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  1. Gato

    Syn gut snapback problem

    I stringed dad's racket with syn gut but after 3 weeks (5-6 matches) it doesn't snap back anymore, strings are out of the place after every rally. Is it normal for syn gut? Because poly seems doesn't have this problem. I recommended him syn gut because he is tennis elbow survivor. Would...
  2. Gato

    Your fave active player without GS?

    So which is your favourite active (not retired) player? Couldn't fit them more into poll, so if you can't see yours feel free to comment..
  3. Gato

    4R RG '18 Cilic vs Fognini

    Can Fabio win?
  4. Gato

    4R RG '18 Isner vs Del Potro

    Could be interesting match?
  5. Gato

    Nike Flex shorts lenght

    Does anyone have this shorts: And could measure how long are they on the side in size M? Because it can't be 9 inches, that would be too short... 9 inches has to be inside of the crotch but I'm not sure how long...
  6. Gato

    Could veteran champion defeat active top 100 player?

    Champions of past era like Wilander, Borg, Mac could defeat some active players from top 100 in BO3? What do you think?
  7. Gato

    Nadal Wimbledon 2018 result

    Ok try to guess his final result at Wimby... I think it depends on the draw, and it's hard to guess... I'll say he will win W it would be unexpected for sure :D
  8. Gato

    Schwartzman vs Coric

    Who would win?
  9. Gato

    Berdych vs Chardy

    Watching Berdych vs Chardy and can't figure out name of the umpire :) Very good looking woman, I don't think I saw her before... on the RG website there is no info about umpires
  10. Gato

    Rafa protecting players, tennis in general!

    Source: What would you change in the way the tour operates? I favour a two year ranking and not fifty-two weeks. It’s the...
  11. Gato

    Why is tennis court the same size so long?

    I mean now when rackets are faster, balls too, why not make bigger court? By 1/2 or 1 meter for example... would game be more interesting? More tennis shot skills?
  12. Gato

    What if GS F would be BO7?

    Would it be more interesting? Tennis marathon? or SF would be BO7 and final BO9?
  13. Gato

    Best Clay Balls? Dunlop Fort Clay vs Babolat FO Clay

    I'm using now Dunlop Fort Clay balls (which is official ball for Masters in Monte Carlo Madrid and Rome) and wondering if Babolat FO Clay balls are better? Worth to try? Dunlop are very good and hold pressure for a long time. Thanks for your opinions. And general question are these the same...
  14. Gato

    Nadal sleeveless tee Rome 2018

    Can't find anywhere this new sleeveless tee which is he using in this short video: New collection? Anyone knows if it will be possible to buy?
  15. Gato

    Nike Court Baseline Tank Top

    Why we can't buy these in new 2018 colors? Rafa and Fed seems to like it... I bought blue and orange one last year they're great for tennis.. It's a shame they cancel production...
  16. Gato

    Nike Elite Tennis Socks - difference

    Hey guys, bare with me lol.. hopefully last thread about this... I decided to go with quarter socks not no show cause it might be wiser to use quarters on red clay as it could stop at least some clay to get inside the shoe. But what is the difference between those two? 2nd ones are more...
  17. Gato

    Wilson vs Babolat stencil

    Hey guys, just want to give you my experience with both Wilson and Babolat stencil ink. Babolat is much easier to put on the strings, the tip of the stencil is much better constructed. Color was flying of Wilson, not easy and pleasant to put on the strings.
  18. Gato

    Rafa's real racket?

    Which racket does he use under the newest Pure Aero paintjob? Is it APD GT 2013?
  19. Gato

    Best Nike socks?

    What's up guys, which Nike socks are the best for tennis? Nike Elite socks? Thanks.. there are so many ones
  20. Gato

    Lead/tungsten tape in throat?

    Hey guys, my 2013 APD GT is 330g stringed and I'm thinking to add some weight to it. I tried to add 6g to 3-9 (each side 3g) to the head but I didn't like the feeling. Racket flied harder through the air. I'm thinking to change synthetic replacement grip for leather grip. That might add ~ 8-10g...
  21. Gato

    Leather vs Synthetic grip?

    What's up guys, been using Syntec Pro from Babolat for 7 years now, I see that leather grips are quite popular here, does they filter vibrations better? I play with 2013 APD GT and I always use for a match fresh VS Original Grip because it's so think and I like the feel of the bevels. Thanks for...
  22. Gato

    Favourite shorts?

    Hey guys, which shorts are your favourite? I need to have at least length to the knees because I have birthmark there and it needs to be covered from the sunlight. Most of new shorts are short nowadays. I have now Nike DriFit shorts from soccer line. I want to stick with Nike if possible. Thanks...
  23. Gato

    Racket for dad (54 y.o.)

    Hey guys, I want to buy a racket for my dad, he is playing now with recreational type of racket Yonex, kind of amateur one, head size is around 100 because when I compare it to mine it's the same size. I want to buy him proper one for his bday. We can't playtest here any rackets so it will be...
  24. Gato

    No show socks?

    Personally I can't wear high/tall socks for tennis, it's horrible feeling for me, so max length of socks I use are quarter socks, Nike Dri-Fit. And also I don't want tan lines in the middle of my leg haha... But mostly iťs not comfortable. Do any of you use no show socks? I play on artificial...
  25. Gato

    New replacement grip?

    Hey guys, been using Babolat Syntec Pro with my Babolat APD for about 5 years now. Should you change replacement grip often? I think now it is more flat from holding it so long. I change overgrip every match for new one, Babolat VS Grip Original, I tried other grips, like 4 different ones from...
  26. Gato

    Stephens vs Ostapenko Miami Final 2018

    I'm watching it live now, who do you think will win?
  27. Gato

    Hyper G vs RPM Blast?

    Hey guys, I have the 2013 Aero Pro Drive and I used it only with RPM Blast 1.30mm for 5 years. I want now to try Solinco Hyper G 1.30mm (16G). Does anyone tried both strings? What is the biggest difference between these? Which tension should I try? I used always tension 25kg (55 lbs) on RPM...
  28. Gato

    Losing tension with time?

    What’s up guys, I wanted to ask you - If I string racket now at 55lbs and play 2-3 times till April 2018, would string lose much tension even without much playing? Or does string lose tension even without playing over time, like 6 months in my case? Thanks a lot!
  29. Gato

    Wide clay court shoes

    Hey, I want to buy my first clay court shoes, now I’m using Nike Court Ballistec 4.3 hard courts, these are shoes for wide feet and I love them, but they’re not made anymore... Which ones would be good for wide feet? I’m thinking Cage 2? What about new Lunar Ballistec 1.5 for clay? Thanks a lot...
  30. Gato

    Pure Aero vs Pure Aero VS

    Wondering what’s the biggest difference between these rackets? Both have similar stiffness, but PA is more open 16x19, therefore has bigger power and spin, while PA VS is more close 18x20 - has better control and little less power and spin? From what I’ve red so far.. which one would be more...