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  1. prince

    FS : Estusa power beam pro

    price drop $110 shipped paypalled
  2. prince

    FS : Estusa power beam pro

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Estusa power Beam Pro Grip Size / Size: 4 3/8 Quantity:1 Head Size (if a racquet) :92 Condition (x out of 10): 7+ to 8 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes) :Been in my collection for a long time but i dont use it much...
  3. prince

    Volkl advisory thread.

    I use the power bridge 10 mid . all court - i string at 50 lbs multifeel technifiber other racquets i used to own and use are yonex rdx 500 mid , Wilson rok , and estusa power beam pro / braided
  4. prince

    Thinking of buying a stringer....

    if I had $1000 only id get an alpha revo 4000 for $679 - u can either buy strings for the remaining money or save up fro a wise tension head to add later if your string jobs get more hectic
  5. prince

    Gamma 6004 2 point - buying WISE 2086 - question?

    I appreciate the information shared by all of you guys . Tnx a lot !!!
  6. prince

    Gamma 6004 2 point - buying WISE 2086 - question?

    tnx yan v I saw a post at the badminton forums about an aluminum bar , drilled holes and suits the gamma 6004 but yes as u mentioned I have to gtet the right bar , measure , drill holes .
  7. prince

    Gamma 6004 2 point - buying WISE 2086 - question?

    thnx seekay , so u don't use the adapter with he 6004 , do u have to adjust tension on the mains by throat at six oclock to compensate for the friction ?
  8. prince

    Gamma 6004 2 point - buying WISE 2086 - question?

    I now have a gamma 6004 2 point mounting and ill be buying a wise 2086 head . i searched a lot and id like to know from owners with the same configuration - is the adapter a must buy or can I go without using the adapter . im used to stringing and love the 360 degrees rotation available -but...
  9. prince

    Post your last TWO string jobs:

    Yonex rdx500 mid with technifiber multi feel @58lbs Wilson rok mid with technifiber multi feel @56lbs
  10. prince

    Just picked up a Gamma 5003

    I just assembled my gamma 6004 as well , I wont do the wise 2086 for now unless there are a lot of string jobs consistently .
  11. prince

    barry I wanna ask about some specifics on your gamma amchine with wise head where I got the...

    barry I wanna ask about some specifics on your gamma amchine with wise head where I got the mount but u built it up with washers to retain 360 degrees rotation ,c an u elabporate on it - I will have gamma 6004 and ill add a wise with mount but I wanna maintain the rotation 360
  12. prince

    What Stringing Machine Do You Own

    Ill have a Gamma 6004 2 point mount coming my way , its been a long time since I last strung a racquet - 6 years ago I believe - I stopped playing after tearing my Achilles playing bball. I used to string with a SW Ms200TT BTW anyone here with an older (2014 or 2015 ) stringers digest book...
  13. prince

    ***Stringway Machine Users Club***

    yeah I remember when stringing with Ms200TT where at time si would encounter frames that's hard to get into the last part of the stringing , too tight for the clamps and tie offs
  14. prince

    ***Stringway Machine Users Club***

    I used to string with MS200TT and enjoyed every bit of it . I sold it 4 years ago . now I migit consider a gamma 6004 2 point mount or a ML120 double action clamps with concorde
  15. prince

    ***Stringway Machine Users Club***

    I wanna ask when u guys buy your Ml100 or ML120 from alpha tennis /new tech tennis - what tools does it come with ? does it include the cutters, pliers , awls?
  16. prince

    Eagnas Logic 90

    any more user impressions on this machine?
  17. prince

    FS: (2) Dunlop Aerogel 100 , 4 1/2 grip

    why the heck are these still available ? LOL! email me if interested guys.....
  18. prince

    FS: (2) Dunlop Aerogel 100 , 4 1/2 grip

    i have 2 dunlop Aerogel 100 ( blue and white / 90 sq inch head) in 8.5+/10 condition both with leather grips , 4 1/2 grip size . Strings are old and need replacement . i would like to sell $120 for both shipped CONUS , or $65 each shipped CONUS . i can accept paypal as payment ...
  19. prince

    Nadal # 4

    nadal needs to play a lot to peak and reach the level he was before when he was #1 - but nadal cannot afford to play that way anymore due to his injuries and problems .
  20. prince

    How many careers did Fed ruin?

    women , parties, liquor , safin beat safin
  21. prince

    Hewitt furious at Tomic

    The matter was cleared up yesterday as it was known from reliable sources that Bernard Tomic was waiting for Donald Young to practice with .
  22. prince

    Great news for tennis fans

    this swiss guy federer - his dominance is over - he only won 2 slams this year . he has a title drought .
  23. prince

    Melanie Oudin: Two Things That Bug Me

    Did the US media overhype this athlete again ? If she does not live up to it - it'll suck . It puts a lt of pressure on the kid.
  24. prince

    Navarro - Dent

    kinda unusual to see these type of match today huh....... nice match and i enjoyed it .. Dent was serving bombs out there.
  25. prince

    Wow, what happend at the Mirza match?

    maybe its the time of the month ,,,,....
  26. prince

    FS: Yonex RDX mid , 4 1/2 grip , 8.5/10

    i wanna moce this up - price drop $75 shipped CONUS.
  27. prince

    FS: Yonex RDX mid , 4 1/2 grip , 8.5/10

    For sale is a Yonex RDX mid 4 1/2 grip size, condition is 8.5 /10 . racquet is strung ( klip legend mains / forten sweet 16 crosses 62 lbs ) but its been there a long time - for about 6 months so you might need to re string. racquet has been taken care of well and always had a head tape on it...
  28. prince

    Rafter vs Federer in Their primes

    Rafter will have a better chance for sure than todays players excpet for a healty rafa maybe.
  29. prince

    ***Dunlop Aerogel 1hundred (AG100) club***

    i receive mine a few days ago- TW leather grip , 60bs Tf X1 biphase 17 . Nice frame , took me about 2 hours awhile to adjust from my RDX mid . light frame -less power compared to my rdx but you can swing at the ball and get it in . good on grounds , serves . have not tested it a lot on volleys...
  30. prince

    FS : estusa power beam pro / and power beam braided

    estusa power beam pro 4 1/2 grip size , string has been there for 6 months but not really used up. no cover on this one guys . condition is 9/10 so it looks really good.I had head tape on it all the time . email me if interested Want to sell continental USA only , i...