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    Babolat Promotion expiration

    Just wondering if you could reveal how long the promo for free pair of Bab Propulse shoes with purchase of Pure Strike racket will be in effect. Thanks!

    2014 Kalamazoo - Mats W Playing Doubles

    Mats Wilander playing an exo with defending doubles champ Paul Oosterbaan against #1 seeds Collin Altamirano and Deiton Baughman. Interesting draw. Who will win!

    Attn: TW Associates and fans: I started a salsa company!

    Mesa Salsa Co. did our first delivery to Vons in Grover Beach, SLO, Atascadero, and Paso Robles today. This all started with our interclub league, 6 doubles teams post match beers/chips/salsa and guys asking what store they could find it in. Please try my partially tennis inspired salsa...

    Kzoo 2013

    Disappeared? Why?

    Fish coming back!

    How will he do in his return at Indian Wells, where he has had some good past results? I'm happy to see his return after being benched. Such a good ball striker and forecourt player.

    Juniors and Prize $$

    I know juniors aren't supposed to accept prize money as it affects their college eligibility, but isn't there a provision that says they can accept enough money to cover expenses? What I want to know is what are the specific regulations as to how much can be accepted, what exact expenses can...

    Indian Wells pre qually

    I see several familiar SoCal jr. names in the Indian Wells Pre Qually tourney, including the one that gets the most mention in this forum, line 102. Anybody else see familiar names? I'm curious to see how they do and hope they do well. For observational purposes...

    Ojai/Weil Academy Challenger in progress!

    This used to be Yuba City Challenger. Draw: Order of play...

    Claremont ITF 18's

    Looks like a heck of a jr tournament, with players from ECU, THA, GBR, CAN, RUS, JPN, MEX, KAZ, BRA, SVK, CHN and GER...

    Blake Querrey Exhibition

    Blake Querrey Exhibition on Now!! Its about to start at 4:30 EST and will be streamed live on, and the events facebook page. Of course Roddick is out.

    GSP or Hendo? Kongo or Herring?

    And are they really not going to show Arlovski, Koschek, and Sanchez, in favor of Leben? And by GSP, I mean Anderson Silva!!

    Hit in Indian Wells this weekend?

    Anybody in Indian Wells that might want to hit this weekend? I'm there spectating my little protoge in the junior tournament and would like to get a match or two. 5.0 +/-. Please reply here or email granitechief at yahoo dot com.

    Gonzo getting taken to the woodshed!!

    And being spanked there. Set and 2 breaks to TGabi.

    farkus is a great seller!!

    I bought two 03 Hybrid Tours from him at a great price. The rackets were shipped immediately after i sent the payment and were received in very nearly new condition as advertised. He communicated well throughout the transaction and provided a USPS tracking number upon shipment. Mahalo...

    UFC: Iceman vs Rampage

    Saturday nite, ITS ON!!!! Who wins: Also, UFC makes the cover of Sports Illustrated and is covered by our own tennis analyst Jon Wertheim. Cool Stuff. I'm thinking this will be slightly more entertaining...

    Any tips for serve improvement?

    Here is a very short video with 3 serves. Hard to analyze in detail but give it a shot. Also, is photo really cute or is it just my opinion...

    Trade Nadal racket for Roddick Racket

    For Sale or trade: Bab AeroPro 9.5/10 ($75 + shipping). Would like to trade for Pure Drive Roddick. Please reply with contact info here if interested.

    Racket Demo deal: 4 rackets for $1.50.

    I just ordered a demo on 4 rackets for a grand total of $1.50. The low price is due to a $10 shipping credit for demoing the new Dunlop Aerogel, which seems like a nice frame. I also got a Prince O3 HyTour, Head MicroGel ExPro, and a Head Fxp Pres Midplus. Sweet deal.

    Its a boy!!!!

    Curran (Scottish), 9 lbs, 21 inches. I week old today. Home birth, in the bathtub, no problems. The training begins. Visualization, concentration, meditation and prayer to play his best tennis: Look at that follow...

    How many TW Posters does it take to change a light bulb?

    1 to change the light bulb and to post that the light bulb has been changed 14 to share similar experiences of changing light bulbs and how the light bulb could have been changed differently 7 to caution about the dangers of changing light bulbs 5 to flame the spell checkers 3 to...

    Technifibre Promix - really good

    I tried out this multfillament poly based on the stringforum string selection guide which shows it as one the softest and least tension loss poly's: I have to say that i'm impressed. Really good feel right out of...

    Hilarious Tennis Soundtrack

    This made me giggle~!

    Have you ever played for money?

    My friend just called me and said that there is some hot shot player vacationing from New York. The NY'er asked him if there was anyone around that plays for money and my friend immediately called me. So i'll probably go throw down after work and see where the chips fall. Sound like...

    Roddick practicing in Santa Barbara this Weekend!!

    Very interesting tennis in Santa Barbara. "Did Jimmy Connors decide to work with Roddick?" Yes he did. Jimmy Connors lives in Montecito CA, along with Oprah, Lowe, Costner, Martin, etc..., which is basically Santa Barbara. Jimmy, Andy Roddick along with his brother John were practicing...

    Tennis in Tahoe City over July 1-July 5?

    It would be quite fun!! Anybody going to be there? I would guess somebody from the boards will be there because it seems like half of the Bay area and half of Sacramento goes there for the big holiday. Me thinks there might even be post tennis wakeboarding and-or moutain biking opportunities!

    Roddick or Rusedski? Santoro or Monfils?

    Who is going to win. I'm going with Roddick and Santoro. Roddick's serve is just as good, ground game better, movement better, and he'll have that little extra clay moment to hit passing shots. I don't believe Rusedski can keep up his clay form, i mean come on, Rusedski on clay...

    Ojai Tournament: Sam Querrey #1 seed!

    This is a very cool non-pro tournament with a $4000 first prize to the Mens Open Single Winner. That is as much or more $$ than some Futures and Challengers. Here is the draw: Anybody know any of these...

    Best place for a Honeymoon?

    Tahiti, Bora Bora, Greece? Have to decide soon. Definitely would like to be able to play some tennis. Any suggestions?

    Question for Texas people?

    There is a city about 15 mi. northwest of San Antonio called Helotes. Is this a cool area? How is the real estate? I am considering buying some land just north of Helotes, towards Grey Wolf and would welcome anyones opinions.

    Go GUGA!!!

    Potential path for Costa Do Sauipe: Ghem (should win)/Horna (tough)/Volandri (tough)/Gaudio (very tough)/Ferrero (or maybe Massu). Two or Three wins would be a very good result but i'm rooting for him to take the title!!!!!