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  1. OrangePower

    FS: Wilson Clash 100 Tour 4 3/8

    Item Description: Wilson Clash 100 Tour Grip: L3 (4 3/8) Quantity: 1 Head Size: 100 Condition: 8.5/10 Time Used: About 30 hours General Description: * Great condition, no cracks, two small paint blemishes as shown in pictures * Minor bumper scuffing as shown in pictures * Original grip in...
  2. OrangePower

    FS: Head YouTek IG Radical MP 4 3/8 (w/ leather + 3 spare grommets)

    Item Description: Head YouTek IG Radical Midplus Grip: L3 (4 3/8), leather Quantity: 1 Head Size: 98 Condition: 8/10 Time Used: My backup frame for a year circa 2012/2013; in the closet since then General Description: * Great condition, no cracks, a tiny chip as shown in pictures * Three sets of...
  3. OrangePower

    FS: 2x Head Liquidmetal Radical MP 4 3/8 (w/ leather + spare grommets)

    Item Description: Head Liquidmetal Radical Midplus Grip: L3 (4 3/8), leather Quantity: 2 Head Size: 98 Condition: 8 Time Used: Each frame has about a year's worth of use on it General Description: * Both frames are in great condition, no cracks or chips, some light scratches on the bumpers *...
  4. OrangePower

    "What would you do?" - USTA edition

    After playing a league match where one of the opponents is self-rated, you come to discover that he created a duplicate USTA account just for the sake of re-rating. He has a preexisting account with a computer rating a level higher. Having said that, his current self rating seems...
  5. OrangePower

    Hybrid using same poly but different gauge

    I was given some sets of MSV Co-Focus in both 1.27 and 1.18 gauges to experiment with... Full bed 1.27 was a bit too stiff for my liking, so I figured to try 1.27 in mains and 1.18 in crosses (same tension for both). Idea was that the thinner cross would soften up the stringbed a bit. It does...
  6. OrangePower

    Andy Murray - Dominant #1

    Since neither Andy nor Novak is playing Miami, we know how the rankings will look after Miami: #1 Andy Murray 11,960 #2 Novak Djokovic 7,915 Murray will be ahead by over 4,000 points, more than 50% more points than Djokovic. I was not even sure Murray would ever even get to #1, let alone...
  7. OrangePower

    Serena takes on two rec players in San Francisco

    Apologies if this has already been posted, but I just saw it: Very cool. Great story for those guys!
  8. OrangePower

    Question about automated appeals

    A teammate of mine was bumped up to 5.0 at end of 2016. He did an auto appeal immediately after ratings came out but was denied. Fast forward to now: He's playing on our 40 & over 4.5+ team as a 5.0, and not doing so well. He is 1-3 all against 4.5 opponents (0-2 singles, 1-1 dubs)...
  9. OrangePower

    Managing my rating!

    Four matches into the season, here are my results so far - all singles against decent opponents: Won 7-6, 2-6, 1-0. Total games won/lost = 10-12 Won 1-6, 6-4, 1-0. 8-10 Won 5-7, 7-6, 1-0. 13-13 Won 7-6, 0-6, 1-0. 8-12 4-0 but 'lost' 3 in games score with 1 tie. Total games score 39-47 Ok...
  10. OrangePower

    Crosses tension questions

    I like my current setup: poly strung two piece but same string both mains and crosses, and both at the same tension (50lb). But of course one is always on the lookout for MORE, BETTER :) So I've been thinking to try drop the tension of the crosses for more snapback. If I want to keep the...
  11. OrangePower

    Nationals - this is how you do it!

    So I was looking at the roster of an 8.5 Combo team that we will be playing against. I know most of the 4.5s but not much about the 4.0s so I was looking some of them up on the Norcal site (we have our own site and don't use tennislink). Turns out one of them played on the 4.0 Adult team that...
  12. OrangePower

    Frequency of restringing / tension loss

    Posting this because of something in a different thread. I Thought it would be interesting to share how often we casual players restring, and why. In my case, I restring every 10 days or so, because of tension loss. (I use the RacquetTune app to measure tension; it's not 100% accurate but it's...
  13. OrangePower

    Should Combo count towards ratings?

    Just completed a survey conducted by Norcal USTA. One of the interesting questions: "Some believe that including Combo in ratings would strengthen the accuracy of our ratings program, and promote competitive play which would allow more self-rated players to earn a “C” rating while also...
  14. OrangePower

    Rules advice on default situation

    Looking for some advice for how a default situation is best handled per the rules... I'm aware there are other threads are going on about the morality of defaults etc - please let's not get into that here I just want to know how to handle a specific situation! Here's the scenario: We have a...
  15. OrangePower

    Playing on five teams?!?

    Here in Norcal, you can play on multiple teams (within the same league and level) during the regular season, as long as each team is in a different local area. And in the SF Bay Area, the local areas are close together geographically speaking. So it's quite feasible to play on more than one...
  16. OrangePower

    Team win or individual win?

    Say you are playing a USTA league match against your team's main rival. And you yourself are playing your nemesis. Which of these outcomes would you prefer and why? 1. You lose your match but your team wins. 2. You win your match but the team loses.
  17. OrangePower

    Silence is golden!

    With Sharapova and Azarenka now out, and none of the remaining women being shriekers, I will be able to watch the women's semis without having to mute the sound!
  18. OrangePower

    Aurellian charity match challenge

    Aurellian has described his playing style and level in various threads, and has indicated willingness to play against other TT'ers, record the match, and post it for us to see. I think that would be fun and educational. So I'm prepared to put up $50 to go into a charity pool, if such a match...
  19. OrangePower

    Is this a hindrance?

    Played a non-USTA ladder match this morning. On one point, my opponent was at the net, I hit a lob. While the ball was in the air a seagull (or some other large bird, what do I know) flew overhead, maybe 20 feet above my opponent who was setting up to hit a smash. The ball did not touch...
  20. OrangePower

    Shot clock rules

    This topic deserves it's own thread... We need a countdown shot clock like in basketball. It needs to be visible to everyone (players, umpire, spectators), and enforced objectively. The intent should be to limit excessive time taken between points, for the benefit of spectators. We really...
  21. OrangePower

    Grievance DQ question

    A guy at my club is in this situation and asked me. I didn't really know the answer so figured I'd ask the forum: Five or six years ago he started playing USTA league after a long time away from tennis. Based on his answers to the self-rate questions he ended up as a 4.5S. But he was not...
  22. OrangePower

    What happened in Fed match?

    Did not see the match; just saw scores now and that Fed lost. Came here expecting to see a gazillion threads about it... but.. no! To those who watched the match, what were your impressions? Did Nishikori win it, or did Fed lose it? Was Fed moving ok? Not looking for debate on...
  23. OrangePower

    Conclusive: 6-0 6-0 scores count for generating strikes

    Just thought I would share, since there have been some recents threads where this came up: I have 100% conclusive evidence that (in Norcal at least) a 6-0 6-0 score is considered when evaluating strikes for self-rated player DQ. I know a player that was DQ'd after playing exactly three...
  24. OrangePower

    Number of match points saved

    Played a singles match last night where I saved a total of 9 match points: 3rd set, serving at 4-5, 0-40 (3 mp's) Serving at 5-6, 15-40 (2 more mp's) Serving at 2-6 in 3rd set TB (1 mp) Opponent serving up 6-3 in TB (2 mp's) Serving 5-6 in TB (1 final mp) I ended up winning the TB...
  25. OrangePower

    Rafa wins MMA fight!

    His knees looked fine, his elbows even better:
  26. OrangePower

    When hell freezes over

    Here in NorCal our Combo season will be starting soon. Here's an extract from an email, asking captains to consider playing at a higher-than-required level in the spirit of fair competition... hah! Does your team have self-rated players who have improved during the Adult league season? Maybe...
  27. OrangePower

    NorCal 40+ league stupidity

    The new 40+ league kicks off here in NorCal in January. The format is decidedly stupid IMO: During the regular season, the format is 1 singles line + 2 doubles lines. But during the post-season, it becomes 2 singles + 3 doubles. So that means teams who think they have a shot at playoffs...
  28. OrangePower

    2012 USTA NorCal Adult Leagues Survey

    Got an email asking me to take this NorCal survey: There have been several recent threads here on TT discussing 'playing up', so it was interesting to see that there are several questions in the survey about that. If you're in NorCal and...
  29. OrangePower

    Props to Tsonga

    In the match vs Harrison, in the TB, Tsonga made a shot on a short ball / dropshot... Harrison thought it was a double bounce and made no play on the ball, but the umpire called the ball up and awarded the point to Tsonga. But Tsonga conceded that the ball hit the ground (actually it looks...
  30. OrangePower

    When can you re self rate?

    I was doing some scouting for a combo team that I play on, and I came across a guy with a 4.0S rating. Seemed odd, because the name seemed familiar and someone I've come across before, and so I thought he would have a computer rating by now. Looking up his history, here's what I found...