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  1. nViATi

    Hi to everyone

    Just saying hi to all you guys and gals at TW. I'm still alive. I'm on the varsity team of my highschool in socal now; I'm one of the top on the team. I'll probably continue being a singles starter this year and I recently began working out (more than before). It's helping my game a lot and I'm...
  2. nViATi

    new video, any advice would be great =) I need to work on serve (definately) and I have to work on maintaining good depth while returning low pace shots. Do you guys any advice? Season's beginning and any help would be appreciated, ;) :) edit: I am the guy in white/black w/...
  3. nViATi

    ITT:Post Pics of What You Want for XMAS!

    No text only replies please! Include a picture :)
  4. nViATi

    new vid:any advice appreciated

    I have been working on changing my strokes for the better. I feel like I am using much more rotation and swingspeed than before but some things i've noticed are that i'm still not staying down on groundstrokes that much and my toss is still a bit too...
  5. nViATi

    !!!! Forum messed up!

    The threads in General Pro Player Discussion are for some reason organized alphabetically rather than chronologically. The "Titles" under usernames are incorrect (Hall of Fame, Amateur, Semi-Pro, etc)
  6. nViATi

    Hoangversion2 video New video (a few points from first 2 sets of the 6 sets I played today) I tried to change some things such as more knee bend / transfer weight forward and rotate rather than jump up, slower racquet takeback on serve and a smoother less jerky motion. Any...
  7. nViATi

    Hey, ch4ng

    It was fun rallying with you and your friends. If you ever need someone to hit with or another person to come, just message me on aim :) photographerdude is my aim sn btw, i dig your backhand ;) :D
  8. nViATi

    new tsunami relief tennis clip agassi and federer making fun of eachother is great :D (this is not the one with safin, dementieva, hantuchova, and roddick playing doubles)
  9. nViATi

    pics:begins with v ends with e. not vampire

    I'll post review/comments after I hit with it =D
  10. nViATi

    rate Hoang video inside (It's easier to see if you click on the button that opens up a bigger window. By the way, I did not shank every other ball. Youtube's compression messed up the audio so a few shots sound really really bad.) How badly do I stink? ;) clips are from best...
  11. nViATi

    LM Prestige MP unstrung weight/balacne?

    LM Prestige MP unstrung weight/balance? Does anyone know what the unstrung weight(preferbly in grams) + balance(preferbly in mm or pts HL) of a LM Prestige MP or where I can find it?(as soon as possible please) Thanks in advance I'll let you guys know why as soon as I get the information ;) :)
  12. nViATi

    Question about Vantage Frame

    How would the 95 sq inch, 16x19, 63 RA, 27inch, 320g/310mm Vantage be coming from a LM Prestige MP and wanting something with similar feel and predictability but with some more spin and power? Also, how does the 18x20 compare with the LM Prestige MP in power/spin?
  13. nViATi

    TW Chat

    nevermind please delete this nevermind, please delete this. my eyes deceived me.
  14. nViATi

    Kuerten + Blake similarity

    They both have AMAZING neck flexability!
  15. nViATi

    Wood racquet weight distribution?

    I was hitting with some friends today and I switched around from a woodie, ps 6.0 85, and lm prestige mp. I hit my best (2hand) backhands with the wood racquet. The weighting of it feels quite different. When I got home I tried adding some more lead to 3 & 9 on my Prestige but it wasn't quite...
  16. nViATi

    Jim Courier Backhand?

    I'm trying to change from a one hand backhand to a two hand backhand. I can't seem to get the motion and hit cleanly and well with a normal two hand backhand grip. I tried moving it way extreme and hitting it way in front similar to how Jim Courier hits his backhand. Feels much more natural to...
  17. nViATi

    Important information about MDPs

    About 2 months ago I sent in a RMA for my MDPs because the pumps had detached. They sent me back 3D Premier Pros. I called Reebok and they said that they have discontinued MDPs and have no more inventory of them. In addition they don't even have any other shoes that have 6 month warranties.
  18. nViATi

    6.0 95 Observations

    Pro Staff 6.0 95 Observations I'm demoing a few racquets (ntour, nblade, rds001, 6.0 95) and I find that I like the 6.0 95 the most(it serves with good power and spin). However it is a bit unstable for me to bash it out at the baseline. Does anybody here use a 6.0 95 and is a baseliner? Did you...
  19. nViATi

    MDP vs 3D Premier Pro

    I recently RMA'd my MDPs because the pumps were detaching. For some reason they sent me 3D Premier Pros instead of Match Day Pumps back. How do the 3D Premier Pros compare to the MDPs?(durability especially) Should I keep them or call Reebok?
  20. nViATi

    Tennis Photo that I took

  21. nViATi

    Best tennis match video ever
  22. nViATi

    Full Poly Job Observations

    I have my LM Prestige MP strung at 48 lbs with full Gosen Polylon Ice 17. The spin is incredible(even though i use a grip between eastern and semi) but you have to aim pretty high over the net and hit pretty hard to get any depth. With just poly mains and nylon crosses I didn't notice any extra...
  23. nViATi

    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

    Here's a preview for a music video I'm making using GTA SA. :) What do you guys think?
  24. nViATi

    Free Pros Strokes Website I'm still working on adding more videos.
  25. nViATi

    Barricade 3 Observations (vs B2)

    I've noticed that the Barricade 3s don't feel as grippy and don't fit as snug or tightly as barricade 2s. Do you guys find this to be true for you too?
  26. nViATi

    Federer featured in popular game series!!

    Return To Castle Fed-enstein The Sequel to Fed-enstein 3D I was bored so I loaded up photoshop for some fun. The sexy dude with shades about to defeat Federer is none other than me ;)
  27. nViATi

    Who plays NADAL style on the court?

    Who loves running for every ball, fighting for every point, scrapping it out, running from alley to alley, being extremely inefficient, and just basically never giving up? (I mean which of you guys like to play this way?) I love it :)
  28. nViATi

    Barricade IV sizing

    I'm going to order a pair of Barricade IVs. Is the sizing consistent with the Barricade II? I wear a 9.5 Barricade II / 9.5 Match Day Pump so would a 9.5 Barricade IV fit the best? Thanks in advance
  29. nViATi

    BII to BIV sizing?

    edit: nevermind, i'm going to ask in the TW Questions/Comments section
  30. nViATi

    RDS 001 MP power level?

    How powerful do you guys find the RDS 001 MP? Can any of you guys compare it with the LM Prestige MP? Thanks in advance. Sorry about making a new thread. I was going to combine it with the PS 6.0 95 thread but I forgot to add it in.