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  1. BigGriff

    Sacramento Tennis?

    I will check it out. Finally getting my timing back.:)
  2. BigGriff

    Lockout calibration question

    I forgot what the OP mentioned after 2 pages of reading. I would have given up and called the machine manufacturer.
  3. BigGriff

    Eagnas Combo 910/Pro's Pro Turntable Wobble

    Quality machines and customer service! When they call their machines and product trash, why buy from them? I love the sue me comments!
  4. BigGriff

    How long does it take to string a racquet?

    I like that he backed up what he said. He earned some cool points with me.
  5. BigGriff

    looking for strining machine

    I was thinking the same thing Dire. I don't think anyone does research before they post their questions. I remember before I bought my lock out I had my list narrowed down based on the info provided by reputable posters and the same when I added a Wise. I even picked up new stringing...
  6. BigGriff

    For older Ektelon and other machines

    I think that is an awesome upgrade. It will save people so much money. The upgrade looks like it is solidly machined and will last a life time. If you think about it $220 is is a good investment vs buying expensive floating clamps.
  7. BigGriff

    Any one else shed tears when Andy spoke?

    I agree with the poster above.^ I am not a Murray fan but his emotional reaction made me respect him. Murray has a few things to work on and he will win a slam. The biggest thing he needs to work on is his variety on second serve. I think Ivan Lendl will help get Andy over the hump. The...
  8. BigGriff

    Death to the starting knot

    Same for me! I never had a knot break or slip through a grommet. If you are having issue with your grommets. Tennis-Flare-It makes a grommet tool that will flare and kinda fold down the grommet closer to the frame. I use it when I have a new racquet to string. I like it because it puts the...
  9. BigGriff

    How heavy is the counterweight on a dropweight stringer?

    Order it on line and save on shipping/taxes. You should be able to find a solid drop weight with some sort of shipping special or deal.
  10. BigGriff

    My Wise 2086 Tension Head Died!!!

    I already have an Alpha Apex 2 so I'm not too concerned about fan patterns. I can't remember the last time I strung a fan patterned stick? Hmm maybe about 2 years. I won't need to modify a thing. I get a mint Neos 1k for 3 bills, the manual, and all the parts. All I need to do is calibrate and...
  11. BigGriff

    Federer vs Youzhny Wimbledon quarters 2012

    I would say 80%. If he knocks Youzhny off in 3 which looks highly likely. He will be able to rest it and get more treatment.
  12. BigGriff

    My video clips thread

    I support the above see a teaching pro statements. I didn't get my serve issues corrected until I had a college player buddy of mine to help me correct my technique. On the TW message board: A so called expert could possibly be a 12 year old... Honestly, a tennis clinic or a few lessons...
  13. BigGriff

    My Wise 2086 Tension Head Died!!!

    ^I usually use USPS but their boxes are a bit flimsy. I don't feel as bad about this situation because I'm about to buy a mint condition Prince Neos 1000 for $300. A buddy of mine is getting rid of his machine. He doesn't play the game anymore. The machine never saw much use since he only...
  14. BigGriff

    Quality: Klippermate vs $1000+ machines

    I've strung gut on a Klipper. I was careful as hell because that cam gripper isn't gut or soft multi friendly. It can be done though.
  15. BigGriff

    Wise2086 vs Drop weight like Stringway ML 100

    Not much to go wrong on the ML100 because it is a drop weight machine. Approximately $1200 for a new machine vs $500 for the add on? I would go with the Wise. I like the functionality of the Wise with the foot pedal. The pre-stretch option is awesome. I was leaning towards the MS200 but then...
  16. BigGriff

    Really sick of all this talk about Ferrer being a hardworking grinder.

    ^^Your description sounds more like a pusher. (especially the no dignity part lol) I consider a grinder a counter puncher. Sucks that it holds such a negative connotation. The guy is a beast on the court. Fundamentally sound and fun to watch live.
  17. BigGriff

    Really sick of all this talk about Ferrer being a hardworking grinder.

    As other posters eluded to this... I am confused as to what the poster is trying to clarify. I think the term "grinder" is positive. Ferrer is a fighter on the court. I like his style of play. He gets a ton of pop despite being small in stature. His court positioning and movement is top notch...
  18. BigGriff

    Wise2086 vs Drop weight like Stringway ML 100

    You can see my recent thread about my Wise dying on me. It just crapped as digital/electronic devices do and without warning but I have my manual crank as back up. It took me less than 10 minutes to remove the unit and box it up for repair and put the trusty crank back on. It just makes...
  19. BigGriff

    My Wise 2086 Tension Head Died!!!

    Yeah I called Fedex and UPS and they quoted my around $50 to ship the unit to the company and back. I am not sure what the bill will be yet. I will sent it after the 4th of July.
  20. BigGriff

    My Wise 2086 Tension Head Died!!!

    The light is green the converter is functioning. I even tested that with my volt meter.
  21. BigGriff

    My Wise 2086 Tension Head Died!!!

    Horrible timing for my Wise 2086 to die :( Strung up a few sticks. Grabbed a beer came back and my display was blank. Only thing lit up on the display was the decimal point. I consider myself tech savvy so I checked my outlet with a volt meter and everything was fine. Disconnected the wiring...
  22. BigGriff

    For the dropweight, crank stringing machine

    OK, so after all of this I have come to the conclusion that cranks, CP, and drop weight machines will have deviations in tension based on the settings. I wonder if there is a formula for the various inconsistencies in string. I am sure elongation will throughout the same piece of string. I...
  23. BigGriff

    MS200 maintenance - Tension Problems

    Alpha has great customer support! Alpha Racquet Sports 7208 McNeil Dr. #207 Austin, TX 78729 U.S.A. Toll Free 1.800.922.9024 Local 512.250.1499 Fax 512.279.9454
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    Im a little skeptical about this Fish heart stuff, convince me

    You know the OP is on webMD now trying to figure out WTF you just posted!:twisted:
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    How long does it take to string a racquet?

    ^^^Good to see a familiar poster! I feel like a newbie after being gone for so long! Tennis Economics 101 ;) How long will it take for me to pay for this expensive stringer? lol
  26. BigGriff

    Buying First Stringer - Used. Please help!

    Yeah $100 is a steal! Awesome deal.
  27. BigGriff

    Buying First Stringer - Used. Please help!

    ^^Spot on! Another thing make sure you really know the condition of the machine you are considering. Communication with the seller is key. If you can't look at the machine in person get as many pics as possible. A buddy of mine bought a crank from a seller and the only thing we could...
  28. BigGriff

    How long does it take to string a racquet?

    That is depending on if YOU are sensitive to variations in string tension on your racquets. How many racquets you have? Are you a match player or a weekend warrior? Do you want to string for others? The BIGGEST factor: How big is your budget? The bells and whistles get pricey quick. The guys...