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  1. OrangePower

    FS: Wilson Clash 100 Tour 4 3/8

    Racquet has been sold - thanks TTW
  2. OrangePower

    FS: Wilson Clash 100 Tour 4 3/8

    For the few people who have inquired recently, yes this racket is still available. It is unstrung and has not been used since pictures were posted, so please refer to description and pictures link from original post. Asking $120 shipped.
  3. OrangePower

    WTB: Yonex Vcore SV 95

    sent you PM
  4. OrangePower

    FS: Wilson Clash 100 Tour 4 3/8

    Previous sale fell through, back up for sale. Price drop to $120 shipped!
  5. OrangePower

    FS: Wilson Clash 100 Tour 4 3/8

    Item Description: Wilson Clash 100 Tour Grip: L3 (4 3/8) Quantity: 1 Head Size: 100 Condition: 8.5/10 Time Used: About 30 hours General Description: * Great condition, no cracks, two small paint blemishes as shown in pictures * Minor bumper scuffing as shown in pictures * Original grip in...
  6. OrangePower

    FS: Head YouTek IG Radical MP 4 3/8 (w/ leather + 3 spare grommets)

    Item Description: Head YouTek IG Radical Midplus Grip: L3 (4 3/8), leather Quantity: 1 Head Size: 98 Condition: 8/10 Time Used: My backup frame for a year circa 2012/2013; in the closet since then General Description: * Great condition, no cracks, a tiny chip as shown in pictures * Three sets of...
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    FS: 2x Head Liquidmetal Radical MP 4 3/8 (w/ leather + spare grommets)

    Item Description: Head Liquidmetal Radical Midplus Grip: L3 (4 3/8), leather Quantity: 2 Head Size: 98 Condition: 8 Time Used: Each frame has about a year's worth of use on it General Description: * Both frames are in great condition, no cracks or chips, some light scratches on the bumpers *...
  8. OrangePower

    Racquetoholism cured pt.2: Yonex VCP 97 310, DR98 285g, Head FXP Radical Tour Made in Czech Republic, LM Radical MP

    Send you a PM. If you are still looking for LM Rads, let me know - I have a couple.
  9. OrangePower

    wtb head Liquidmetal Prestige MP 4 3/8

    Sent you pm
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    Taking at face value what I've read in this thread, that OP is 47 and a low/medium 3.0 level: Hydrating, getting a good night's sleep, improving fitness... that's all good of course, but is not going to make a major impact. Unless OP is seriously out of shape (as in obese), those things will...
  11. OrangePower

    Sectionals recap

    Well, you can have Johnny Mac as a 5.0 on a 40+ 4.5+ team. If you want a 4.5 rated player, you will have to settle for Jimmy Conners.
  12. OrangePower

    With the decline of adult tournaments, where do better rec players play?

    Guess it depends on who the opens attract... I had a buddy playing in one in my area a couple months ago and he was telling me that about half the players in the 32 player draw were current active D1 players or recent HS grads about to head into a D1 program. If you are winning those then you...
  13. OrangePower

    With the decline of adult tournaments, where do better rec players play?

    Yeah, league has been great for many players, but it has contributed to the decline of tournaments which for some players means it's hard to get competitive play. I think the hardest hit category is 5.0 singles players under 40: * Can't play 40+ league, so the only league option for singles is...
  14. OrangePower

    Dispute with pickleball guys - was I wrong

    Maybe, but the same attributes that give potential to be a strong tennis player (good hand-eye coordination, athleticism, reaction speed, mentally strong, etc) apply equally to pickleball. So good tennis players who take up pickleball tend to become good pickleball players also. Unfortunately...
  15. OrangePower

    Two Jerks In One Day Is A Lot Of Jerks

    Yeah, makes me wonder whether having posted rules but nobody there to enforce is actually worse than not having any posted rules at all. At my local park courts there are no posted rules. Yet somehow disputes are rare, even though the courts see a lot of use. Perhaps because there are no rules...
  16. OrangePower

    40+ and 55+ allow players to keep their ratings too long.

    Maybe it's regional thing but in my area just about everyone who plays 40+ also plays 18+, so there are enough crossover matches to keep ratings legit. On the other hand I do know some guys in their early 60's who play only 55+ and won't play 40+ or 18+, so maybe their ratings get out of whack...
  17. OrangePower

    Once you advance to your local playoff you should have a set roster.

    Couple of weeks ago at districts there were two 4.5 teams put into the same grouping that are captained by the same guy. Definitely no conflict of interest there!
  18. OrangePower

    Once you advance to your local playoff you should have a set roster.

    Based in East Bay Diablo valley area - play mostly up and down the 680 and 24 corridors and occasionally in Berkeley / Oakland as well. I don't know the SF players as well other than some Bay Club players since they often are in Districts etc plus they tend to hold a lot of tournaments there and...
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    Yup, there is also the 18-39 men/women/mixed that you mention; in Norcal that takes place in Q1 and is called "Adult 18-39 Leauge". The spelling is NorCal's not mine LOL. And yes this is concurrent with 40 & Over league for us as well. And then the new "18-39 Team Singles League" runs in Q4...
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    NorCal has added a new "18 - 39 Team Singles League" for this year. However as the name implies it's only for those aged 18-39, so us older players looking for some extra singles are still limited to just the singles lines in 40 & over league. Also, this new singles league is just 2 lines with...
  21. OrangePower

    What do you say during the handshake after beating someone badly?

    Eh, I've had opponents critique my game after they have won, and also have had opponents critique my game after I've beaten them. I think it's more about their personality than whether they won or lost. Either way, 95% of the time I smile politely while what they are saying goes in one ear and...
  22. OrangePower

    Player Fairly Rude after Match

    You're completely within your rights to change your playing style based on your opponent's. But also, there is a difference between situations where you get to pick who you are playing against and those where you don't. League and tournaments you don't get to pick, and you have to respect the...
  23. OrangePower

    Player Fairly Rude after Match

    It is rude, but it's just sour grapes and your best response is just to ignore it and move on.
  24. OrangePower


    What makes you say that? The large majority of my tennis is exactly that. I call up friends and go play. I do also play USTA because for me it's a great way to meet new players and in fact most of my tennis friends I originally met through USTA either as teammates or opponents. But USTA only...
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    True, but that only works for 3.5 or above whereas OP is 3.0. So he's gonna have to do it the hard way.
  26. OrangePower


    I've already made some for all of us, but how about you bring the beer?
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    If that's all you want then no problem! Step 1: Tank all your matches so that you get bumped down Step 2: Go to Nationals Step 3: Profit!
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    I don't like playing competitive matches against friends. The problem is not anything about how we behave with each other on the court - we are all experienced enough to put friendship aside and concentrate on playing the game. For me it's more that of course I want to win so if I lose then it...
  29. OrangePower

    How Does Your Section Handle Self-Rates Who Create New Accounts?

    Yeah, and especially if he was/is a singles specialist. So his self-rating level might be somewhat legit. Having said that it's still fishy to create a new account rather than use the existing one and appeal down.