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  1. theJuniorACE

    Murray [8] vs. Karlovic

    It's Super Effective!
  2. theJuniorACE

    Looking for cheap Wilson K90 or K95

    Deal found, look elsewhere
  3. theJuniorACE

    Looking for cheap Wilson K90 or K95

    I don't care how scuffed they are as long as they work fine, ie no cracks or warping. Email me at Thanks in advance! ps: grip sizes 4 1/2 or smaller
  4. theJuniorACE

    Fairway Grips

    pretty sweet that you still have some left
  5. theJuniorACE

    Where to watch Monte Carlo live online?

    thanks for tvu, dont thikn its started yet tho, theyr showing womens highlights
  6. theJuniorACE

    vibe damps that give a "solid" sound

    the sampras 0s work well i use a rubber band tho, its works just as well
  7. theJuniorACE

    Nike Dri-Fit Shirt Smell??

    lol im not sure if ur serious or not...
  8. theJuniorACE

    Polystar Energy

    if they dont respond chances are that they don't/ will not carry the product
  9. theJuniorACE

    Gilbert says Federer/Nadal is 3rd great rivalry of the open era

    i dont think theres a link seeing as how he says most of this kind of stuff during matches and in between matches during tournaments
  10. theJuniorACE

    Fed an Ljubicic brought up on clay?

    its b/c theyr game(more so lubjicic, than fed) is better suited by the faster courts of grass, hardcourts, and carpets, let us not forget indoor(wat exactly are indoor courts?)
  11. theJuniorACE

    shoe with best feel and bigest duration?

    jus my opinion, i use my pippens 2, although theyr not tennis shoes, theyr 1 of the best shoes ive ever owned and work great
  12. theJuniorACE

    Spin serve tips

    lol bay of billionaires, guess he should invest some of that money into a better coach
  13. theJuniorACE

    Link to FP Prestige Review?

    thanks, gabe
  14. theJuniorACE

    Link to FP Prestige Review?

    i was looking around the site and couldnt find the review, can you guys put a link to it on the FP Prestige specs page
  15. theJuniorACE

    Gasquet Qualifying *spoiler*

    dude, he may have lost both of his DC matches to russia, but they were both 5 setters, in which he was amazing, but came up short to safin and tursonov, so cut him some slack. i feel for him to have lost, but he is mos definetely a threat to anyone on clay
  16. theJuniorACE

    Dunlop Grand Prix or Slazenger Wimbeldon

    i use both and theyr almost identical, i figure its because they are made form the same company(both owned by same bigger company), so theyr made in the same factory, just labeled dif., but honestly, i couldnt even tell the dif.
  17. theJuniorACE

    Greatest claycourter ever

    yes he was amazing and i wouldnt mind labeling him one of the greatest ever, buti will have to agree w/ andres guazzelli, there is no one greatest of all time. go boca jrs!!
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    Federer vs. Nadal (Match results)

    wheres everyone watching this off of?
  19. theJuniorACE

    Rome SF and F shown on Internet?

    think itll be streamed on peercast?
  20. theJuniorACE

    Federer vs. Nadal (Match results)

    anyplace to stream it? maybe peercast?
  21. theJuniorACE

    Heaviest ball, highest jumping ball which ones?

    lol yes now opinions well i dont no wat penns you are looking for, but i use dunlop Grand Prixs and theyr pretty heavy last extremely long, probably the best available here in the states and in the world for that matter(hopefully these will become the new roland garros ball), but luckily...
  22. theJuniorACE

    Any serious clay-courters outside of Nadal and Federer?

    cmon guys i mean i agree with who every1 is mentioning, but how had no1 mentioned gasquet, hes amazing on clay, should he completely recover from the injury he got form his last DC matches, hell mos def be a dark horse, as well as almagro also simon if he can keep his game consistant and...
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    Pictures of pros keeping their eyes on the ball?

    woah is that mandy? that andys grabbin? EDIT- sorry just read the comment in the pic
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    Caption please

    i copletely agree ironicly enough, hes not a nat. lefty, hes a natural righty, but gold ol uncle toni told him to play left and he stuck with it
  25. theJuniorACE

    Question about a call I made...

    well as far as if your call was well mannered, i dont no but the fact is if you make a call, you have to stick with it, That was a good call to stick w/ your decision b/c if you start to make bad calls, ppl will think your just looking for some cheap points and are just trying to break your...
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    nadalis vulgaris' secret origins

    maybe hes an Animorph? lol i used to read those books i wont lie
  27. theJuniorACE

    FEderer/Nadal Live scores

    lol thanks for the info
  28. theJuniorACE

    Federer and Nadal

    it wasnt a complete shut out Nadal worked his stuff in the 1st and 3rd set in the other 2, 2nd and 4th, they wre pretty neck and neck, but in the end nadal pulled a little more in the 4th and took it
  29. theJuniorACE

    FEderer/Nadal Live scores

    lol that kinda blows, OFF topic hows that set-up(pro-H and excell) play for you?