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  1. klementine

    Just wanted to say, TW all the way

    I usually order from TW, 99% of the time. There are occasions however, when they don't have a grip size in stock, etc., and I have to choose a competitor. Without mentioning the competitor, I will say I'm highly disappointed, and possibly spoiled by TW's customer service. I ordered a...
  2. klementine

    ¿No Wilson buttcaps?

    No Wilson buttcaps for sale?
  3. klementine

    paypal working?

    Can't seem to place an order using paypal. Anyone else having this problem?
  4. klementine

    TMR ... a trustful buyer

    Spot on with payment and communication. Thanks again and enjoy!
  5. klementine

    Head Graphite Edge TXE

    Up for sale is a Head Graphite TXE, in a 4-3/8s grip, strung with Prince Synthetic Gut. I acquired this racquet from my step-father and it is in great condition, considering it's age. A conservative 6/10. Over the years he's given me many frames and with his blessing, I'm selling just this one...
  6. klementine

    My BLX2 Blade experiment

    Just wanted to share my experiment with the new, 18x20, BLX Blade. Originally, it was purchased for my wife, she ended up sticking to her old racquet, so I kept this one for myself. I played it stock for 2 weeks or so. Liked it. But I'm used to heavier, more head-light sticks, so I ended up...
  7. klementine

    PrestigeMid 16x18???

    Just acquired this. It's a Head Graphite Edge TXE Mid with a 16x18 pattern. And I got to thinking..... I've searched on here, found nothing, and this question comes out of pure ignorance but could I string-up a Prestige Mid (18x20 string pattern) with a 16x18 string pattern? Or any open...
  8. klementine

    Head Graphite Edge TXE

    So I'm having dinner with my wife and my parents and we start talking about tennis. My step-dad says to go through his old frames and if we see anything we like, to take it. So I did. I'm gonna do some research on it, have heard of them but know nothing, other than that they were made in the...
  9. klementine

    Yonex RD TI 80 lite 4-3/8s 9/10

    Just trying to clean house a bit. Excellent frame, in excellent condition. Strung with x1, 16g mains and alu power crosses at 57/55. Comes with the Yonex bag. I'll throw in a yonex stencil and a bumper guard set as well. $75 shipped. PayPal only and US shipping only. Check my references...
  10. klementine

    2013 Head Racquets?

    Hey T-Dub, Since the IG Speeds and Instincts have just gone on clearance and there has been some talk on the forum of the 2013 line, are there any pre-sale dates available for this new line? Or eta? Also, is it just the Speeds and Instincts that are being launched soon? or should we also...
  11. klementine

    TW?- Donnay Pro1's and Formula 100's?

    Was 'window-browsing' and noticed that they've been out of stock for awhile. Under the formula100 there isn't even a 4-3/8's option with eta. Just wanted to know if you were expecting more any time soon. TIA.
  12. klementine

    piteng is an exceptional seller

    Quick and prompt communication and shipping. Racquet as described. Would deal with in future.
  13. klementine

    Enlightened Coelacanth - Exceptional Buyer

    Probably the finest transaction I've had on TT, in terms of communication, punctuality and maturity. Outstanding across the board.
  14. klementine

    *** Prince Rebel95 (2012) ***

    Up for sale, a Prince Rebel 95 (2012) in a 3/8ths grip. A conservative rating of 8.5/10. Some minor scuffs on the bumper and an area where some of the silver paint decal has rubbed off, otherwise the frame is in fantastic shape. No dinks, paint chips or cracks. It is strung with Yonex HS...
  15. klementine

    Pacific racquets

    Anybody played/demo'd any of them? Really can't find much in the way of people sticking with them and reviews. Anybody out there who's played/demo'd extensively with any of the new frames, please post some thoughts. Seems like no one is talking about these frames. Spec-wise, they have...
  16. klementine

    *** Wilson Juice Pro 4-3/8ths ***

    In 9/10 condition. Strung with x-1 biphase mains and alu power crosses.. 58/55. In a 4 3/8ths grip. In great condition, played with for maybe 2 hours. $140 shipped. PayPal and CONUSA only. email me for request of pics and/or questions. a l e o n d a r i d i s @ g m a i l (dot) com
  17. klementine

    Ten_nuts... the best!!

    Cordial and trustful. Would definitely not hesitate to deal with in future.
  18. klementine

    Q: New Wilson Bumper & Grommets the title states. Just wondering when the B&G's for the new Wilson sticks are expected to arrive, i.e. JuicePro,Steam and PS95. Thank you once again TW. Time and time again, your staff and customer service makes you the best on-line retailer; PERIOD. Not just Tennis retailer.
  19. klementine

    Best method to remove paint

    I've probably skimmed through and read all the threads there are on the 'How to's' of re-painting a racquet. Everyone chooses one of the two methods (sanding or stripping) to remove the paint from a racquet. But I still have not found a resounding answer. Will paint stripper harm the...
  20. klementine

    *** Head IG RadicalMid+ 4-3/8ths ***

    For sale, a Head YouTek IG Radical Midplus in a 4-3/8th's grip in 9/10 condition. The frame itself is spotless, no paint chips, no scuffs and no bumper rash. It is unstrung and the grip has been replaced with another Head Hydrosorb Tour grip as to cover the grip a little further up. It was...
  21. klementine

    *** Wilson BLX 6.1 95 16x18 - 3/8ths ***

    I'm selling one of my Wilson BLX95 16x18 in a 4&3/8ths grip as I'll be out of tennis for awhile. It is in great condition 9/10. Played with once (2hours) as well as the strings (Polystar Energy 16L @ 52lbs.), very minimal wear on bumper and a virtually spotless hoop and throat. No chips, dinks...
  22. klementine

    huy48tr is THE man!

    Kept his word, quick payment, a complete gentleman. Great buyer. Don't hesitate on dealing with him as a seller.
  23. klementine

    *** Wilson n6.1 95 16x18 4-3/8ths ***

    I have up for sale a Wilson nCode 6.1 95 16x18 in 4-3/8ths grip. A 7.5/10 (conservative rating), frame looks really clean and is in great condition. Scuffing on the bumper and two very tiny paint chips that I've had filled in by my stringer. No cracks whatsoever. Strung with babolat's...
  24. klementine

    A thank you to TW and staff....

    I know many have ordered this holiday season from TennisWarehouse and I just want to say 'Thank You' to the TW staff for their excellent and polite customer service and prompt, correct shipment. I've shopped (over the years) from virtually every on-line tennis shop and TW by far has the most...
  25. klementine

    Top notch-Babar!!

    Great buyer. Excellent communication, trustworthy and prompt payment. A pleasure to deal with.
  26. klementine

    Q: Will Head pallets fit any hairpins?

    I know most people want that Wilson/Prince grip... but after playing so many years with the Head grip-shape, I find that I prefer their grip shape. Can I remove the foam grip from a Prince or Wilson racquet, exposing the bare handle, and apply a Head pallet grip? If anyone knows the answer or...
  27. klementine

    **Wilson BLXBlade98 4-3/8's & Prince 3-pack bag**

    Hello. Up for sale is a Wilson BLX Blade98. Unstrung in a 4 3/8's grip. 9/10 condition, no chips, dinks or scrapes, only light scuffing on head guard. $90 shipped, CONUSA and PayPal only. ---------------- Also, In a separate sale, a Prince Tour Team 3-pack bag (the green one). 9/10...
  28. klementine

    El sergento- A+ + + & +

    Very good communication. Timely payment. Trustworthy and honest. Would definitely deal with again concerning any transactions.
  29. klementine

    ***** Exo3Tour100-18x20-4.3/8 *****

    Up for sale a Prince ExoTour100, 18x20 in a 4-3/8ths grip in 8.5/10 condition. The frame itself is clean, just scuffing on bumper and grommets and one tiny area where the paint has rubbed off. No chips or dings. If one replaces the bumper and grommets, it would look brand new. Comes unstrung...
  30. klementine

    A little advice needed...

    I'll get right down to the point. Have been playing and taking lessons (on&off) for the past 5 years after a long hiatus. I am right handed ... but left-footed.. meaning I kick with my left-foot. I was taught the classic, left-foot stable and drag the right toe on serve. PROBLEM: My...