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  1. JohanLiebert

    Players and their corresponding animal names

    Noticed many players being likened to animals: Federer - Goat Nadal - Bull Karatsev - Lion Sinner - Fox Lloyd Harris - Tarzan What are other common names? Edit: Or any suggestions?
  2. JohanLiebert

    Comments by Paul Annacone on the greatness criteria (and Paris Masters)

    “Personally, I don’t believe in the concept of ‘greatest of all time’. I think we can debate, if anything, the “most successful”, who has achieved the most in their career,”Annacone said in a recent interview. Along with the Slams, Annacone feels other metrics like the weeks spent at world...
  3. JohanLiebert

    Does Federer have any record that you don't see being broken?

    Nadal's slam record seems safe for a while. Djokovic's weeks at one will probably not be broken anytime soon. Which important Fed record do you think will last for long?
  4. JohanLiebert

    Would you prefer Nadal's 14 RGs or Pete's slams?

    If Nadal wins RG in June (or later), would you as a professional rather have 14 RGs or Pete's entire slam tally? Benefits of choosing Nadal's 14 would imply undisputed dominance over one surface apart from the numerical equivalent of Pete's slams. Choosing Pete could imply some variety in slam...
  5. JohanLiebert

    Djokovic: A player has a greater chance of winning a slam than number 1

    “Grand Slams are historically the most significant tournaments in our sport, there is no doubt about that,” Djokovic told reporters at the Vienna Open. “Winning a Slam is like winning a world championship, only we have that opportunity four times a year. Those are two exhausting weeks in every...
  6. JohanLiebert

    Will anyone win 60 grand slams?

    Is Navritilova's open era record of 59 secure?
  7. JohanLiebert

    What do you think about the evolution of sport science with regard to Federer?

    Federer is the oldest man in the top 130 rankings. Most of his competitors (currently 39 or younger) retired way before him: Andy Roddick (2012) Nalbandian (2013) Davydenko (2014) Hewitt (2016) Berdych (2019) Ferrer (2019) Many of the above, were not particularly competitive in the later...
  8. JohanLiebert

    Guga says that Federer and Nadal have an unfair longevity advantage due to advancement in "medicine and sports science"

    "Tennis great Gustavo Kuerten says the likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have an unfair advantage over players from previous generations. However, Kuerten says Federer and Nadal owe as much to scientific advancement as they do to their undisputed talent, when not comes to measuring their...
  9. JohanLiebert

    Nadal is one of the most balanced (all surface) player of all time

    1. Nadal has won the most grand slams on clay in the open era 2. Nadal has won the sixth most hard court grand slams in open era 3. Nadal has won the seventh most grand slams on grass in the open era He is one of the two men in the open era to have won multiple slams on all surfaces. Slams are...
  10. JohanLiebert

    Federer, Nadal or Djokovic? Who do you like the most?

    Wondering about the ratio of members' support here. Djokovic is often disliked because of his poor on-court behaviour. Breaking rackets, even after attaining ATG status does not make him the the best role model for kids to imitate. However, he is not obliged to act differently (whatever suits...
  11. JohanLiebert

    Better future career. Zverev or Tsitsipas?

    Who do you think will end up with the better career?
  12. JohanLiebert

    Thiem will win at least 5-10 grand slams

    Once Djokovic stops dominating, Thiem will be the first to capitalise. Unlike the others, he will have the least likelihood of being knocked out in the first few rounds of tournaments. He will be making it deep everywhere. As Ivan Lendl noted recently, "33 is the new 27 in tennis". Regardless...
  13. JohanLiebert

    Wimbledon final, and Euro Cup final on the same day?

    The timing may not be the same, but isn't it too much? Potentially, hampering people, who want to catch both of them live, or just overdoing it a bit? Is it prudent to hold great sporting events, around the same time?
  14. JohanLiebert

    Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in the World

    Because Messi isn't from the world.
  15. JohanLiebert

    08 Nadal Vs. 15 Djokovic at Wimbledon

    Who displayed a higher level? I think, they both played some of their best tennis, at grass.
  16. JohanLiebert

    Tim Henman tips Stan Wawrinka to reclaim Roland Garros title

    Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal have been the outstanding players of the clay-court season so far, but Tim Henman believes that Stan Wawrinka could still be the man to beat when the French Open starts on Sunday. Although the 31-year-old Swiss has been well below his best in recent...
  17. JohanLiebert

    Nishikori - The real 4

    As we head into RG, I've compiled a list of the current top 10, based on recent level. 1. Djokovic 2. Murray - Nadal 4. Nishikori 5. Kyrgios 6. Raonic 7. Tsonga(provided fit) 8. Thiem 9. Goffin 10. Wawrinka Feel free to add your inputs.
  18. JohanLiebert

    Sousa Vs. Thiem

    Who will win? This is an interesting match, as they both play at about the same level. Who will proceed?
  19. JohanLiebert

    Whose game is more beautiful? Murray or Djokovic?

    Both possess a breathtaking array of shots. It's always a delight seeing their matches. Sharp shot making, consistent depth, solid movement. Markings for the future of tennis. Their model is what seems likely to stay. What dissimilarities if any, do you see in the game of either? and prefer? I...
  20. JohanLiebert

    A question to Nadal and Djokovic fans.

    To Nadal fans: When did you think/believe that Nadal would surpass Federer's slam tally? Or that, there was a high probability, that Nadal would surpass his slam count? To Djokovic fans: Since, when have you been under the belief, that Novak will surpass Federer's 17? Or, that it is the most...
  21. JohanLiebert

    When will Thiem ever achieve the results of Tomic and Kyrgios?

    In Grand slams? Thiem managed to take a set from Goffin, in January. But clearly, David was better. If Thiem had competed in Marseille, he would have lost. Maybe, he's aiming to compete in easier fields? That would make sense. I see a lot of potential for Thiem. He managed to beat top 10 Tomic...
  22. JohanLiebert

    Is Thiem a Choker?

    How would you rate his mental strength?
  23. JohanLiebert

    RG: Wawrinka 15 Or Soderling/ Del Potro 09

    Rate the three in terms of the level, they displayed. Soderling was the only one who proved, that Nadal was mortal. He showcased greater mental strength, in getting the deed done. Stan came down from a set, and bombarded Djokovic with a flurry of winners. Del Potro pushed Federer to the very...
  24. JohanLiebert

    Are players, who lose to Pella and Tsonga, better than Zverev?

    Suppose, there's a player, aged about 22 - 23. He loses to guys like Pella, Tsonga, Goffin, etc. He is literally thrashed by a 34 year old. Does this 22 - 23 year old, have more potential than Zverev? Or even 20 year old Kyrgios, maybe? This guy can beat middle aged Ferrer, and can beat...
  25. JohanLiebert

    McEnroe would have taken Meldonium.

    John McEnroe has defended Maria Sharapova after her shock revelation last week that she failed a drugs test at the Australian Open in January. And the American confessed that he would've taken the substance himself had it been available during his playing days. Sharapova is facing a ban of up...
  26. JohanLiebert

    So Many Cheaters.

    Obviously Nadal, having his illegal steroids. Injury break? No, I'm not buying it. Lol, Federer wasn't even a doubt. He has always been injury free. Getting injured, at 34 is too hard to believe. Delpo was obvious. Dude missed, a year, after being found out. Borg retired way too early. Bells...
  27. JohanLiebert

    Coaching Immortality: Will Uncle Toni always be the greatest?

    The only coach to hold 14 singles' slams. Will his record ever be broken? Who are your top 5 coaches?
  28. JohanLiebert

    Sampras: Federer is playing better now, than 10 years ago.

    "I was resigned when I saw Roger do it at Wimbledon," explained the American. "Sure, I would have loved for my 14 to last forever but it was meant to be broken. "Roger not only passed me but he has 17 and Rafa (Nadal) has 14 and Novak (Djokovic) has 11. Literally three guys who passed me in one...
  29. JohanLiebert

    Sharapova - Intentional or Unintentional poll?

    Consuming it on purpose, despite being aware about the ban? Or she missed the mail?
  30. JohanLiebert

    Peak Federer Vs. Peak Djokovic

    Who displayed a higher level, in his peak? The era, they played in, or their h2h is irrelevant in this case. I'm talking solely, about the level of their game. Common arguments include, that Roger had the h2h advantage in the beginning, and Novak could catch him only when he declined. Others...