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    Anyone else also feels their overheads have more pop than their serves?

    Either that or serve from the service line and don’t restrict yourself to hitting into the service box
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    Jolly's Polys

    Might be time to hit the gym.
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    Rec vs. ATP injury mgmt

    Apples and oranges
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    String tension, control vs power, how spin fits in and what it really means?

    Maybe over thinking but premise is correct if you’re hitting balls long and worried about taking a full swing increase of tension might help, assuming your swing is fairly sound
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    Officially an old fart

    Ditch the bar for dumbbells
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    Topspin slice serve?

    So there's very few threads on this serve, could be wrong but seems like high level women's players use this serve among others, I'm wondering why it's not more popular/ discussed more? Couldn't really find any videos on it through you tube either. I've been trying to hit a kick serve for...
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    How to balance/synergize weightlifting with tennis?

    If you do some basic leg exercises like lunges and dumbbell squats that will also work core so can kill two birds with one stone. Start out easy and work up to it you can do both in same day but can go lighter weights when playing tennis later. Most important thing is to listen to your body and...
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    Why You Should Never Lose 3 Matches In a Row To The Same Opponent!!

    Nobody beats Vitas Gerulaitas 17 times in a row.
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    Hyper G or Hyper G Soft?

    The soft string just came out.
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    Therabandflexbar users....

    Every persons TE is different, the severity can vary by a lot plus some people will try to play through it some will stop entirely and some will play but less frequently so asking for a timeline is a very difficult question. I had a pretty severe case and was using a flex bar twice a day prob...
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    Hyper G or Hyper G Soft?

    Fyi there’s threads on this, I tend to agree with previous poster
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    Do stringers have to replace broken strings?

    This is the right answer. If you bring the string you own it and that's the price you pay for not buying the string at the shop. I have a stringer now but prior to that I had this happen a few times. I just accepted that I had to eat the cost of the string but the shop should re-string the...
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    Is there etiquette in free hitting?

    When I'm free hitting I expect my partner to hit the ball back to me most of the time, otherwise it's just annoying. Now if he/she wants to go for a winner every once in a while that's fine but if it gets excessive I will say something.
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    Venus Williams should retire

    She was ranked as high as 5 in 2018, 34 in 2019 and as high as 54 last year. That’s pretty competitive.
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    Venus Williams should retire

    She’s been competitive until pretty recently
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    Venus Williams should retire

    You weren’t wrong just 15 years early
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    Seniors lounge (over 50) come on in.

    If the floor was made of red clay I really would’ve been impressed
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    nice compliment at gym

    Let us know if he invites you to watch Gladiator films.
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    Jolly's Polys

    not sure what you're currently using but i had never really looked into getting decent tape until recently and stumbled across this tape, thought worked really well as found it super sticky and didn't come off during play. Meister StickElite Professional Porous Athletic Tape - 15yd...
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    Why are reviews on 4g so varied?

    reviews on every string are varied.
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    Longhorn Tennis

    Total hook at 6-5, 30-30.
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    what defines tennis athletic talent?

    What insights am I missing?
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    what defines tennis athletic talent?

    So much nonsense in this thread it's hilarious. Starting to realize most of the people on this board are lower level players that have no clue what it takes to be a high level player. And this is not to diminish that type of play at all. Personally like to see people enjoy the sport no matter...
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    what defines tennis athletic talent?

    What sport do you coach? Shuffleboard?
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    what defines tennis athletic talent?

    Sounds like you kinda suck at tennis.
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    what defines tennis athletic talent?

    You've only 'dabbled in the sport' and have already determined that nearly all of your limitations are between the ears? Thinking this post has to be trolling...
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    Solinco Tour Bite Soft for cross and Confidential for main - thoughts?

    Test it out for yourself don’t put too much stock in one persons opinion ( and not saying he’s wrong)