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    made me laugh (NYT ARTICLE) "Even on his good days, Andy Murray makes playing tennis look like the equivalent of swallowing cough medicine for two hours. And once things start going wrong, that cough medicine starts going down with...
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    Murray's Tennis Is Like Swallowing Thumbtacks

    found an article from the new york times "Even on his good days, Andy Murray makes playing tennis look like the equivalent of swallowing cough medicine for two hours. And once things start going wrong, that cough medicine starts going down with a handful of thumbtacks. Normally, that's when...
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    Federer better overhead than Djokovich?

    parody thread.
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    Would you like to see 5th set tie break at Majors?

    I've seen a lot of threads about whether or not there should be 5th set tie breaks, so hey...why not a poll to decide! I mean, everyone knows TW Forums, is the only thing that matters anyways when it comes to tennis. so hey, what do you want? Tie Break or No tie Break? i for one do NOT i...
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    Mentally drained

    I am mentally drained just watching this conglomeration unfold...can you imagine what they're feeling. Isner looks like a zombie. they need some good food, before they resume tommorow.... I think this is like an ultimate sympathy thread for Mahut and Isner.... I feel sorry for them...
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    hip rotation

    lately i've been working on my forehand a whooleee lot. and i've figured out, that i am losing a lot of power (power that i am trying to generate into more spin) by not REALLY getting my torso, shoulders, and legs into the ball more. Right now, I am trying to find some ways to work on getting...
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    new serve video mi amigos!

    well these are all 2nd serves to the ad court. they start out very slow, i only hit about 10 serves before i started the video, i had a few at first that, well, look ********...but if you watch toward the end i start getting warmed up and they start looking better. i ran out of video, so i...
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    Ironic BP Sign

    So i was on facebook today, and saw this picture of where someone found this sign at at BP station. As everyone knows im sure there responsible for the gulf and the massive oil spill. (and i don't think this picture is old, if so, oops!)
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    small pros with big serves

    how many pros that were sup 5'9, that have big serves?
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    trouble with balance?

    try slack lining. personally i have never heard of this until i started going to college and met some people that do it. basically what it is (if you have never heard of it) is where you walk on webbing that is strung from 2 trees, and after you can walk you can do other crazy stuff like flips...
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    Which Wimbledon was more entertaining?

    simple question. which wimbledon was more entertaining, nadal winning last year in a 7 hour weather in weather out match? or Federer winning in a 16-14, marathon? also why was it better? i voted for nadal over federer, not because i like federer to lose, but because of the...
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    i think we'd all hate roger and rafa if...

    we had to put up with this watching them all the time...
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    what i've read the last week.

    *******s: I really feel i have a good shot this year to do well against nadal. *******s: HaHa are you serious what a joke! *******s: I just really feel he may do well this year! *******s: yea, if good you mean is bagels and breadsticks cause thats all he can get. *******s: Just wait...
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    faster clay?

    so im watching the querrey and gulbis match, and it seems to be playing pretty fast. and i saw the stat where that one dude had somethin like 55 aces in one match? and lost? i've been watchin the french for several years, and may have just missed it, but is it playin faster this year? or...
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    Ice Baths!

    how many of you have takin ice baths before? when i say ice baths i mean feeling up a large say cattle trauth(at least thats what we did) and filling it about halfway up with ice, and halfway up with water, and then getting in it....i know when we did it after some football practices, we would...
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    I'm confused, please help

    ok, first off ill go ahead and say im not a big nadal fan. and im not a big federer fan, but i will say i like federer more than nadal for various reasons. all i've read on here is federer won BECAUSE nadal was tired/injured. i dont know much about the madrid tournament, but was it a...
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    **the Stringed Instrument Club**

    A club for everyone that plays a stringed instrument! guitar, Bass, violin, cello, any kind of instruments that have have at leist 1 string on them! We'll make a list of everyone that enjoys to make music while not on the tennis court! this can be a good thread to just talk about all...
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    "real" tennis i have never seen this before. it looks like a ton of fun. like a mix of tennis and racquetball. what do yall think of this? sorry if this has been posted before.
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    hitting on rise?

    i have a question about hitting on the rise. i know its sometimes difficult getting used to it. i've got the timing down on my forehand i NORMALLY*** dont have any trouble with it. but the one handed backhand has shown to be a bit of a problem sometimes(usually on slower, moonball type balls)...
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    how much water should be taken in daily? i've looked on the internet and seen anywhere from 32-64-128 ounces.
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    how good is tennessee knoxville? are they competitive in the SEC?
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    anyone know where i can find a.

    watch that has no numbers on it. not like a digital watch but a normal watch that has hands and what not, but no numbers. just like a blank background, or colored. my cousin had one of these a while ago, and i always thought it was really cool, but i do not know where to find one. he got his...
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    what kinda guitar?

    well i've seen all this guitar talk on here lately so i thought id see what yall play. i've recently been playing acoustics and there fun, but i dont really know any fun songs to play on it. been playing around with: wonderwall-oasis good riddance-greenday wish you were here-pink...
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    forum not updating.

    why is it for me that the forum is not updating for me? everytime i look at the "last post" it has something brand new. then ill click on we'll say "tennis tips/instruction" and that latest post will be no where to be found. and the forum looks exactly the same as it did at 9 am this morning...
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    New serve video

    I've been working on my second serves alot lately and thought id throw a video up. I was serving with my new kBlade tour, at one point i hit like 4 in a row into the net, at the first i THINK my problem was i was dropping my head causing my shoulder to drop. i had been serving for a lil while...
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    Highest Court i found this video, i searched the forum couldnt find anything on it, if i missed it im sorry. but this is Federer and Agassi playin on some super high court in dubai, i thought it was cool
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    little wrist pain

    ok, so lately my wrist has been hurting kinda bad when i picked up my racquet..(right one, so obviously from tennis) is there anything i can do to really help it quickly? right now im: Icing 15 minutes take off 10 minutes icing 15 minutes anything else i could do?
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    Custom Stencils

    Does anyone here use custom stencils on there racquets? and if so, how did you make them, and what do you use? also if using a stencil do you use the stencil paint, or would normal spray paint work the same?
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    Epic Failures

    Post video's or pictures of people getting completely owned. ill start:
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    helpp please

    ok, im about to order a kblade tour. i played with one of my friends loved the feel but didnt exactly ask about any of the specs ok so here's my question what string seems to work the best on this racquet? i dont like my racket to be strung too tight, i like to get quite alot of spin, but...