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  1. OddJack

    A Horese named Nadal In case you missed it. Doing pretty well. Opps, Horse, not Horese!
  2. OddJack

    Why was Nadal Fogged in straights Today?

    Some reasons may be considered: 1- He was injured 2- He doesnt care about Masters 3- Uncle Toni showed up and messed him up with some bad advice 5- High bouncing FH 4- Add your own... Well, the ball wasnt high bouncing in US open when Nadal got Fogged. And he cared about a grand slam, I guess...
  3. OddJack

    Lendl said it, and he is very credible

    More credible than Johney Mc. Even though he has said the same thing
  4. OddJack

    What Sloan Stephens Likes the Most about Fed Hmmm, what?
  5. OddJack

    Interesting #1 Video

    Dont know if posted before, but for those who havnt seen it
  6. OddJack

    Fed to coach Djokovic

    Muahahaa This Laver cup is a scam Rodge makes the worst actor.
  7. OddJack

    Muhahahaa... Nike wont give Rodge his Logo

    " they are mine :(( "
  8. OddJack

    Djoker owns the highest level of tennis in open era

    For the record, I am a Fed fan. But after today, if there was any doubt in my mind now there isnt. At his prime: * He could beat the GOAT on his best surface * He bullied the bully right at his kingdom * He outlasted two of the longest matches in history over the guy who is knows as "freak of...
  9. OddJack

    Predict QF winners and sets

    Nadal in 4 Del Po in 4 Thiem in straight Djok in straight Correct winner = 3 points Correct sets = 5 points
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    Who's the shortest man in the Top 100?

    And how tall is he? A little fact you may be interested to know. Post your guess, before clicking on the spoiler.
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    Second time he lucks out

    Rain, effing rain. Slow things down. Gives him a break to rest and regroup and get some coaching. And look at his draw. This is the guy who won a major without facing a top 25 player. Is there an end to his luck? And no, dont give me this ...he is king of clay, there is no tough draw...He...
  12. OddJack

    Nadal is Primed for an Upset

    Says a tennis bettor with an impressive record. I sure hope so Read the rest here
  13. OddJack

    The Economist says Nadal is Greater in majors

    And Perry has a greater response The weak era analogy busted
  14. OddJack

    Is a Better athlete a Better Sportsman? vs Better Player?

    A discussion with a member prompt me to post this and see others opinions. For example, Monfils is a better athlete than Goffin, but Goffin is a better player. But what if Monfil's kind of athleticism makes him injured, or Djoker same thing? Or Nadal. After all, athleticism is about strength...
  15. OddJack

    Tennis, in a nutshell :

    As if he is carrying the tennis torch and leading it where it has never been before.
  16. OddJack

    How many times hath thou watch Tis?

    Me? 16 times, maybe. Fed was written off. Commentators had doomed him. Coming back? Unreal. Can you imagine what could be going on in his head? AO 2009, 5 years no majors Playing the guy who was his biggest challenge ever And down a break. still good to watch
  17. OddJack

    Can Crowds of Fans Lift a Player

    There is a very touching scene in the movie Hacksaw Ridge. Nobody wanted Desmond Dos as a soldier in the military because he would not hold a rifle and kill anyone. He was written off as a waste of space and a coward at that. He would be insulted, beaten, and disgraced in the barracks...
  18. OddJack

    Will Nadal win the RG this year?

    I am gonna refer to his state of health and say no. What's at you?
  19. OddJack

    Fun Facts: Federer quiz

    1- How many titles and majors Fed had when he met Mirka? 2-Who was his ideal woman? Just guess, do not search :^) Read this after you made your choice... http://www.**************.org/tennis/news/Roger_Federer/51509/eighteenyearold-roger-federer-i-dream-to-be-at-the-top-/
  20. OddJack

    "...Just a sick shot..." : McEnroe

    t= 02:26
  21. OddJack

    People don't cry because they are weak...

    They cry because the have been strong for too long. I read that sentence recently somewhere, and there is no better fit for what happened last night. I would like to quote Damien Cox from thestar here ....It was as though Federer was drawing our attention to what we are witnessing. To see...
  22. OddJack

    Toni says Nadal will pass Fed in GS tally

    He says “I trust he will endure enough to break Federer's record of 19 Grand Slams." I am hoping it's a bad translation from Spanish. Toni should know better. He also implies that Fed...
  23. OddJack

    Nadal going for Pirate looks again

    Spanish Marca reports that he's going sleeveless again. Good news for his fans who like the wife beater tops. It's Toni's strategy to beat Fed: Just look like those good ol days when you used to beat him. Maybe you can scare him again...
  24. OddJack

    Nadal can make history...

    First ever to win a major without facing a top 25 player. It's a Fluke
  25. OddJack

    Why Zverev will only win One Major, if that

    We already know that winning majors require mental toughness and tal Taller players, 6'5" and higher, have the advantage of serving. But serving is only half of the game, the other half is the return of serve. Look at the statistic below. While taller players have won more service games, they...
  26. OddJack

    Had Ljubicic not won this match...

    Who knows how much difference it would make for Fed 7 years later Look at how Lubi is playing his backhand strategy wise, specially the return of serve, and similarities to today's Fed BH.
  27. OddJack

    The Reason Djokr and Becker separated

    Because Boris thinks Rodge is the goat. Djok heard, got mad, and fired him. http://www.**************.org/news/news/Roger_Federer/42724/boris-becker-federer-is-the-goat-djokovic-is-struggling-mentally-/
  28. OddJack

    Federer is sharpening for a Nadal showdown at RG final

    If you are Federer what would nag you inside the most? 3 Callendar year Grand Slams, lost. and 4 More RG titles. That's huge. There are not many who could win all 4, let alone all 4 three times, in 3 years. He may not be playing the clay tournaments, but he is playing somewhere, on clay...
  29. OddJack

    Is 20 Doable now?

    With Nadal out of the equation ( Historically, he hasnt done well after RG anyways, at least not last several years) who else is going to stop him from getting to 20? Djoker: yes, but his form is qustionable, same for Murray. Murray wouldnt be the favorite against Rodge in W final. One of the...