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  1. Serve_Ace

    Better Backhand: Agassi or Djokovic

    Djokovic backhand is one of the best at changing the direction of the ball at a whim.
  2. Serve_Ace

    Good Federer video

    Gah spoiler alert, I haven't seen the Federer Sampras Wimbledon match yet
  3. Serve_Ace

    2013 Wimbledon SF: [2] Andy Murray vs. [24] Jerzy Janowicz

    Andy Murray came up big today, especially on serves.
  4. Serve_Ace

    [2] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Andy Murray US Open FINAL

    I hate these commentators. STFU!
  5. Serve_Ace

    Are Nadal/Federer more athletic than the kings of other sports?

    Swimming, Michael Phelps.
  6. Serve_Ace

    An Important Lesson for Nadal "fans" today

    I don't see any threads of people making fun of his family affairs or demean his achievements. Everybody here openly respects Nadal for what he has done and if someone does say something about what he has won, it's only because it was done to Federer as well. I read some posts of your's just in...
  7. Serve_Ace

    Murray's workout

    Since you play tennis you should know that having a lot of muscle would only hinder your movement on the court. Andy is creating nice lean muscle along with muscle endurance by doing those exercises. A pro athlete especially in tennis isn't all about strength (they aren't body builders). So it's...
  8. Serve_Ace

    Nadal was silly to play Queens

    It was pretty clear that Nadal was injured, his foot. Remember?
  9. Serve_Ace

    Why is Federer so much more popular than Nadal?

    Did you really just compare movie life to real life. Get a grip.
  10. Serve_Ace

    Wow this place is unbelievably calm. Federer fans take NOTE.

    Oh yes, I remember AO 2009 and the after threads.....I remember those threads of Federer interviews twisting his words. I remember all too well.
  11. Serve_Ace

    Nadal having MRI scan, worried for quarters.

    Fakes the MRI, says it's fractured but continues playing and when he wins he can be hailed a hero of courage for battling through tremendous pain!
  12. Serve_Ace

    Andy Murray in 10 years: The guy too good to not win a slam... who doesn't win a slam

    Is this thread even about Murray anymore? Let's turn this into a Federer-Nadal thread!
  13. Serve_Ace

    What does Murray have to do?

    It's just pressure, Murray responds that way because he feels the need to win. So if Murray just plays for fun like he does in practice he can do it. I don't like hearing people saying that he needs to play his best tennis, even though they are tennis pros it doesn't mean they have an on and off...
  14. Serve_Ace

    Andy Murray vs Rafael Nadal FO semis

    Murray's new mentality. "I've gone this far, I've been through too much. I will not give up." Inspiring.
  15. Serve_Ace

    Murray vs Chela - Quarter Final

    Is this a Roger Federer ala 2009 Roland Garros???? YESSSS. Andy Murray to win it all!
  16. Serve_Ace

    Djoker won't make Roland Garros final

    Prime prime prime, peak peak peak. Prime peak.
  17. Serve_Ace

    Djokovic: I can live with Rafa on clay

    Did this just become another Federer vs Nadal thread? Wasn't this suppose to be about Djokovic and Nadal?
  18. Serve_Ace

    University Discussion Thread

    Awww no UPark? Depressingg
  19. Serve_Ace

    Murray >>>> Lendl as coach

    Confidence, inspiration, discipline, courage, perseverance. All these Murray will gain, if he allows his mind to.
  20. Serve_Ace

    What is wrong with Murray??

    I'm sorry, maybe I should clarify. I'm not comparing, rather I would like Murray to develop the mental strength on Armstrong. Now what a sight that would be. Murray may not be great now, but in the future as he continues down his career we may see something blossom. A Lotus flower blooms twice...
  21. Serve_Ace

    What is wrong with Murray??

    Albeit, cancer is an extreme exaggeration. But Murray needs to really focus hard on what he really wants to achieve.
  22. Serve_Ace

    What is wrong with Murray??

    All greats go through slumps like these. Like Lance Armstrong. Andy must now focus on his training and beat this.
  23. Serve_Ace

    Best username here?

    I miss nadal_freak
  24. Serve_Ace

    Andy Murray outnumbered for comic relief

    Hahaha love it! "Are you British or Scottish?" "Well it depends if I win or not."
  25. Serve_Ace

    Are there tennis players who are as big or buff as football players?

    I dunno about hand eye coordination being way less important in football.....Pretty sure you need hand eye to catch the ball...
  26. Serve_Ace

    get off murray's back

    I was beginning to lose hope in myself.