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    Agassi asks for compassion

    There's going to be a '60 minutes' interview with Agassi this Sunday, so be sure to check it out. For my part, I think there are far too many finger wagging judgmental people out there who are probably no...
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    The concept of the windshield wiper is bogus

    I had never heard the idea of the windshield wiper forehand until I started visiting sites like this. Another notion which was new to me was the idea that a semi-western forehand was in some way modern, revolutionary or difficult to do; to me and most of the people I know who play, it has always...
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    Sign the petition to save Stage6

    Someone started a petition to save Stage6, the best video website on the internet, so I'm just bringing more attention to it. They have over 2700 signatures so far and it's rising all the time. Stage6 is scheduled to close this coming Thursday, but don't stop signing, you never know, public...
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    Federer's secret coach, Reto Staubli.

    There are many on these boards who presume to know what is good for Federer better than he does. I would'nt have expected anything less than Federer being a very astute observer of the game, so the quotes from his friend in the article below are not particularly significant, but they may remind...
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    Scoop on the Federer/Sampras exhibitions

    It will be interesting to see what Federer has to say about these matches in his memoirs. I don't like to engage in too much unfounded speculation, but I get the distinct impression Federer might have promised Sampras, if not his best effort, something closer to his real game in the second...
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    Which fans whine the most?

    As most of you will know, an awful lot of whining goes on here daily. And very entertaining it is too. So which amongst this group whines the most? Feel free to elaborate. You can also state who you believe is most melodramatic about their complaint. Choose more than one if you wish.
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    More on the Federer/Roche relationship or lack of

    Further revelations about Federer and Roche from the horse's mouth. It seems Federer was dismayed by Roche's lack of investment in his success or failure. Whether this was due to Roche's great respect for Federer or moderate interest in the project, I suspect we'll never know unless Roche...
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    McEnroe Interview about the game today

    Interview about the current dynamics at the top of tennis, given by McEnroe at the Rome Masters Series this year. He makes some interesting observations. He thinks Djokovic will be the player to succeed Federer as the next No.1 in the future, not Nadal. Also, below is his response to the...
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    Cahill asks Federer if he's looking for a coach

    Video to right titled, 'Federer On His Week In Paris'.
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    Marcelo Rios Q & A

    Have to love his candour. Plays it totally straight. Not impressed by Murray at all, haha. Whole Q & A is good. What do you think of the young guns at the moment- Berdych, Monfils, Gasguet, and what do you think of Andy Murray? Shane Roche, UK I don't know the youngsters that much. I know...
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    Borg as Federer's new coach

    Everyone's going on about Cahill. I have a better suggestion. Borg. It all seems to fit. Of course, he would have to be willing. Although Federer does not really need a coach in the traditional sense, I think Borg and he would make a good partnership. Unlike some, I think the most important...
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    Johnny Mac. The idiot genius or just an idiot? Interesting article.
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    Pacific Life Q & As

    Been enjoying these first interviews. The questions and answers seem more interesting than usual. Federer, Haas, Nadal and Guga so far, have been interesting.
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    Has anyone seen the movie 'Borat'?

    I have just seen this movie in the cinema. Outrageously funny. The cringe factor was almost unbearable. If you have a weak heart or politically correct sensibilities, DO NOT SEE IT! All I can say is, Sacha Baron Cohen has huge balls. This surpasses anything you may have seen of him on tv.
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    Pros and rackets

    I'm not particularly concerned with what the pros do, but I know some of you guys are. So check this out.
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    Americans and sport

    Interesting article.
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    The Power of Nightmares

    I think these programmes warrant a thread of their own. Must see tv shown on the BBC a couple of years ago. You have to press play to buffer and roll film. Each programme is an hour long. Thanks to 35ft6 for bringing the hosting of these programmes to my attention...
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    Wilander's comments, in light of Wimbledon 2006.

    Which is the more respectable score for the losing party? 6-0 7-6(5) 6-7(2) 6-3 1-6 6-1 6-4 7-6(4) Obviously, these scores are from this year's Wimbledon and French Open respectively. I watched the French final again quite recently, and I was struck by how well it was contested by both...
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    Sampras - Federer will surpass me Federer's on schedule, but he still has to complete.
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    Federer should have lost

    This is old news now, but reading a Federer interview conducted before the start of Wimbledon, I was struck by his candour, and in this instance, his liberal use of the word 'should'. A poster here called HollerOne5, started a thread, a little while ago, complaining about how Federer had said...
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    Pointracker for the French Open

    For those who are not able to see tv footage of the French Open, check out Pointracker for animated reconstructions of rallies. Clisters and Hantuchova at the moment. Will probably do Federer/Berdych as well. Does not work with Firefox, so use Internet Explorer of something. Click on racket icon...
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    Federer winning the French Of course I could be wrong, but for me, all the signs seem to point to Federer winning the French this year. He just seems so incredibly determined to do it, I would be surprised if he did'nt. Says he has been preparing for...
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    McEnroes comments on Federer, Nadal, Roddick, Monfils & Murray

    Here's an interesting interview with John McEnroe just before the Rome final.