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  1. Aonex

    Anyone know who's quote this is?

    "I'd like to take Roddick's serve, Gonzales's forehand… As well as Federer's backhand and mental. Then I'd be world number 1, easy! No one could beat me."
  2. Aonex

    Anyone pay attention to Fed Cup?

    Great article on the Fed Cup website about the Russian team. Looks like it'll be the US Open semi-finalists representing Russia... Sveta and Anna.
  3. Aonex

    Really Impressed with Janko and Chaky

    I have to say, for me the highlight of this U.S. Open so far has been the play and charming personalities of Jelena and Anna. As Deuce mentioned in a previous thread, it really is nice to see players that add such a fresh perspective on the game... more importantly, with a clear lack of...
  4. Aonex

    Kobe scores 81 points

    Okay, I'm guessing there aren't many Kobe fans here, let alone Lakers fans, but did anyone see the Lakers game tonight? Kobe scored 81 points, second only to Wilt's 100. Now, I'm sure people will comment on what a ball hog he is, but he shot over 50%, hit all his free throws... so he was...
  5. Aonex

    Australian Open - Grand Slam of Asia/Pacific

    Not sure if it's been discussed before on these boards, but I'm curious to find out what's behind this new push to identify the Oz Open as Asia's grand slam. I just heard about all these programs that are being pushed to promote tennis in Asia, and you've got to wonder why Australia is all of a...
  6. Aonex

    Klip K-boom decrease tension 10%?

    Planning on stringing my racquet with a Klip hybrid and wasn't sure if the K-boom tension needed to be lowered. I usually string gut at 60 lbs. and was thinking of stringing the k-boom in the mains at around 55 lbs.
  7. Aonex

    Taking care of racquets in your collection

    Do you guys keep strings on racquets you don't use and keep in your collection?
  8. Aonex

    Anyone listen to country music?

    Have any of you heard of Laura Cantrell? She's based here in NY and on an indie label (Matador Records). Was just curious if someone like this gets airplay on regular country stations. Here's a link to a performance she had on KCRW (Santa Monica radio station)...
  9. Aonex

    Tension loss in hybrids

    I've always been curious about how hybrids hold up after more than a month of play. When hybriding with, say, poly mains and gut crosses, wouldn't the poly lose tension a lot faster than the gut? Does that mean you would have to constantly re-string when using this kind of hybrid setup, or any...
  10. Aonex

    3 Racquet Tennis Bags

    Is there enough space in these bags to fit your tennis shoes in there... supposing you only bring 2 racquets?
  11. Aonex

    Tennis in Brooklyn or Queens?

    For anyone who lives in New York, do you guys have any suggestions for good parks in either Brooklyn or Queens that's close by to a subway stop? I usually play at the Riverside clay courts, but sometimes I miss just spending a lazy afternoon at the courts, instead of playing for only an hour in...
  12. Aonex

    ATP/WTA Substance Abuse Policy

    Can someone explain to me (or direct me to the webpage) what the ATP/WTA's policies are for players caught with an illegal substance? Also, what exactly happened to Greg Rusedski? He was banned for a year, but it turned out that he did not violate the policy? Thanks.
  13. Aonex

    French Open Streaming Video?

    Does anyone know if we'll be able to watch matches online?
  14. Aonex

    Travelling with racquets

    I'm leaving for California tomorrow morning and of course I'm bringing a racquet with me. Do airlines allow you to bring your racquet as a handcarry item? Or will I have to check it in? The racquet doesn't fit in my square travel case, so I'm not sure what to do. What do you guys usually do...
  15. Aonex

    For fans who've been to Flushing

    I believe some folks had suggestions a while back about making the most out of your visit to Flushing during the U.S. Open. I remember someone making a comment about staying away from Ashe, and keeping cool and all that. Would anyone happen to know what day players start practicing on the...
  16. Aonex

    New paint job for Sharapova

    Is that still the TT Hornet or the new Turbo Shark?
  17. Aonex

    What do you guys do during the winter?

    Man, all this rain has got me thinking about what to do when the courts are closed in the winter and I can't play tennis. Anyway, wanted to find out what you guys do during the winter out here (just moved to NY this spring). Does everyone pretty much shut it down til the spring? I'm guessing...
  18. Aonex

    That's it, I'm joining the Maria bandwagon...

    Maria Kirilenko that is. Well, I know this is really late, but I finally got a chance to see this girl play from a tape of the FO. She is incredibly fun to watch. Changing pace, coming to the net, lobs, angles... probably needs a better serve, but very versatile player. Not sure if she has...
  19. Aonex

    What are the chances?

    ...that someone not named Andy or Roger win at Flushing this year? As for the women, don't even know where to start... I suppose Serena is the favorite. Are the Belgians playing? How about the two grand slam Russians, do they have a shot?
  20. Aonex

    Different strokes for different surfaces

    I was trying to figure out what the best strokes were for the varying surfaces. I know that claycourters generally put a lot of topspin on their shots, and grasscourters generally have flatter shots. I've heard different explanations for each, so I wanted to get something definitive of why...
  21. Aonex

    Tennis Ladders

    I was curious to find out how many here are involved in some kind of tennis ladders in your club, court, etc. I've never played competitively outside of playing matches against friends, and wanted to find out if it's worth it to get started. Do people take their matches too seriously? Will I...
  22. Aonex

    How will Maria handle being a celebrity?

    Maria's been doing a ton of celebrity appearances recently here in the tri-state area, and this got me thinking about how she's going to handle all these new media demands. There certainly is a danger of her losing focus on tennis and becoming engrossed in the process of being a celebrity... as...
  23. Aonex

    Women's Final (Spoiler)

    Holy crap, what's going on here... Maria's playing some unbelievable tennis, while Serena's spraying it all over the place.
  24. Aonex


    Did Lleyton sit Maria down and give her tips on how to perform a proper fist pump and "C'mon"? I suppose this annoys the heck out of people, but being a Hewitt fan, it's great to see the emotion and fire that they let out on the court.
  25. Aonex

    Mauresmo vs. Williams

    Is anyone watching this match? Mauresmo's got a good chance of pulling off another upset today. I've never seen Mauresmo play, but has a nice variety of shots, not to mention the ability to hit with Serena. It's a wonder she hasn't won a GS yet.
  26. Aonex

    Semi-finals predictions

    Well, now that we've seen the draw shape up, what do you think the semis will look like? Here are my predictions: Federer v. Grosjean Henman v. Roddick Williams v. Mauresmo Sprem v. Sharapova
  27. Aonex

    Stringing suggestions for the dirt

    I'm trying to use up a couple packs of BDE Perf and Lux ALU and wanted to find out if you guys had any suggestions on what setup I should use. I'm starting to play on red clay a lot, and so I'm a bit worried that the gut won't last too long on it. Was thinking maybe putting some lux on the...
  28. Aonex

    Wimbledon... the movie?

    Have you guys seen this? Apparently there's a movie coming out in September called Wimbledon. Synopsis: A British tennis player (Paul Bettany), once top-ranked, has fallen to 157th in the world. Generally considered to be on his last legs as a professional player, he gets one last chance...
  29. Aonex

    Xbox Top Spin Racquets

    Hey guys... just started playing this game. Is there any difference between the racquets you can purchase? If so, any suggestions? Thanks.
  30. Aonex

    ESPN French Open mail box

    At the risk of being redundant, here's another outlet to vent our frustrations at ESPN. They have an "ask a question about the French Open" mail box. Every little bit helps.