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  1. BullDogTennis

    How serious is the possibility Fed retires

    you really think this dude is still playing for money?
  2. BullDogTennis

    Why higher serve faults when trying to hit ball harder?

    a myth? and you are a coach? do you have any idea how the kinetic chain works? just to disprove you, stand on your knees and and try and get as much power on the ball.
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    TW-Nashville/TN Division

    been forever since I have been on here, i'm back in the nashville area, looking to get back into tennis...anyone still playing?
  4. BullDogTennis

    What happens to Tennis after Federer retires?

    Tennis will be fine, now the state of viewership will probably take a dive just like golf viewership has taken a dive without tiger playing. (or atleast playing good)
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    Just got home, is this summary correct (Monfils)

    Your source is rafa's autobiography on how he felt that federer felt? wow. Also, didn't federer have mono or something in 08? I'm sure if you could find Romney's diary you could learn all about how Obama felt during the election season. Totally a great source.
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    What would bother you more, doping or rigged draws?

    doping doesn't mean you have to work any less hard, just means you can push yourself harder. rigged draws on the other hand, not good.
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    Federer - Stats About Not Losing a Set Before Grand Slam Quarterfinals

    I would like to see the stats for the last 10 years of ANYONE who has made it to a qtr final of a major and how they faired.
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    Serve Tips? (Video attached)

    I don't use this very often anymore, I used to be a real regular back in my high school days, I learned a lot from some of these guys and girls! but for what its worth, ( I didn't really read anyone elses comments so I may just be beating a dead horse) it looks to me like you are relying on...
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    Serve Tips? (Video attached)

    Lance, next time I'm in town we need to hit! looks like you are getting back into it! Blake H.
  10. BullDogTennis

    360 smash Monfils Halle 2013

    they need players pretty much purposefully giving up points?
  11. BullDogTennis

    who wins - 4.5 vs. Federer

    TOP d1 college players are basically "pro's in waiting" so 6.5+++ which would 6-0 federer using ONLY his left hand.
  12. BullDogTennis

    who wins - 4.5 vs. Federer

    i can guarantee you federer can play better than that left handed lol....
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    Insight into why clinics don't work

    exactly, the philosophy you took is what people do in all facets of life, take guitar lessons and expect to learn guitar from a couple lessons a week but never practice outside it. or they go to every class and don't understand why they still fail the class but they never do the "assigned"...
  14. BullDogTennis

    Insight into why clinics don't work

    no, the reasons clinics don't work generally is because people who do clinics are people that is probably the only time of the week they play tennis (maybe 1-2 clinics a week?) people don't realize you don't really get better during the lesson, you get better in the hours and hours you put into...
  15. BullDogTennis

    What NTRP rating would most high school #1 or #2 singles player be?

    it can range hugely....for example Bo Seal who was #1 nationally ranked in the US played for his high school his freshman and sophomore year...then other schools the number 1 still patty cakes the ball over the net for 2nd serves
  16. BullDogTennis

    I can only hit second serves when the suns out. Tips?

    ive never done that, but i would imagine i could as much as i practice
  17. BullDogTennis

    Drop Volleys

    the forehand one looks more like you are hitting a short slice serve lol
  18. BullDogTennis

    Serving: feet off the ground

    pros are putting all their momentum into the ball, which naturally brings you off the ground. in reality you are "jumping" because your momentum is being thrown towards the sky, but realistically if you think of it as jumping your gonna look all awkward and not gonna have the correct technique.
  19. BullDogTennis

    Serving: feet off the ground

    i didn't read all tips, but think of it this way, you arnt "jumping" into the ball. you are swinging hard into the air and driving your legs to the ball and naturally leaving the ground. obviously a beginner isn't going to have the tennis coordination to do all that, and it turns into them...
  20. BullDogTennis

    Please critique these points

    get some extension on are gonna severely restrict yourself with how close you hit to your body.
  21. BullDogTennis

    Opinion on using pressureless balls for serve practice?

    wet baseballs? please serve 1 wet baseball with a TENNIS RACQUET and report back if it does not shatter the frame.
  22. BullDogTennis

    Best video of pro level back perspective hitting ever!!!!

    fed's backhand was looking like he was swinging really flat that day.
  23. BullDogTennis

    How can any REAL tennis fan be happy Nadal is injured!

    bc hes not injured....he was moving fine at wimbledon and roland garos....everyone here was calling for him to win the next 3 majors because he looked at tip top shape...he's a hag and can't handle losing therefore he has to basically retire the rest of the year...suprise he didn't do it while...
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    Why do tennis instructors say to stray from a Forehand takeback like Nalbandians?

    my coach taught that kind of take back for players with more a "blank slate" than say I had.
  25. BullDogTennis

    Nadal Questionable For the US Open and Federer worried of Nadal

    seems like nadals pride of losing in the 2nd roudn is causing his knee to flare up
  26. BullDogTennis

    Public Tennis Court

    i can tell by a lot of these responses that a lot of yall are less than 3.0 players. if someone is practicing serves, they are obviously working on part of their game and that should be respected. who is this goober saying to practice your serve you don't even need a racquet to work on your...
  27. BullDogTennis

    Completely baffled by kick/topspin serve

    how about this. imagine you are trying to throw your racquet straight up in the air, AS HIGH AS YOU CAN. thats the swing motion. and how fast your arm should be moving when you make contact.
  28. BullDogTennis

    Playing indoors allows the more talented player to win?

    i'm confused at what you are saying...SINCE its at the end of the season, and federer is OLDER than everyone and STILL in better shape at the END OF THE SEASON, his results are inflated? you are an idiot. let me spell that for you... I...D...I...O...T
  29. BullDogTennis

    Is This NTRP 5.0?

    no lol. i think guy in white is using like a 120 sq in racquet too:-?:-?