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  1. TnTBigman

    Longtime (2+yrs) MG Prestige Mid users... what are you using now.

    Been out of tennis and the forums for a while and I'm looking to upgrade my sticks. Would like a bit more power. Sucks that the HEAD mid line is no longer made. 4.5 rated player, 1HBH, flat, eastern grip. So what are you previous MG Prestige mid users using and loving (>6 months) now. Thanks.
  2. TnTBigman

    Gamma Progression II 602 FC Stringing Machine

    Any idea when these will be in-stock and avaliable for sale? Thanks :).
  3. TnTBigman

    Rolled an ankle? :(

    So I sprained my left ankle on the courts last Thursday night. A freak accident really, as I cupped a ball from going long with my racquet while running for it. The ball rolled off my racquet and onto the ground, and my left foot trapped it with all my foward momentum landed squarely on it...
  4. TnTBigman

    FS: HEAD Prestige Liquidmetal MP 4 1/2

    Rated 7 /10. Made is Czech Republic. Butt cap looks brandnew with "made in" sticker. 4 1/2 Has orginal grip. No cracks, but do have some mild court rash on CAP and 3 "pen point tip" sized paint chips on the throat- each less than 1 mm diameter. Strung with Biphase. No modifications. No case...
  5. TnTBigman

    Old Tennis Balls

    What do you do with them? I have over 300 hard court surface ball I tried to donate to a nearby tennis facility, and they declined. I used to use them in a ball hopper for practice.
  6. TnTBigman

    Tennis Warehouse Racquet T-Shirt

    Nice T's. Are you guys expecting anymore XL and L sizes?
  7. TnTBigman

    UFC 107: PENN vs SANCHEZ

    Who are you rooting for and who do you think is going to win? I like BJ, but Sanchez is a monster in the first round.
  8. TnTBigman

    Last Microgel Prestige Pro 4 1/2 on TW site

    get it while its there. TYPO: The HEAD Prestige Mid Pro 4 1/2. sorry for the confusion.
  9. TnTBigman

    Continue Shopping

    I find it would be more convenient when clicking the "Continue Shopping" button in "View Cart" to redirect you back to the last place you were. Instead of starting all over again from the TW home page. Just a suggestion. Mabye others have voiced/ or would preffer this. Keep up the great prices.
  10. TnTBigman

    FS: 1 LM Prestige MP 4 1/2 Czech

    1 Liquidmetal Prestige Mid Plus 4 1/2 grip size made in Czech Republic 7-7.5/10 condition some scratches on bumper and frame. no cracks. no augmentations (lead, grip pallet etc). Stock version. $55 shipped CONUS only USPS money orders only pics email:
  11. TnTBigman

    MG Prestige MP users...

    Anyone finding the new grip shape to be smaller than the previous models? I use a 4 1/2 with a single overgrip. And lately its been feeling like a raw 4 3/8 (no overwraps). Mabye my hands are growing. Had this racquet since June.
  12. TnTBigman

    Liquidmetal Prestige MP 4 1/2

    Made is Czech Republic. 7.5 /10 condition 4 1/2 grip size stock version. more pic and details, email me. $65 + shipping (Continental US only) USPS money order contact:
  13. TnTBigman

    FS: 2 HEAD LM Prestige MP 4 1/2 Czech

    as the tittle says 2 HEAD Liquidmetal Prestige Mid Plus both 4 1/2 grip size and made in Czech Republic (silver butt) one 8.5/10 -tiny scrapes the other 8.0/10 - a little more scrapes. BUT NO FRAME CRACKS. both structurally sound. will like to sell as a pair. but i will sell...
  14. TnTBigman

    FS: HEAD i.Prestige mp 4 1/2

    9/10 condition standard length 2nd release (non CAP, matte black pj) strung with psg syngut 16 @ 57 usps money orders only continental US shipping only $90+ shipping = $95 aoshi79atyahoodotcom
  15. TnTBigman

    FSO- HEAD Flexpoint and i.Prestige MPs

    i.Prestige MP 4 1/2 9.5/10 condition Prince synthtic gut @57 Head Hydrosorb (white) $110 shipped Flexpoint Prestige MP 4 3/8 9.5/10 condition Wilson EnduroPro/Reaction @ 57lbs $99 shipped very minor if any bumper guard scratches. no frame cracks or paint chips i always use...
  16. TnTBigman

    FS: HEAD Flexpoint Prestige MP 4 3/8

    8.5 - 9.0 condition very minor bumper scratches. no paint chips / cracks on the frame. asking $85 shipped. continental US only USPS money orders aoshi79atyahoodotcom
  17. TnTBigman

    FS: HEAD i.Prestige MP std 4 1/2

    9/10 condition non peeling pj $99 shipped USPS Money orders only. Continental US only email:aoshi79atyahoodotcom re: i.prestige mp
  18. TnTBigman

    Aerogel 200 and Microgel Prestige MP

    Did a search for threads and posts about this. Didn't find any. SO...those who have played / demoed both. Any similarities/ differences between the two? Which one was better and why? They are almost the same in specs.
  19. TnTBigman

    FS: PC600 iPrestige MP FP Prestige MP LM Prestige MP

    PC600: 9+/10 condition 4 1/2 grip $170.00 shipped i.Prestige MP 9+/10 condition 4 1/2 grip non peeling pj $99.00 shipped FP Prestige MP 9+/10 condition 4 3/8 grip $90.00 shipped LM Prestige MP 8/10 condition 4 3/8 grip $70.00 shipped pics avaliable upon requests...
  20. TnTBigman

    WTB: HEAD LM Prestige MP 4 3/8 austria/czech

    9.0 + condition no cracks or paint chips. bumper scratches are fine. the few the better. immaculate handle butt condition. like new. standard length. email me with pics n price aoshi79 at yahoo dot com
  21. TnTBigman

    FS: HEAD PC600 4 1/2 + i.Prestige mp 4 1/2

    both 9.5 condition. no frame paint scratches, chips or cracks. PC 600 has two small bumper guard scratches @ the 12 o clock. i.Prestige MP has no frame or bumber scratches. both butt caps like new. ALL PARTS ORIGINAL except grips. pics avaliable. both from a pair that may be sold later...
  22. TnTBigman

    Why did you not like the MicroGel MP/PRO after using it

    MICROGEL PRESTIGE MP and PRO I just want to hear some thoughts after seeing man ppl posting em up for sale in the classified section. Hows it different from what you currently use or went back to.
  23. TnTBigman

    WTB/T: HEAD LOGO Shockabsorbers/Dampeners

    The red and transparent ones that came with the LM and FP Prestiges. These dampeners has the HEAD arch thinner and slender...much sleeker than the new thick arched ones HEAD now issues. Must be in good condition with no scratches. Looking for 5. aoshi79 at yahoo dot com Will buy or trade with...
  24. TnTBigman

    ? about HEAD FP Prestige line

    where all of these racquests made in China? Did this line experience variations in manufacture country like the LM Prestige? (Austria/Czech Rep/China).
  25. TnTBigman

    recomendation: like Wilson Sensation 16 but much better

    absloutely loved that soft, pocketing yet crisp feel when strung @ 57 lbs. But it looses tension too fast and becomes dead. Any recommendations? I would like that soft, pocketing yet crisp feel last much longer (5-6 weeks). I hit purely flat. Very little topsin on backhand. Flat...
  26. TnTBigman

    Wtb: Pc 600

    willing to pay between $150 - $200 for a PC in good working condition. i.e. no paint chips/cracks/scrapes. bumper scrapes is ok. grip 4 3/8 - 4 1/2. email pics to aoshi79 at yahoo . com
  27. TnTBigman

    If you didn't have your current racquet...

    what other racquet(s) peak your interest? or would have switched to if it wern't for the price/pj/gripsize/headsize/avaliability/brand?
  28. TnTBigman

    Microgel Prestige MP 4 3/8

    already up for grabs on that famous bidding site. wish i had pay pal. it looks pretty cool.
  29. TnTBigman

    FS: Head i.prestige MP 4 1/2

    9.5 condition owned it for 4 months. Non peeling paint version. "Made in Austria" paint above the handle. No scratches on the original bumper and butt base. No cracks on the frame. one small 2 mm diameter paint chip at the 12 o'clock position in inner hoop. pictures avaliable on demand...
  30. TnTBigman

    PC Tennis Games

    i gotta do something when it rains :) . any good ones out there? oldies? saw Lotto Tennis Challenge. looks prety decent. you can play on clay, grass and hardcourt. appreciate any recomendations.