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    Rosol hitting a reverse serve. That is pretty sweet.
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    Article on bathroom breaks in tennis.

    Shoutout to Ralph on TT who is particularly against this. :)
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    Some advice on the 1 hander.

    So, I have been playing tennis for about 10 years now. My forehand was always light years better than my 1 handed backhand, but I managed to get my backhand to the point where I could rally very well with it. I got good topspin and depth, not much power which I couldn't really generate unless I...
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    Baffling shot selection on big points.

    Just a fun thread before the Rome final. I thought it would be fun to post videos of matches you have in which a pro player has went for an absolutely :confused: shot on a crucial point. This "passing shot" attempt by Dolgo on a set point against Djokovic always makes me laugh :lol...
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    Better 2nd Serve: Nadal or Djokovic

    What do you guys think?
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    Better net game: Safin or Hewitt?

    There was an interesting side debate in the Roddick vs Hewitt thread about who had the better net game between Safin and Hewitt. I figured it deserved a thread of its own. What do you guys think?
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    Two hander with the best slice?

    What do you guys think? I think Andy Murray and Alex Dolgopolov. I also thought Roddick had a great slice backhand when he played.
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    Is this racket totaled now or just has grievous paint damage?

    Hey guys, What you think? I felt that this k90 felt alright to play with until I noticed this horrible crack. After that, I can't play well with it and think its broken. Here are some pictures.Thanks.
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    Do you eventually habituate to the stiffness of a frame?

    Hi guys, I recently switched to a Babolat PD and I was loving it for the past 2 days until today when my arm really started hurting badly while playing. I realize that it is a stiff frame, but I have played with other stiff racquets like the IG extreme without any problems. Do you eventually...
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    Huge backhand return by Djokovic.

    From the exhibition against Murray. Djokovic unloaded on a backhand return when the serve was struck at 118 mph. What do you guys think? I think it is the backhand version of Blake's well-known forehand swat returns.
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    Question about switching from 1 HBH to 2 HBH.

    Hey guys, At what point would you guys say its too late to try to switch from 1 hander to 2 hander? I have been playing seriously for about 8 years now; I started when I was 12 or 13. In that time, I have managed to develop proper groundstrokes and serving technique. My serve and forehand are...
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    Hewitt's run to the final at AO 2005.

    Pretty nice little clip showing Hewitt navigating through a brutal draw and all the drama that came with it. :lol: Btw, anyone think Nalbandian acted like a big baby? That was not a "push and shove". Their shoulders might have made brief contact...
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    Why do RG spectators boo players for examining the ballmark?

    I have never understood this. Everyone gets jeered for requesting the umpire to come examine the ballmark. What is so wrong with it? No other crowd seems to boo players for taking a long look at the line and then requesting a challenge.
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    Best versions of shots you have seen.

    Best kick serve Best run-around forehand Best topspin lob or this
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    How do you rate Wawrinka's forehand?

    Stan is known mostly for his amazing backhand and now his serve too. I still think not enough is said about his forehand. It is a wonderful shot and probably even bigger than his backhand when he is in form.
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    Favorite match for all "slow tennis" lovers slow plexicushion, constant left-right hitting. you guys should love how entertaining the tennis is. good stuff. Disclaimer: This thread is a parody of this hilarious thread (
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    Does anyone have a link to a quality stream for the 1984 W final?

    I would love to see this match, but I found two versions on youtube and both of them are horrible. Was wondering if anyone has come across a good quality stream.
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    What happened here? 32 second mark in this video. Did Roddick whiff on that volley? :shock: or did he hit it and it went into the net. I can't tell.
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    Caption this.

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    Terrible news

    TennisProsHD has been banned from youtube. There goes another 1000 HD tennis highlight clips from youtube. :(
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    Has a tennis match ever been called off because of wind only?

    I was wondering if a pro tennis match has ever been called off by just wind. It's not even rainy where I live, but 30 mph gust have effectively cancelled my tennis plans. It's not a bad reason to call of a tennis match. I think 10-20 mph is always playable, but 35 mph gusts seem like...
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    Whose forehand was worse: Gasquet or Henman

    Both guys are great players that reached the top 10, but both had weak forehands. Whose forehand was more of a liability?
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    If Gasquet was big competitor, would he have slam-potential?

    What do you guys think? Along with Nadal, he was considered the hottest talent on tour in 2005. We all know that Gasquet has been plagued with a horrible mental game, but for the sake of discussion, lets pretend that he was a fighter. Do you think he has the game to win big or was everything...
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    2 Masters 1000 + 1 YEC

    Just curious, will Djokovic be making history if he manages to win WTF? I know that Safin(2004) and Nalbandian (2007) managed to win back to back masters titles during the indoor season. Neither of them won at the YEC though.
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    Fastest forehand you have seen Berdych hit?

    I was wondering about this. The guy is such a brilliant ball striker. I watched Isner and Janowicz take huge swings and crush 150 kph forehands. Then I watched Berdych play against Raonic and he casually hit a 153 kph forehand winner with barely any effort.
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    FS:Head YOUTEK IG Speed 16x19 Midplus (1/4). 8/10

    Hi, I want to get rid of this racquet. Not for me. In good condition. I have only hit with it 2-3 times so there may still be some life in the rpm blast 17 strings that are on it. Here is a picture: $80 dollars shipped. You can email me through my...
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    Is it possible to be successful without a coach?

    I know Federer had some great years without a coach, but what other players in the past have succeeded without a coach?
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    Can someone identify this commentator for me? I LOL every time I hear him say "This match is heating up nicely." after Murray and Del Potro had an argument. I'm a fan of his for life. Is it Jason Goodall?
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    What the heck was wrong with Djokovic in this game? It seems like he is intentionally stumbling around after hitting a shot poorly.
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    Can anyone tell me what Nadal said after this point?

    Was watching the highlights and Nadal yelled something after this point. Or was that someone else? It sounded like Nadal. Really nasty drop shot by Nadal in that tiebreaker, btw.