does the...
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    kafelnikov interview
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    Might replace my RDX500MPs....

    I was told that these racquets were purist paradise, with spin, control, feel, an aesthete's delight. They really are, I love hitting with them. I was also told they were underpowered and that against heavy hitters I'd find myself being pushed back and hitting the ball short, opening myself up...
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    Wanted in England: Yonex RDX500mid

    anyone help? i'd put it in wanted but i figure people look here more, and this is not a common racquet any more....
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    How are the contenders shaping up?

    So, i now have a job and no internet cos i'm moving into my new place. nightmare times to watch the AO, i'm living on scraps. I'm watching highlights of Federer- Hanescu and he's looking great, for what it's worth the courts look pretty much identical to last year. How are Nadal and Djokovic...
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    If the current pros were transported 40 years back in time....

    what would the top ten look like? you're talking a lotta fast grass, tiny wood racquets, lighter balls. 1. Roddick 2. Federer 3. Karlovic 4. Stepanek 5. Haas 6. Nadal 7. Murray 8. Hewitt 9. Djokovic 10. Dent (!)
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    Belgian pair's ban is appealed The World Anti-doping Agency is to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) against the bans given to Yanina Wickmayer and Xavier Malisse. The Belgian duo were suspended for a year by the Flemish Doping Tribunal (VDT) for...
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    In-Depth Federer Interview lots of stuff about his amazing year twins etc at the beginning, then he talks about his fitness last year, and a lot about Murray and what Federer sees as the benefits of playing an attacking...
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    Hey, i'm debating getting a series for my birthday, i love metal, and i love smart-dumb shows like South Park. am i going to like this, or is it too stupid/adolescent?? don't want to download, someone asked me for present ideas, this might be one, thoughts?!?
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    Oh God. Fabrice and Safin gone same day.

    I feel miserable.
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    I have been getting fitter and faster....

    today i ran 4 miles at just under 7 1/4 minutes a mile. this is way beyond anything i've done before, i ran the first mile in under 7 minutes, motivated by the target set for an amateur runner on this forum, and felt pretty strong all the way through. i'm 24 and have been working hard on getting...
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    Spadea.... he's a little weird....