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  1. hoosierbr

    Rainer Schuettler Retires

    Major props to Rainer. Always a tough out and hung around until the end of his career. Good example for younger and recreational players that even with less talent and smaller stature you can still compete with the top guns...
  2. hoosierbr

    Rainer Schuettler to Retire in 2012

    Gotta give Rainer props - he's hung around a lot longer than most people thought he would and when everyone had written him off he made the SF at Wimbledon! Nice guy too, met him at the US Open a few years back...
  3. hoosierbr

    Noah: Spanish players are doping

    Not sure this is really news but it's bound to raise some eyebrows.
  4. hoosierbr

    Patty Schynder Retires

    Patty Schynder announced her retirement today at Roland Garros.
  5. hoosierbr

    Hewitt has foot surgery

    Two hip operations and now this. He hopes to be back for Roland Garros.
  6. hoosierbr

    Jankovic hires Andrei Pavel

    This is a good call. Pavel was a very good player who has a lot of experience. Plus he's Romania's David Cup Captain.
  7. hoosierbr

    Rafter appointed Davis Cup Captain

    Will it make any difference?
  8. hoosierbr

    Lead tape help

    Hi: I'm new to lead tape. Always try to find a racquet with the right specs for me and play it stock. But I found a racquet I think I want to switch to but need to alter the balance to make it more headlight. Here are my questions: I'm considering switching to the Wilson K Blade 98...
  9. hoosierbr

    Grosjean Retires

    Just saw on the French Open website that Sebastien Grosjean announced his retirement today. He will still play doubles w/Gasquet at Roland Garros. He will play through the end of the season.
  10. hoosierbr

    My search for a new racquet

    I've been dating four racquets in search of my new squeeze. About me: 29, played some D1 tennis. Play open tourneys. Guess I'm a 5.0 or so but don't pay much attention any more. Am a serve and volleyer and I play with the Prince Triple Threat Warrior MP. VS Team at 53 lbs. The four...
  11. hoosierbr

    Andrei Pavel Retires

    Stylish player, had all the shots and one of the best one-handed backhands of his or any other generation. Just a gorgeous shot.
  12. hoosierbr

    Joachim Johansson Returns

    Pim-Pim officially announced he's giving the tour another go starting next week in Stockholm.
  13. hoosierbr

    Kuerten to Retire

    Surprised no one picked up on this, football perhaps? The Chargers need to stage a much better second half effort from where I'm sitting. Anyway, Guga will take a victory lap this year.
  14. hoosierbr

    Comparing two pairs of Princes (SP T, SP B, TT Warrior, O3 W)

    After spending a good amount of time with these four racquets I thought it might be of interest to some to see how the new Speedports match up with their older counterparts. The four are: Speedport Tour which I will compare with: TT Warrior MP Speedport Black which I will compare with...
  15. hoosierbr

    Johansson Rethinks Retirement

    ToJo was going to call it quits at the end of the year but has decided to go one more. I'm glad to see him play on and hope he has a successfull season.
  16. hoosierbr

    Review: K-Factor 95 and AG 200

    Had a week to hit these two frames and thought I'd post my thoughts for anyone interested and also to amuse myself as I'm having writer's block and must endeavor to keep productive. 5.0 serve-and-volleyer currently using a Vantage 90. (Have had limited playing time this summer as I've been...
  17. hoosierbr

    Lendl - "tennis is for sissies"

    Ivan Lendl's advice to a promising young athlete trying to decide between golf and tennis. Ironic because Lendl once said that real men play tennis and old men play golf. Which is it, Ivan? I still think he was a great tennis player, though...
  18. hoosierbr

    Borg on the Blackrock

    In today's podcast Bjorn Borg announces he'll be returning to the Blackrock Tour of Champions starting in Algarve, Portugal next week and hopes to get in "a few more matches with John McEnroe." Should be great fun and entertainment. The tour has expanded to Brazil this year. Note to...
  19. hoosierbr

    Bjorkman Calls out Cocky Americans

    As messed up as the Davis Cup schedule is this could be a great tie! I think Team USA has the edge but I wouldn't dare count out the Swedes on their home soil. In fact, I think they're undefeated against the US in the venue they've selected...
  20. hoosierbr

    John Isner

    I know John Isner has been using the O3 White for a while now with great success. (He's beaten Henman and now Benjamin Becker in DC in his second ATP tourney!) I assume that he's added weight to his racquet but with the O ports it's kinda hard to put lead tape on. Anyone have any...
  21. hoosierbr

    Smooth transaction with Steveq81

    Great communication, quick action and a pleasure to do business with. I bought a basically brand new Slazenger Pro X1 at a great price. Highly recommend doing business with Q!
  22. hoosierbr

    Pavel to Wilson?

    Is it just my eyes or is Andrei Pavel swinging a Wilson in Halle this week? He was still using Fischer at Roland Garros. Maybe his contract is up?
  23. hoosierbr

    Fish out of French Open

    Is this a first?
  24. hoosierbr

    Krajicek swinging K-Factor

    Interesting to see that Richard Krajicek is the only Wilson player in Athens who is hitting a K-Factor, or at least a pj of one. Sampras and Todd Martin still use the NCode. Why Krajicek I wonder? Edit: Magnus...
  25. hoosierbr

    Dent hopes to be back by summer

    Looks like those rumors of Taylor Dent's retirement were premature. Or perhaps this new procedure gave his career another chance.
  26. hoosierbr

    Wanted: Prince Precision Response Titanium

    Anybody have a PRTI in good condition (7.5 - 10) in a 4 3/8 grip for sale? If so get in touch with me at brrousseau at yahoo dot com
  27. hoosierbr

    News to me: Jiri Novak retired

    I was wondering what happened to Jiri Novak and it turns he retired at the end of last year. Not the flashiest of players but certainly solid and a pleasure to watch when I had the chance. I thought he played well against Nadal at the US Open last year. A fine career even with no Grand...
  28. hoosierbr

    Review: M-Speed #1, O3 Tour MS, DNX9, NC95

    I've spent the past week hitting with the following four frames and I thought I'd share my thoughts since a few folks were interested in my last comparative review. I demoed the following frames through TW: Fischer M-Speed Pro #1 Volkl DNX 9 Prince O3 Tour Mid (95) Wilson N Code 6.1 (95)...
  29. hoosierbr

    Rafter and Dunlop

    Looks like those commericals Pat Rafter did for Dunlop weren't a fluke. He was using a stenciled Dunlop Aerogel at this year's Aussie Open...
  30. hoosierbr

    Review: DNX10 Mid, O3 White and TT Warrior MP

    In case anyone is interested in one or perhaps all three of these racquets here's a quick review. A bit about me: 26, 150 lbs, 5'9. Have played tennis for nearly 20 years and played a little Div I college t at a Big Ten school (I'd think you can figure out which one). Put down the racquet...