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  1. theJuniorACE

    Looking for cheap Wilson K90 or K95

    I don't care how scuffed they are as long as they work fine, ie no cracks or warping. Email me at Thanks in advance! ps: grip sizes 4 1/2 or smaller
  2. theJuniorACE

    Link to FP Prestige Review?

    i was looking around the site and couldnt find the review, can you guys put a link to it on the FP Prestige specs page
  3. theJuniorACE

    FEderer/Nadal Live scores

    well here im gonna update every 2 games, all in the 1st post as to be convenient for every1 SET 1-Nadal 6-2 Set 2- Federer 6-7 Set 3- Nadal 6-3 Set 4-NADAL 7-6 NADAL WINS!!!
  4. theJuniorACE

    MonteCarlo makes big typo**spoiler** Well here in this article(on the left of JCF's pic) off the MonTe Carlo Masters Series site, they claim that Juan Ignacio Chela of Argentina, is from chile. Although i no its not that big of a deal, i would find it a...
  5. theJuniorACE

    Best contact point for Exteme Eastern BH?

    so i was trying out some new grips for my backhand and wanted to learn to use the extreme eastern, but where exactly is the best cinttact point, id probably guess, Closed Stance, somewhere by your front knee(closest to the net) can somebody please help with this? thanks, gabe
  6. theJuniorACE

    Feelings about TI-80?

    well im currently using a POG and am playing well, but im thinking about demoing the TI-80, what are peoples thoughts on this racquet?
  7. theJuniorACE

    Fed's nike shirt from Pre-AO press confrence

    does anyone no where i can buy this shirt its a red T with the swoosh and Nike in yellow, in the middle of the chest with a stamp like pritn that says The Original, next to Nike It was in the conference where theya sked him about how he felt about playing baghdatis in the ffinal please...
  8. theJuniorACE

    Any dif. between RD-7 and RD Power 7?

    well iw as wondering if there were an ny difference between these two or if its just the way ppl refer to them
  9. theJuniorACE

    uderwear with compression shorts and size of UA compression shorts?

    so im going to pick up a pair of underarmor compression shorts and was wondering if ppl wear any boxers underneath i dont think you should b/c thad be kind of wierd, but i wasnt sure i was also wondering how the underarmor compression shorts sizes run i mean i wear medium sized boxers...
  10. theJuniorACE

    What POG did Nalbandian use?

    heres a pic im not sure as to wether it is the 93 in headsize, standard pog or the longbody and how well did he play with it? Any ideas as to why he left prince for yonex?
  11. theJuniorACE

    how much do you tip your barber?

    so i got a new barber and he gave me one of my best haircuts ever so i tipped him 5 bucks, i no it doesnt seem like a lot but im 16 lol and im always broke, but w/e how much do you guys tip?
  12. theJuniorACE

    Prostaff 6.0 95. ANy thoughts?

    im gonna drop by **** and see if they have it there to demo, but any opinions? i no marius prtotests them b/c of TE and shoulder problems, but what are others opinions And wouldnt it be a lot safer if i string lower im a healthy 16 yr. old that has never had TE or shoulder problems...
  13. theJuniorACE

    WTB Great condition MAX200G 4 1/2 grip

    i want to buy a dunlop max 200g in a 4 1/2 grip size still with the original leather grips has to be a 9.5/10 condition ive got 30 bucks plzz help me out
  14. theJuniorACE

    HEAD PC600 Calfskin leather grips

    so if anyone has a broken pc600 or 660, u can umm take the grips off and let me buy them off you ive got 15 shipped for them i require that you have used overgrips on it, as to preserve it thanks, gabe
  15. theJuniorACE

    murray and Acasuso's HEAD racquets?

    so while watching murray and Acasuso play i noticed they both use head racquets, but i couldnt tell wat racquets murrays looked black at the sap open, but i could see a red gleam if the camera was right but Acasuso's looked all black, i tihnk perhaps i saw a blue gleam, but wasnt sure...
  16. theJuniorACE

    PC600 or Classic tour MP?

    well yea im gonna get a new racquet im currently plaing with a Dunlop 600g leaded up to almost 11 oz its ehhhhhh but now ive moved on to head racquets and cant decide to get the classic tour or wait and get a pc600 now ive heard that in reality the pc600 has a 89 sq. in head b/c HEAD...
  17. theJuniorACE

    EXACT Specs of PC600 please

    so can anyone please post the exact specs like TW does(stiffness, recom. tension, SW, weight, balance, etc...) thanks, gabe
  18. theJuniorACE

    Price estimates on PC600s?

    well i was kinda wondering as to how much they cost b/c i need some new sticks and dont really wanna dish out tons of doh for 1 racquet and have to wait until u guys are actually selling it thanks, gabe
  19. theJuniorACE

    where to get Polystar?

    so where does everyone get their polystar strings from?
  20. theJuniorACE

    help with 1st non syn gut string and setup plzz

    well for the last 6 months ive been using an Mfil 200 and with that some syn gut(Wilson Stamina 16 and Babolat Super Fine Play 16) strung at 60lbs. but now i need some more durability, feel, and spin so ive been thinking about trying a poly/gut or syn gut hybrid now its my 1st hybrid an...
  21. theJuniorACE

    What stencil did Grosjean have when he played Kiefer?

    well from watching that match i noticed that he was usign a LM prestige MP, but he didnt have the head stencil on his racquet, so i figured w/e no stencil, but then as the focused on on him for his serve, he did have a stencil it looked to me like Babolats because it was 2 lines along the...
  22. theJuniorACE

    Prince poly mains and dunlop max comfort crosses?

    well ive got a HM 200G and want to try a hybrid and a poly for that matter so i was thinking prince poly for the mians and dunlop max comfort for the crosses how do you guys think itll play? any suggestions on tensions, i normally play with syn guts at 59 or 60
  23. theJuniorACE

    ETA of new head tour bags?

    well after seeing the other post, im kind of intrigued as to wen these will be available i think it looks really kool Pic:
  24. theJuniorACE

    how does HM200G hold against Head Classic Tour MP?

    well how do they hold up, because im debating between them im 16 i consider myself a 3.5, but my coach says a steady 4.0 i can probably hit with a 95 sq inch head, but the Classic tour would add some ease for groundstrokes and serve and my forte is my volleys any suggestions?
  25. theJuniorACE

    Does anyone have Head prefered player forms?

    Does anyone have Head or Prince prefered player forms? sorry to be bugging ppl, but can anyone plzz send it to me thanks for any help, gabe
  26. theJuniorACE

    Need recommendation for new stick

    well i just turned 16 in dec. and ive been playing since july 2005 im about a 3.5 and play an all around style game but my coach says im a good 4.0 i hit flat forehands, most of the time picking the ball right on the rise i get a lot more winners off my backhand my backhand also has a lot...
  27. theJuniorACE

    name of song from Sprint/Nextel commercial?

    so yea my rooomates buggin out tryin to find out the name of it the commercials the one with the guy who walks into the copy machine room and the one guys siting on the copy machine w/ his boom box and the other 2 workers are "dancing" in front of him. and fomr the therethe guy whi walked...
  28. theJuniorACE

    Anyone own both Mfil 200 and HM 200G?

    so is there anyone that has both and can provide a good comparason between them. sorry but its just that i cant decide on which1. thanks for your input, gabe
  29. theJuniorACE

    Prince DB More Control?

    Hey, sorry to be bothering you guys at TW, but i was looking for a Prince Tour Harrier DB midplus and was checking online and came across Prince DB More Control, it seemed perfect for me, lol but then i got the message that said invalid, so i was like d@mn, but here u go, i got linked to it...
  30. theJuniorACE

    How much will the LM Prestige go for after the fxp prestige comes out?

    so yea ive got like $120 left from christmas, and i really wanna get the LM prestige mid, but as you can see dotn have the 200 bucks rite now, so how much do u tihnk itll be in a few months and if anyone can tell me a good place to get it for less right now(not that stupid auction site or any...