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  1. pats300zx1

    Natural Gut First Impressions

    Hey All...I finally decided to give Babolat VS NG a try in my Clash 100. I have had a history of TE so I decided to string it at around 50 lbs. The NG was nice but not an "epiphany" as I had expected and read from others who use NG regularly. The racquet had a touch of too much power and I...
  2. pats300zx1

    WTA/ATP Double Scoring

    With the changes that have been made to ATP/WTA doubles scoring is anyone using this same "No Ad" scoring in their rec or USTA matches???
  3. pats300zx1

    Tennis Elbow Protection: Brace or Compression Sleeve?

    For players who have occasional tennis elbow or elbow related pain I just wanted to see what everyone's preferred protection was. I have both the strap brace and compression sleeves and was curious what other players found offered better protection.
  4. pats300zx1

    Wilson Clash Paint Chipping

    Calling any Wilson Clash users...Does anyone else have issues with the crappy paint on your Wilson Clash racquets? I am extremely careful with my racquets but I have noticed tons of chips with both of my Wilson Clash 100's. Either the paint is super thin or the quality control is horrible...