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  1. tdhawks

    Softer hybrid than FireWire Boost?

    I have been using this setup in 18g for the last year plus. It’s awesome. Love everything about it. However, I have a shoulder that will eventually need some work, (bone spur and separated AC joint). Until I get around to having that worked on, what is a comparable setup that I could go with to...
  2. tdhawks

    Vapor Cage 4 vs Cage 3

    I have used the Cage 3 for a while now and to be honest, I don’t find it the most comfortable shoe. It works, it’s durable, but not very comfortable to me. I wanted to like the GP Turbo, but it did not work with my foot. My normal size was a little cramped, and sizing up creates way too much...
  3. tdhawks

    Wilson Rush Pro 3 vs Cage 4

    Has anyone tried both of these? I played in the Wilson’s last summer and really liked them. Once I burnt through them I used the Cage 3’s and I recently burnt through those as well. I was thinking about going back to the Wilson’s or trying out the new 4’s.
  4. tdhawks

    Nike Zoom Cage 3 sz 11.5

    Item Description: Nike Zoom Cage 3 (Leopard Print) Sz. 11.5 Quantity: 1 Condition: 9.5/10 Specific Time Used: 1 hour General Description: Pratically new pair of shoes. Do not fit my feet whatsoever. Missing insoles however as I changed them out to put in my replacements and my wife tossed the...
  5. tdhawks

    Any playtesters prefer the previous EZONE 98?

    I have been playing with the newly released EZONE 98 for roughly 4 months and have yet to truly dial into the frame despite customization. I am not able to produce the topspin, and kick that come with my ground strokes or my serve. And the control with this racquet compared to my old DR‘s is...
  6. tdhawks

    2020 EZONE 98 vs EZONE 98 previous

    I updated to the 2020 version from my loved DR’s this year. I’ve had it for roughly 5 months and just cannot get dialed in with it no matter how much customizing I do. I think it may be time to move on. My serves are good, but my ground strokes are lacking pace and I’m having an issue...
  7. tdhawks

    Question on Yonex Pro Racquet 12 Pack Bag Blue

    Between this and the similar 9 racquet bag, I see the difference as the width being 3” shorter. Is the 3” difference in the outer racquet compartments and the middle storage is the same width on both bags or is the middle smaller on the 9 racquet bag vs the 12? Does that make sense? I’m more...
  8. tdhawks

    Preferred location when adding lead to handle?

    I have put tape above the butt cap. Laid long strips on the pallets around 3.5-4” up from the cap. Also at 7” since some say that is the magic spot. At the end of the day, is one spot more preferred than another in terms of better feel? I just do it for counterbalance and I’m sure most of you...
  9. tdhawks

    Inguinal hernia

    For those of you who’ve had surgery to repair this, how long were you off the court? I am hoping to hear 4-6 weeks tops, is that realistic? Had the procedure a week ago.
  10. tdhawks

    Nike Cage 3

    What's the word on these? I haven't worn Nike's in a long time. I burnt through my Wilson Rush Pro's in less than 5 months and my Speed Solutions are shot as well. I have worn Resolutions in the past and all pairs have been great except the latest 7's caused some heel pain. Thanks.
  11. tdhawks

    Western and Southern - Cincinnati

    My wife and I are looking to get out of town and head to this event this year. I’ve never been to Cincinnati, nor to a pro level tournament. Have any of you guys been to the Western and Southern and if so, did you buy tickets straight through Ticketmaster or is there a better (cheaper) place...
  12. tdhawks

    Racquet after DR98 ...?

    I have had my DR 98’s since they hit the market. Needless to say, they have given me my money’s worth and some. I don’t know how much life they have left in them. Where I’m going with this is, for those of you who have moved on from the DR mainly because they moved on from production or you...
  13. tdhawks

    Wilson Rush Pro 3

    Any suggestions on the sizing of the shoe? I haven’t worn Wilson’s in a long time. In a Aiscs Gel Resolutions I wear an 11, but an 11.5 in Speed Solutions, and 11 in Adidas. Would you suggest sticking with an 11 or do they run small? Thank you.
  14. tdhawks

    Any small business owners out there?

    Did you start your own or buy existing?
  15. tdhawks

    VCORE 98 from DR

    For those that made the switch, is the honeymoon over or are you still enjoying it? My DR 98’s have quite a few hours on them. For those who switched to the new VCORE from the DR, what are your thoughts? Thanks.
  16. tdhawks

    New Barricade Boost??

    Looks Like Tsitsipas is rocking these. Anyone in the know know anything about these?
  17. tdhawks

    Barricade Boost vs Ubersonic 3

    For those who have worn both of these, what is your preference? I am an Asics guy. I wear both the Gel Res and Speed 3's. How is sizing with adidas compared to Asics? I wear an 11 in Resolutions and an 11.5 in Speeds. I think I size up in the Speed only because of how narrow the shoe is. I...
  18. tdhawks

    Pro’s Pro Super Tacky +

    Is it comparable to Super Grap? I’ve used Yonex overgrips for the past several years but the quality seems to be going downhill and I am burning through them every other outing.
  19. tdhawks

    Sportlegs/Nuun/Salt Stick

    Do any of you have a favorite amongst the three? I have used a Hammer Nutrition products off and on for the last few years and they have always done a decent job with keeping me hydrated for matches. Lately I have been suffering a little more from dead legs while playing. Stamina is good, but...
  20. tdhawks

    Appeal rated players

    Does USTA compare “appeal” rated players toward the likes of self rated players or computer-rated players? I guess my question is, for those players who have appealed, can they receive strikes and be bumped up midseason causing disqualifications or are they like a computer rated player where...
  21. tdhawks

    Adidas vs Nike apparel

    Would you say the quality is pretty similar between the two when it comes to shorts, T-shirts, and crews? Preference? I’ve always been a Nike guy and never really worn anything other and I found a couple pairs of Adidas pieces that I like. Is the sizing pretty similar across the board or do...
  22. tdhawks

    New Balance 1296 Anyone?

    The new blue colorway looks kind of sharp. Have any of you played in them? I have never worn New Balance. I have read they run very narrow so go the wider route if available.
  23. tdhawks

    Ubersonic 2 vs Speed Solution 3

    Currently have a few pairs of SS3's but was looking to snag a pair of Ubers. For those who have played with both, do you have a preference? How about sizing? I wear an 11.5 in SS3 but a 11 in Gel Res 7. How does the Uber sizing work? Thanks.
  24. tdhawks

    Fitness Tracker/Watch

    What do you guys wear when playing tennis? I want to snag something to measure my output, calories, steps, etc. I assume most of these can sync to my iPhone or to a website to measure progress. I have an iPhone so I was thinking about just snagging the Apple Watch, but I really don't want to...
  25. tdhawks

    Mid-Season Bump

    Let's say player A is a Computer rated 4.0. He plays both on a 4.0 and 4.5 team and is winning fairly easy on both levels. Is there a chance during the season player A could be bumped to 4.5 mid-season or would it be at seasons' end due to his 4.0C rating? Thanks
  26. tdhawks

    If you had to pick?

    Speed solution 3 or Ubersonic 2
  27. tdhawks

    Speed Solution Users

    How is the outsole/traction on the 3's vs. the 2's? My buddy runs a pro shop in town and has one remaining pair of the 3's in my size in stock that he's had for a while that he'd sell me at cost. I had the 2's and wore them for less than 2 weeks because the outsole was so damn slick I was...
  28. tdhawks

    Insoles to help plantar fasciitis

    My GR7's are causing some issues already on my right foot. Typically this will happen towards the end of summer with all the court time I have put in, but not this early on. Shoes are fairly new too, lot's of life left in them. Can anyone suggest an insole that may help the issue? Thank you.
  29. tdhawks

    Preference on 2 pairs -

    Trying to decide on which pair to roll with - The 2016 Barricade Boost or the Ubersonic 2. I have a pair of GR7's that I wear that are fine, only a few months old, these are just another pair to throw into the rotation. I have used the GR6's for the better part of a year and a half, with the...
  30. tdhawks

    Ubersonic 2 Sizing.

    I have a pair of Ultraboost running shoes in size 11.5, but no other Adidas shoes to compare these with. I wear 11.5 in my Vapors, but an 11 in all my Gel Resolutions. Any insight as to which size to go with?