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  1. Yoeri Tennis II

    When Federer says: "Anything you can do, I can do better!"

    Over 10 different types of ways Federer can say this to opponents! I dare you to guess which types of shots and rallies validify this title ;)
  2. Yoeri Tennis II

    30 Supernatural Points Proving Federer plays Tennis in the Matrix

    30 Cool SUPERNATURAL 'There is no spoon' moments from the Swiss enigma
  3. Yoeri Tennis II

    The Dr. Federer Lesson series is back with part 4

    Just Federer schooling his students....
  4. Yoeri Tennis II

    20 Awesome Federer Points You Have NEVER Seen Before!

    Precisely what the title reads! Enjoy
  5. Yoeri Tennis II

    Top 5 Baby Federer Matches of 2002

    Roger Federer ● Top 5 BREATHTAKING Matches from 2002
  6. Yoeri Tennis II

    Perfect warm-up video for the RG 2019 Final!

    Rafa Nadal vs Dominic Thiem ● Rivalry BEST Points Collection!
  7. Yoeri Tennis II

    The video that just had to be made! Fedal ● ULTIMATE Roland Garros Points Collection

    Federer vs Nadal Rivalry ● ULTIMATE Roland Garros Points Collection! If only Fed had the wheels now that he had back in the day...Then...he would still get beat by Nadal on Friday
  8. Yoeri Tennis II

    Can't believe it's already 6 years ago Nadal & Djokovic performed the greatest RG match of all time!

    The Most COMPETITIVE Tennis Match Ever ● SUPERHUMAN Battle
  9. Yoeri Tennis II

    The day Rafael Nadal played Too Good for his age!

    We all know which match this was don't we ;)
  10. Yoeri Tennis II

    Roger Federer ★ Top 10 IMITATING The Nadal BANANA Forehand

    How close do you think Federer got to reproducing the famous Nadal banana forehand in this cool top 10 video?
  11. Yoeri Tennis II

    Novak Djokovic ★ 10 INCREDIBLE Match Point SAVES Against Federer

    AWESOME TENNIS!!! This is how you save Match Points against the GOAT!
  12. Yoeri Tennis II

    Roger Federer ★ 10 Incredible match point saves against Nadal

    Federer's best match point saves against his arch nemesis!
  13. Yoeri Tennis II

    Federer ● Top 100 All Time Career US Open Passing Shots! I've done all 4 Majors now :D

    I've completed the quartet now of all top 100 Federer passing shots in all 4 Majors! I hope you like the result of all the hard work that went into making these monsters! Don't hesitate to tell me which shots should have been ranked higher or lower and why ;)
  14. Yoeri Tennis II

    Roger Federer ★ Career BEST Dubai Points Collection - INSANE SHOTS!

    Diving stopvolleys, running flick passing shots, tweeners, nuclear name it! They're all stacked together in this video ;)
  15. Yoeri Tennis II

    Serena Williams just completely overwhelmed her 18-year old opponent

    Poor Yastremska was double faulting for two sets straight!
  16. Yoeri Tennis II

    Rafa is back with a bang! Watch all the best points here

    Rafa Nadal vs James Duckworth - 1st Round AO 2019 Highlights
  17. Yoeri Tennis II

    This is why Djokovic will get title no.7 in Australia

    Top 15 Djokovic points Down Under! Scary stuff...
  18. Yoeri Tennis II

    Full video of Murray's retirement press conference

    Andy Murray Announces RETIREMENT in Very Emotional Press Conference ahead of AO!
  19. Yoeri Tennis II

    Evans has already hit the shot of the year 2019!

    Is this already the tennis shot of the year 2019? Holy Moly!
  20. Yoeri Tennis II

    The NextGen video that had to be made!

    Top 10 Future Tennis Superstars I hereby declare the discussion....opened!
  21. Yoeri Tennis II

    Federer and Zverev take the Hopman Cup really, really serious!

    The pair brought their game face today!
  22. Yoeri Tennis II

    A little throwback of the day the boy Nadal became a man!

    17 year old genius! The day when the boy Nadal became a man!